Yu Qi was waiting at the hotel ’s lobby since Tang Han Lee had told her that they were already on the way to pick up her.

”Miss Tang, are you going for dinner too? ” One of the lecturers asked.
They seemed to be going out for dinner too.

Someone is going to pick me later. ” Yu Qi said.

”I see.
We are going for dinner too.
Be careful. ” The lecturers left.

Right after the lecturers left, there was a group of people approached Yu Qi.

”Hi, Miss.
Are you alone? You can join us for dinner. ” One man said.

Yu Qi looked at the group.
There were five men with three girls.
The men with the girls seemed to hug each other.

I ’m waiting for someone. ” Yu Qi rejected calmly.

”Well, forget about him.
You will have much more fun with us. ” The man said and he was about to grab Yu Qi ’s hand.

Suddenly someone pulled Yu Qi and shielded her.
”What are you going to do to my little sister? ”

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It was Tang Han Lee.
Tang Han Lee ’s voice was extremely low, indicating that he was very angry right now.

The group was startled.
The women looked at Tang Han Lee with a shocked expression which then turned into the admiration.
’Such a good looking man. ’

”Yeah, what are you going to do to her? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

Tang Qin Hao followed behind.
There was anger shown on his face.
And that was a rare side.

The woman was ’Wow, another top and good looking men here. ’

”Relax men, we are just asking here.
Nothing much.
Guys, let ’s go. ” The man asked their friends to leave.

The women seemed to be reluctant to do so until the men pulled them to walk from there.

”Little sis, are you okay? ” Tang Jin Wei asked worriedly.

”I ’m fine.
Don ’t worry.
They don ’t have time to do anything since you are here.
Thank you. ” Yu Qi thanked her brothers.

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”Okay then. ” Tang Han Lee patted Yu Qi ’s head.

Thank goodness, he had arrived earlier.
His anger was boiling when he saw his little sister being harassed by someone.

”It is an unexpected scene. ” Yu Qi suddenly said that.

”What? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.
He did not understand.

Even Tang Han Lee and Tang Qin Hao were confused.

Yu Qi laughed.
”It is the first time since I have seen the three of you together. ”

Usually, Yu Qi only saw two of them.
Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei.
Seeing Tang Qin Hao was rare.

It is because Qin Hao is always at the hospital. ” Tang Jin Wei laughed.

To think about it, it was like Yu Qi had said.
When they were younger, even though Tang Qin Hao did not like socialising with anyone, he was somehow at home.

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”Okay, let ’s go now. ” Tang Han Lee said.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

So, they walked out of the hotel.
With their looks, it was bound to make people to look at them.

Tang Han Lee had already booked a table for them at a restaurant.
When Yu Qi asked about it, Tang Han Lee told her that he came to L Country before.
So he knew much about this country.

”We are going to have a hot pot here.
Are you okay with it, Little Sis? ” Tang Han Lee asked when they had arrived at the restaurant.
”Otherwise, you can order from another menu. ’

”Hot pot? I want it too. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Yu Qi liked hot pot very much.
When she was still in Wang Family ’s care, Wang Family also got to eat hot pot.
And as usual, Yu Qi would not get anything except for the soup after they were finished.

”Okay, then.
The food here is very good.
My friend has introduced this place to me. ” Tang Han Lee said.

”Welcome to Sukiya Place.
Do you already have a booking? ” A waiter asked them when they stepped in the restaurant.

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I booked one table for 4 people under Tang Han Lee ’s name. ” Tang Han Lee answered to the waiter.

”Wait a minute.
I will check in our system. ” The waiter smiled.

After a few second, the waiter called another waiter to lead them to their table.

”Here is the menu book.
Dear guests, you can take a look first at the menu.
If you have already decided what do you want to choose, just call us. ” The waiter said respectfully.

”Okay. ” Tang Jin Wei nodded.

He opened the menu.
His eyes ran through the menu book.

”Everything looks delicious.
Big Brother, what do you recommend? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

”Since we are going for hot pot course, we can choose varieties of meats and vegetables here. ” Tang Han Lee said.

”Well, then, let ’s choose two base soup.
One is spicy, one for none spicy since Qin Hao can not handle the spicy one.
As for the ingredient, we can choose a portion for all the meat and some veggies. ” Tang Jin Wei suggested.

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”Brother Qin Hao can not eat something spicy? ” Yu Qi looked at Tang Qin Hao.

”Yeah. ” Tang Qin Hao nodded.

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded several times.

”We can already grill some meat then. ” Tang Han Lee pointed to the poster in front of them.

They called the waiter to place their order.
The waiter quickly took the order.
It was usual for the restaurant like this to get some big orders like this one.

After twenty minutes of waiting, the group of waiters came and place the foods on their table.
They had swallowed their saliva when seeing the food laying down on their food.

The waiters finished arranged the food.
They started eating.
Tang Jin Wei just attacked the meat.

”Brother Jin Wei, you should balance your meal.
It is not good to eat meat only. ” Yu Qi reprimanded.

”That ’s right. ” Tang Han Lee also reprimanded.

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I know. ” Tang Jin Wei started to take the veggie.

As for Tang Qin Hao, even though he was quiet but his hands were fast taking the meat and veggie to put on the soup.
Yu Qi chuckled.
Her Brother Qin Hao was surely cute.

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