Yu Qi walked along the hall with Aoi while being led by someone.
She had another dinner appointment.
She had already told Song Jue Rei about that.

Song Jue Rei never minded about it and did not like act like it was the first time she came to Fang Hai Nation.
She told Yu Qi that she also would go to meet someone here so, no need to worry about her.

Yu Qi entered the room as the person who was leading her asked her to entered the room.
Inside the room, two old men were sitting and talking to each other.

”Grandfather, Grandpa Sang. ” Yu Qi greeted the two men.

”Oh, you are here.
Come and sit. ” Grandpa Mu waved his hand and asked Yu Qi to sit beside him.

”Woof. ” Aoi barked to make sure that the two men noticed his presence.

”Oh, this must be Aoi.
I will give a feast later. ” Grandpa Mu said to Aoi.

”Woof, ” Aoi replied by barking excitedly to Grandpa Mu.

”He is a very clever dog.
He seems to understand what we have meant. ” Grandpa Sang said.

”He is. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

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”How are you, young lady? ” Grandpa Mu asked his granddaughter.

”I ’m fine, grandfather. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”You have caught me shocked.
Suddenly told me that you are here, in Fanghai Nation. ” Grandpa Mu was surprised when he got a call from his granddaughter telling him that she was in Fanghai Nation.

Yu Qi grinned.
”Well, I have some business here. ”

”I see. ” Grandpa Mu did not want to pry much about his granddaughter ’s matter.

He knew that his granddaughter would know to distinguish right or wrong.
However, he knew if only because of his granddaughter ’s business here, it must be his second son ’s matter.

What he could see from his granddaughter, Mu Rong Xie, she was recovered.
Her wounds had already cleaned, unlike her previous condition.
Yu Qi wanted to help her cousin to recover.

”Well, let ’s eat. ” Grandpa Sang broke the moment of silence.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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The mood was very good.
The food tasted very good too.
The happiest living being in the room was Aoi.
Grandpa Mu did give him a feast.
He ate happily.

At first, Grandpa Mu and Grandpa Sang hesitated to give too much food to Aoi because when they looked at Aoi who was still a small dog.
They were afraid later that dog would have a stomachache from eating too much food.

Yu Qi laughed.
Aoi did change a little bit.
He grew a little bit from his original size when she first time met him.

”This amount of food, Aoi will feel blessed to be surrounded by the food. ” Yu Qi glanced at Aoi.

Aoi had already ignored the surroundings and ate his food.

’Bo Ya, does spirit tracker can only be applied by the needle? ’ Yu Qi asked Bo Ya.

You can choose and use other methods as you want. ’

’So, what are the other methods? ’

’Hugging, touching, and kissing. ’

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’Oh, I see.
Thank you. ’

’Your welcome. ’

The dinner between three human and one dog ended.
Before they were about to leave the room, Yu Qi requested one thing.

”Can I hug you, grandfather? ’ Yu Qi was very shy to talk and requested this matter.

Grandpa Mu was stunned.
”Of course. ”

Grandpa Mu pulled Yu Qi into his hug.
Yu Qi slowly inserted the spirit tracker into Grandpa Mu ’s body.

”Thank you, Grandfather. ” Yu Qi enjoyed her grandfather ’s hug.
It felt different from Long Hui ’s hug though.

Yu Qi was being invited to Mu Li Zei ’s house because Mu Rong Xie had already been discharged from the hospital.
However, Mu Li Zei brought some of the doctor and nurses to take care of Mu Rong Xie.

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When she stepped into the house, there were a lot of eyes staring at her.
However, she did not lose her composure.
She walked gracefully approaching them.

”Mr Mu, can we move to another room so that I can check up Miss Mu. ” Yu Qi told Mu Li Zei.

”Oh, sure.
Rong Xie, go to your room right now. ” Mu Li Zie glared at Mu Rong Xie.

Mu Rong Xie was feeling wronged.
She glared at Yu Qi.
However, Yu Qi ignored her.
So Mu Rong Xie returned to her room.

”Miss Tang, please follow me. ” Mu Li Zei needed to respect this young girl.

When Yu Qi followed Mu Li Zei, she could feel that someone was staring at her hard.
Yu Qi caught her identity back.
And to know it, she glared back at them.

The startled one was a woman.
She looked very, how to describe it, yeah looked very graceful person.
It must be Kang Pian Sue, the second wife of her grandfather.

After being startled for a moment, Kang Pian Sue returned to a normal expression.
She felt that the woman who had died a long time ago had returned to the living world.
That young woman resembled the dead woman so much making her thought that the dead woman did not die.

”Mother, let ’s go and look at Rong Xie ’s condition. ” Su Yu Qing asked her mother in law to join them.

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Yu Qi entered Mu Rong Xie ’s room.
Mu Rong Xie had already laid down on the bed waiting for Yu Qi.

Without saying anything, Yu Qi reached out to Mu Rong Xie ’s hand to check her condition.
The poison was suppressed with the medicine that Yu Qi given before.

”How is my daughter ’s condition? ” Mu Zi Lei asked.

”She is good but as I have told you before, she is not fully recovered. ” Yu Qi answered.

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