”Well, well, well, look at who we can see here. ” A voice interrupted their conversation.

Feng Yue did not need to turn to know whom this voice belonged to.
She already knew this annoying voice.

”Sister Yue. ” Feng Mari called Feng Yue.

Feng Yue slowly turned around and saw Feng Mari with two of her friends.
She was very annoyed by Feng Mari.

”Sister Yue, you should come home tomorrow.
It is our father ’s birthday.
If you don ’t come, Father will be sad. ” Feng Mari reminded.

”You don ’t need to tell me.
I already know. ” Feng Yue rolled her eyes at Feng Mari.

”You don ’t need to be hostile to Mari.
She just wants to remind you. ” One of Feng Mari ’s friends defended Feng Mari.

”The birds of same feather flock together. ” Feng Yue glanced at two of Feng Mari ’s friends.

She knew them.
They were also a mistress ’s daughters and became the true daughter of their families when the mistresses had succeeded to get married into the family.

”What do you mean by that? ” One of them shouted.

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”What? Why are you feeling angry? Or do you already know what I have meant? ” Feng Yue smirked.

”You!!! ” Feng Mari ’s friend pointed her finger to Feng Yue.

Feng Mari held back her friends.
She looked at Feng Yue.

”Sister Yue, it is not nice for you to mention something like this . ” Feng Mari said.

”Oh, can I know why it is not nice? ” Feng Yue ’s lips curved up.
She knew that Feng Mari should never say those words since she hated hearing that too.

”Feng Yue, don ’t go overboard. ” Feng Mari ’s friend said.

”Humph!!! I don ’t want to waste my time anymore on you. ” Feng Yue smirked again while looking at Feng Mari.
”Let ’s go, Yu Qi. ”

Feng Mari clenched her fist.
’This s.l.u.t.
I will teach you tomorrow. ’ Her eyes then laid on Feng Yue ’s friend.
Just now, she did not notice her face since that person did not look at her direction.
Now when that girl wanted to leave, that girl threw a look at her.
She was a beautiful girl.
Much better than her.
She felt terrible.

”Never thought I will be meeting her.
My mood is spoilt. ” Feng Yue said.

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”Forget about them.
It is not worth it. ” Yu Qi did not say much.
She did not talk just now since she knew that Feng Yue could handle it by herself.

”Oh, let ’s go and eat.
I ’m hungry already. ” Feng Yue placed her hand on her stomach.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi agreed.

The girls were getting ready for the party.
Feng Yue wore a maroon colour dress.
While Yu Qi was in the purple dress.

The two of them did not like to put on makeup.
However, for this occasion, Feng Yue put on some light make up.
As for Yu Qi, she just wore some compact powder.

Grandpa Feng came and took them to the party.
The party was packed with people with many kinds of backgrounds.
Politician, businessman, lawyer and many more.

The two girls entered with Grandpa Feng.
When they entered, many eyes stared at them.
Especially on the girls.

”Wow, what a beautiful girl. ”

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”Those two girls are very beautiful. ”

”Who are they? ”

They have entered with Mr.
Feng Mong.
It must be his relative or something like that. ”

”I have hard that Mr.
Feng Cho Kang have another daughter who does not stay with him.
She stays with her grandfather, Mr.
Feng Mong.
It is the one on Mr.
Feng Mong ’s left. ”

”Why doesn ’t she stay with her father? ”

”Her daughter does not like her father ’s current wife. ”

”Why? ”

”I have heard that Mr Feng Cho Kang has cheated on his late wife. ”

”Hey, slow down your voice. ”

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”Oh, really? No wonder, his daughter will rather stay with her grandfather. ”

”So, who is another girl? She looks like a goddess come down to earth. ”

”I don ’t know.
Probably her friend. ”

”What? I have seen her before this. ”

”Huh? Where? ”

”Oh, I have seen her at our retired Great General Long ’s party before. ”

I see.
But she is indeed breathtaking. ”

”If you don ’t want to die earlier, give up that thought. ”

”Why? ”

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”She is taken. ”

”Is she married? ”

”No. ”

”Then, I still have a chance. ”

”She has already been taken by Long Hui, the grandson of the retired Great General Long.
Do you dare to snatch her from him? ”

”What? Him? No…
I give up.
I don ’t want to die yet. ”

Yu Qi did not know that some of the people were talking about her like that.
She was talking to Feng Yue.

”Your father has managed to invite some of the politicians too? ” Yu Qi looked around.
She managed to spot some politicians whom she knew.

”I don ’t know.
Well, it is rather I don ’t care. ” Feng Yue lifted up her shoulder signalling that she did not know about it.

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Yu Qi spotted someone.
It was Wei Zhu Feng, the tourism minister whom she believed was involved in the export and import of the dangerous white powder.
She also saw Ling Zhu Yao and her boyfriend, Wei Hai Jin.

”Well, let ’s greet your father first. ” Yu Qi suggested.

Feng Yua agreed.
So they walked towards Feng Yue ’s father who was currently talking with some people accompanied by his current wife, Fuang Cian Xie.

”Father. ” Feng Yue called his father.

”Yue-er, you are here. ” Feng Cho Kang smiled.
He had not seen her daughter for a while.
Seemed her daughter ’s looks became more and more like his late wife.

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