The promotional video about Qi Qi skincare had been shown on many different channels.
It got a lot of attention from the people.
It had been watched by millions of people.

The internet was exploded with comments about the video.

Skincare lover: I have used this brand since it has launched.
It is very very good.
Everyone should try it.

My Love is Money: Agree!!! Even though it is a little expensive but the effect is super duper good.

MeowMoew: The places in the video is very good.
Can I know where is it?

Dan my darling: Yeah.
All the places look very beautiful.
The first place seems in the greenhouse or something like that.
The second place is at the waterfall and the last one is at the lake.

My Husband Love Me: I know these places.
All of them are in my hometown.
Shiwa Town.

Dan My darling: Really?

My Husband Love Me: Of course.
You can come and visit this place.
Oh, we also have a hot spring hotel.
It is good for relaxing.

Qian Su: That ’s right.
I have visited the hot spring hotel.
It is very good for relaxation.
The hot spring somehow has medical effects of it.

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There were a lot of comments regarding the skincare brand, the places that were used as the setting in the video and not forgetting about the girl in the video.
The skincare brand got a lot of orders from online customers since the online shop began to operate.

Song Su Jin ’s popularity exploded after the video had played on various channels.
Song Su Jin was very happy with this result as well as her manager, Xiu Mi Lan.

Xiu Mi Lan did not expect the video would be so popular like that.
The video had gone trending.
Not long after that, Xiu Mi Lan received a call from a director.
The director called Xiu Mi Lan because he wanted to call Song Su Ji to come for the audition for a third female lead.

Not only one.
After that, Xiu Mi Lan received about five calls from different directors offering roles to Song Su Jin.
Xiu Mi Lan told them, that she would be looking at their script first.

Song Su Jin was grateful with the result.
Song Su Jin called Su Yu Hi to thank him.
Where did she get Su Yu Hi ’s phone number from? Of course, Yu Qi was the one who gave it to her after they had dinner last time.

Yu Qi put the number in Song Su Jin ’s hand without saying anything.
She only gave a meaningful smile.
At first, she was embarrassed that her feelings had been known by Yu Qi.
She was afraid that Yu Qi might tell Su Yu Hi about her feelings to Su Yu Hi.

After that night, she encouraged herself to message to Su Yu Hi.
It began with small talk.
Then the next and next night, she casually messaged to Su Yu Hi asking for his day.
Su Yu Hi also opened up and replied to her message.

”What are you doing, Su Jin? Who are you texting to? ” Xiu Mi Lan asked when she saw Song Su Jin was texting to someone.

”My friend. ” Song Su Jin did not tell about this to Xiu Mi Lan because she did not want other people to know about this.

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I have some scripts for you to look at.
If you like, we can go to all the auditions. ” Xiu Mi Lan said.

”I will take a look first at the scripts.
We can not be greedy for the resources.
If I can not bring the roles, it is better to give to someone else that can bring out the character of the roles. ” Song Su Jin said.

”By the way, I have heard that our company has already changed its owner. ” Xiu Mi Lan said.

”Change its owner? ” Song Su Jin did not know about this.

Someone has acquired our company.
However, there are not many changes.
Just the new owner says that every resource, we can fight for it.
They will not tolerate if someone is using a back door. ” Xiu Mi Lan said with a smile.

”Really? The boss is very good. ” Song Su Jin was happy with that.

Meaning everyone can fight for the resource. ” Xiu Mi Lan nodded.

She and her artist, Song Su Jin had struggled to get some resources since Song Su Jin was not very famous.
However, she could be relieved now.
The Qi Qi skincare video had exploded on the various channels making Song Su Jin famous.

Let ’s look at our new superstar. ” Someone came and mocked Song Su Jin and Xiu Mi Lan.

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Song Su Jin did not say anything.
As for Xiu Mi Lan, she only frowned.
The one who was mocking Song Su Jin was Yan Rou, an actress who had started her career at the same time with Song Su Ji but became famous first than Song Su Jin.

”Humph! Just one video.
Song Su Jin, you can stop dreaming. ” Yan Rou said again.

She can not be compared with you, Sister Yan Rou. ” Yan Rou ’s assistant boot licked Yan Rou.

Seeing Song Su Jin and Xiu Mi Lan did not say anything back, Yan Rou became bored.
She walked passing Song Su Jin with an arrogant face.
Not only her but her assistant also made the same face.

”I ’m pissed off.
I just want to punch that face. ” Xiu Mi Lan said.

Song Su Jin laughed.
”Good thing, Sister Mi Lan can endure it. ”

”How can you not get angry with that? ” Xiu Mi Lan asked.

”Well, I can not be angry with someone like her.
It is not worth it. ” Song Su Jin smiled.

Xiu Mi Lan was speechless.

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