Yu Qi was waiting for that person to come and meet her.
She would not leave if that person did not come.
She just wanted to know what his or her purpose was in kidnapping her like this.

The room, like she said, was decorated completely with bedroom furniture.
It must have been used by someone else before, and that someone should have been a woman.
Based on what Yu Qi found in the closet and on the table, including the lingerie inside of the closet, only a woman could be staying in that room.
There was no sign of anything for a man.

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After exploring the room, Yu Qi sat on the chair trying to figure out what was going to happen next.

’Master, are you okay? ’ Aoi asked again.
He was worried about his master.

’Aoi, I ’m okay because I know you will come and save me. ’ Yu Qi calmed down her beast.

’Yes, Master.
I will come and save you.
You just need to wait. ’ Aoi really wanted to save his master.

Just then the door to the room, that been locked from the outside, was opened by someone.
A woman dressed in a maid ’s costume came inside the room carrying a tray loaded with food.
The scarred man followed her in right after that.

The maid put the tray on the table and quickly went out.
However, the scarred man stayed in the room and took a seat in front of Yu Qi.

Yu Qi looked at the scarred man to see what he would do next.

”Eat. ” The scarred man said pushing the tray towards Yu Qi.

”Why should I eat? ” Yu Qi demanded, playing a game of words with the scarred man.

”You need to eat.
If you want to run, you will need energy.
Otherwise, we will catch you too quickly. ” The scarred man replied, not loosing to her in the game.

Yu Qi looked at the scarred man in his eyes and then looked down at the food.
Something was inside the food.
Yu Qi took food and started to eat.
When the food was near her nose, she was already able to figure out what was going on, based on the smell.

Her guess was correct.
Something was inside the food.
And, to be her surprise, it was the white powder.
Since she already remembered its smell when she had used the white powder in her research, she was easily able to tell what it was.
Well, she could just eat the food since the white powder had no effect on her body as the poison had on someone else.

The food was disappeared after a few moments.
Yu Qi finished it and then drank the wine that was offered.
This wine also had a portion of the white powder in it.
She smiled.

The smile was caught by the scarred man ’s eyes.
’Does this girl know what is in the food? ’ The scarred man threw that thought out from his mind.
This girl would never be able to find out about that.

”When can I meet that person? ” Yu Qi asked as she drank the wine.

”You just need to wait.
That person is on the way. ” The scarred man answered.

”Ohh, he is not here yet. ” Yu Qi ’s lips were slightly curved.

The scarred man did not comment anymore on Yu Qi ’s remark.
To be honest, he was getting uncomfortable when he was looking at this girl ’s smile.
It was like she knew what was on his mind.
This girl ’s reaction was not normal, unlike previous girls that had been brought back here, she showed no sign of fear.

The scarred man stood up and went out.
When he turned to look at the girl for a moment, he still could see the faint smile on her lips.
He hurried away and left the room as fast as he could.
To comfort his own mind, he told himself: ’After this, this girl would not be able to smile anymore ’.
He just needed to wait for the time to come and everything would return to normal.
The maid once again came in and retrieved the empty tray.

’I need to act like a girl that had lost her mind. ’ Yu Qi thought that since the latter gave a portion of that white powder to her, then they could not suspect that it would not have the desired effects on her.
Coming to that conclusion, Yu Qi started to sway and act like a drunken girl.

”So hot. ” Yu Qi said.
”So hot. ”

The scarred man watched the girl through the hidden camera in the room and nodded in satisfaction when he saw the reaction tot he was waiting to appear on the girl.
The feelings from earlier passed through his mind as nothing more than a blur.

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He then hurried and made a call to his boss.

”Boss, she is ready.
You can come in now. ” The scarred man said to the person on the other side.

”Really? Good.
I ’m tired of waiting. ” The person said.
”I will go to her. ”

The scarred man waited for his boss to come.
Not long after that, the boss arrived with his own bodyguards.

”Where is she? ” The person is asked.

”She is currently in the ecstasy room. ” The scarred man answered the question politely.

That person was actually the old man that was keeping Wang Fu Ya as his mistress.
As Wang Fu Ya suggested, he just boldly went and kidnapped Yu Qi.

”Good. ” The old man licked his lips lewdly.
He could not wait to have a taste of that beauty ’s body.
From the moment he saw that beauty, he kept dreaming about her body.
When he was doing with other women, he was imagining that the other women were her.

”After this, I will reward all of you. ” The old man said.

His men shouted excitedly when they heard that the old man would be rewarding them.
They knew that the reward was be going higher than usual looking at the old man ’s excited face.

The old man rushed to the ecstasy room.
He opened the door and looked inside.
There was no one there.
He frowned.
’Where is that beauty? ’

”Hong Nan, where is she? ” The old man asked the scarred man, angry since it was up to the scarred man to guard that beauty.

Then the sound of water could be heard from the bathroom.

”Oh, she is in the bathroom. ” The old man answered before the scarred man could say anything.

The old man rushed to the bathroom and pushed open the door.
He froze in shock by what he had seen inside the bathroom.

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