Yu Qi took the glass.
She was about to drink the cup and suddenly someone pulled the glass from her.
She turned around and was shocked to see the person standing beside her.
Holding the glass that was given by Feng Ma Ri.

”Brother Hui, ” Feng Ma Ri was also surprised seeing Long Hui fresh in front of her eyes.

Ignoring others, Long Hui just looked at his beloved Qi Qi.
”You can not drink. ”

”Well… ” Actually, Yu Qi did not have any kind of thoughts of drinking that, she just wanted to play along with Feng Ma Ri.
She wanted to see what Feng Ma Ri had planned for her.

”Brother Hui, I am so happy that you have come to my father ’s birthday party. ” Feng Ma Ri did not feel discouraged when seeing Long Hui ignored her completely.

”If you want to drink… ” Long Hui leaned closer to his beloved Qi Qi ’s ear to whisper something.
You can drink in front of me only.
So, I can take care of you later. ’

Yu Qi shivered.
She shook her head.
She already knew what kind of ’take care ’ that Long Hui had mentioned.

”Brother Hui… ” Feng Ma Ri wanted to cry.
Her ’Brother Hui ’ did not look at her at all.
His eyes were just on that bitch only.

Feng Ma Ri braved herself.
She came closer to Long Hui.
She intended to pull Long Hui ’s hand and linked it to her hand.
Before she managed to do so, she was pushed backwards.
Since she wore the high heel, her feet lose the step and fell on the ground.

Everyone looked at Feng Ma Ri.
Then they noticed someone was in front of Feng Ma Ri.
When they tracked their eyes on that person, they all were shocked.
That person was Long Hu.
The genuine Long Hui.

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Long Hui seemed to hide someone behind him.
His stance looked like he was protecting someone.
Then everyone noticed that the person that Long Hui had tried to hide was Yu Qi, the rumoured girlfriend of Long Hui.

Actually, some of them did not believe the rumour that Long Hui already had a girlfriend.
Now when they looked at this situation, it did not seem to be a rumour.

”Brother Hui, what are you doing here? ” Feng Yue was surprised to see her cousin brother here.

”Fetch you up.
Grandfather wants to see you. ” Long Hui answered.

”Fetch up me or fetch up your girl? ” Feng Yue joked.

”Both. ” Long Hui answered.
His answer was serious.

Feng Yue laughed.

”Ma Ri!!! ” Fuang Cian Xie screamed when seeing that her beloved daughter was sitting on the ground.

”Are you okay, my dear? ” Fuang Cian Xie asked nervously.

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”Mum, my feet are hurt. ” Feng Ma Ri complained to Fuang Cian Xie.

Fuang Cian Xie looked straight at Feng Yue.
”Feng Yue, if you don ’t like me, you can vent your anger on me but please don ’t hurt your sister. ” She just placed the blame on the top of Feng Yue.

Feng Yue just glared at Fuang Cian Xie.
’This woman probably wants to blame me. ’ Even she did not know why Feng Ma Ri was sitting on the ground.

”It is me who has pushed her. ” A cold voice said.

Fuang Cian Xie looked at the person that just made the sentence.
She was about to fall on the ground.
Luckily for her, Feng Cho Kang came to her side to hold her.

”What has happened here? ” Feng Cho Kang asked.
He frowned as he saw his daughter sat on the ground and his wife was about to fall over too.

And also Long Hui was standing in front of them.
Feng Cho Kang swallowed his saliva.
Facing Long Hui, he felt like he was facing his ex father in law.
Both of them had the same face and the same temper, to begin with.

”Father, you should ask your other daughter what is she doing to gain Brother Hui ’s anger? ” Feng Yue looked at Feng Ma Ri.

Feng Cho Kang frowned.
’What has she done? ’

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”Ma Ri, what have you done just now? ” Feng Cho Kang asked.

I just…
Want to bring Brother Hui to meet you. ” Feng Ma Ri stuttered.

She has wanted to pull my boyfriend ’s hand.
My boyfriend hates it when a stranger touches him. ” Yu Qi answered on behalf of Long Hui.

”I just want to bring him to see my father. ” Feng Ma Ri denied it.

”I don ’t have any plan to see your father. ” Long Hui said.

The sentence had slapped the father and the daughter.

”Then why have you come here? ” Feng Ma Ri asked.

”To fetch her and her. ” Long Hui pointed to his beloved Qi Qi and Feng Yue.

”What!!! ” Feng Ma Ri was looking so bad.

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”Mr Feng, you should bring your daughter to the hospital first.
Her feet are hurt. ” Yu Qi reminded.

Feng Cho Kang was shocked.
He quickly took a look at his daughter.

”Really? Let ’s go to the hospital then.
Xie, call some maids to help Ma Ri. ” Feng Cho Kang looked very worried when he got to know that his daughter was hurt.

Fuang Cian Xie quickly ordered some maids to come to help her daughter.

Feng Yue looked at the situation.
She looked at this scene numerous times.
But it indeed hurt when seeing this situation again.
Her father was very worried when seeing Feng Ma Ri getting hurt.

’Why does he look so indifferent when I get hurt? ’ Her father never cared about her.

Fuang Cian Xie looked at Feng Yue ’s expression.
This was what she had wanted to see.
Feng Yue had a complex emotion on her face.

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