Cut. ” Director Xian shouted.
”5 minutes break. ”

Xiu Mei Lan quickly ran to the Song Su Jin and fan her afraid that Song Su Jin would be hot.
The day was not too hot but shooting the video in the greenhouse still felt hot.

Song Su Jin sat on the chair which was prepared for her.
The job was not so hard.
Shooting in the greenhouse was much better than outside.
She looked around and saw Yu Qi who was not far away from her place talking to her friend.
She stood up.

”Eh, Su Jin, where do you want to go? ” Xiu Mei Lan asked.

”I see Miss Yu Qi.
I want to greet her. ” Song Su Jin said.

”Owh, I see.
Let ’s go together then. ” Xiu Mei Lan wanted to accompany Song Su Jin.

So, the two of them walked, approaching Yu Qi and Feng Yue.
Yu Qi saw them.

”Miss Yu Qi, you are here. ” Song Su Jin smiled.

How is work? ” Yu Qi asked?

”It is okay.
Thank you, Miss Yu Qi, for giving me this opportunity. ” Song Su Jin nodded to Yu Qi.

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”You are chosen based on your ability.
No need to thank me. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

Song Su Jin looked at Feng Yue beside Yu Qi.
”This is… ”

”Oh, my friend, Feng Yue.
She is just accompanying me to watch the shooting. ” Yu Qi introduced Feng Yue to Song Su Jin.

Feng Yue did not seem to show any excitement on her face, seeing the celebrity in front of her.
As expected Miss Yu Qi ’s friend.

”Nice to meet you, Miss Song Su Jin, Miss Xiu Mei Lan. ” Feng Yue said with graceful tone.
She already asked the name of Song Su Jin ’s manager from Yu Qi before.

”Nice to meet you too, Miss Feng Yue. ” Song Su Jin smiled.

Xiu Mei Lan only nodded.

Director Xian looked around, searching for Song Su Jin to call her back to work.
When he found Song Su Jin, he saw Song Su Jin with two young girls who had an outstanding appearance, especially the right one.

With appearances like that, they could enter the entertainment business.
He wanted to know them first.
So, he approached them.

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Yu Qi and Feng Yue noticed someone had to approach them.
They did not think much about it.
They thought that it was probably someone who wanted to call Song Su Jin and inform that the work was about to start.

”Su Jin. ” Director Xian called Song Su Jin.

”Oh, Director Xian.
Wait a minute.
I will return. ” Song Su Jin also assumed that Director Xian called her for work.

Actually, I just want to ask about these two girls. ” Director Xian directly pointed to Yu Qi and Feng Yue.

”Huh? Us? ” Feng Yue pointed at herself.

Are you two new in the entertainment business? ” Director Xian smiled.
”Do you want to act in this video? ”

Yu Qi was speechless.
As well as Feng Yue, Song Su Jin and Xiu Mei Lan.

”No, Sir.
We are… ” Feng Yue wanted to explain but Director Xian cut her words.

”Don ’t worry.
I will not make you act in such a difficult scene.
Just stand beside Su Jin.
You can gain some experience later. ” Director Xian offered.

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”Sorry to interrupt you, Director Xian.
We are not artists.
We just want to watch the shooting.
We also do not want to disturb your work. ” Yu Qi said with a smile pasted on her lips.

”Eh, really? I have thought that you are beautiful enough to be someone in the entertainment world. ” Director Xian asked.
He did not give up.
”How about you come and try? ”

”I ’m afraid we can ’t, Director Xian.
We are sorry. ” Yu Qi bowed a little.

”Oh, I see.
It ’s okay.
Here is my card. ” Director Xian handed out his business card.

Yu Qi did not reject it and took it.
”Thank you, Director Xian. ” She said politely.

Su Jin, let ’s continue. ” Director Xian looked at Song Su Jin.
He walked away.

”Okay. ” Song Su Jin nodded.
She nodded back to Yu Qi and followed Director Xian.

”Yu Qi, have we just got an offer to act in this video? ” Feng Yue asked.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”Why don ’t you accept it? ” Feng Yue asked again.

”Because I don ’t want to.
You want to? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

”Of course not.
I ’m not interested to be in the entertainment world. ” Feng Yue shook her head.
She thought about her stepmother and stepsister.
They should apply to be an actress since they always liked to act in front of her father.

”But why has he offered us the job? ” Yu Qi still did not understand.

Feng Yue looked at Yu Qi.
’She doesn ’t understand, does she? Usually, she is clever than me but why does she seem so stupid today? ’

”What? You seem to insult me in your mind. ” Yu Qi glared at Feng Yue.

She knows. ’ Feng Yue quickly grinned.
”Of course not.
Yu Qi, I feel you become more and more like my Brother Hui. ”

”Oh, shall I punish you then? ” Yu Qi glanced icily at Feng Yue.

I don ’t want.
My beautiful Yu Qi, you can ’t punish your best friend. ” Feng Yue grinned.
”By the way, Yu Qi, Director Xian has offered us since he thinks that we are suitable for the entertainment world.
Well, our face. ”

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”I ’m for sure, don ’t have any intention to join the entertainment work.
I already busy with my study and business. ” Yu Qi said.

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