Yu Qi spent some time at the greenhouse looking at the plants and herbs.
After that, she accompanied Feng Yue to eat some fresh fruits in the fruits section.
Feng Yue praised the sweetness of the strawberry that she ate.
It was much better than she ate before this.

The amount that they ate was not big.
So, it did not affect production.

After that, they returned home on the lunchtime.
Han Chu Xiao had already prepared the lunch for them as well.
Grandpa Tang had finished the food quickly and went to his garden to take care of the herbs.

”Yu Qi, I somehow worry about Grandpa Tang. ” Feng Yue said after Grandpa Tang disappeared from their sight.

”Yue, you should worry about Grandpa Feng as well. ” Yu Qi reminded.

”I do.
I have already talked to him but he does not listen to me. ” Feng Yue sighed.
Before she came here, she already talked to Grandpa Feng about this, but her grandfather did not want to listen to her.

”Same as mine. ” Yu Qi nodded.


Su Yu Hi called Yu Qi to remind her about the promotion video shooting for Qi Qi skincare two days later.
They would be shooting the promotion video at the greenhouse and the waterfall on the Shiwa Town.

The concept of the promotion of video was herbs and nature.
At first, the director was troubled to find the location since he did not know such location which was suitable for the concept.

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Yu Qi told Su Yu Hi to pass the message, saying that the director could use the greenhouse.
The director immediately came to see the location.
He agreed to use the location.
When he walked around the town, he found the waterfall.

He thought the location was suitable to shoot the promotion video.
The location matched the ’nature ’ concept very well.
So, he decided to use the two locations.

Yu Qi asked Su Yu Hi to tell the director that he would not have to worry about the place to stay.
Yu Qi planned to ask them to use her mansion since the mansion was still empty.
Yu Qi hired the cleaners to clean the mansion once per week.

Yu Qi told Feng Yue about it.
Feng Yue was looking forward to seeing how the video of the ads was made.
However, she had already returned to Grandpa Feng ’s house nearby.
Grandpa Feng had already finished his out of station business and had returned home as he was worried for his granddaughter.

So, the day where the shooting crews were here came.
Fang An, one of Yu Qi ’s employees came as the guide.
He brought the crews to Yu Qi ’s mansion first to settle down everything before going to the location.

The director, Director Xian, decided to use the greenhouse first to shoot.
Yu Qi just gave three days to the crew for shooting the video in the greenhouse.
The sections that involved the herbs, the fruits and the flowers.

Yu Qi did not allow the greenhouse to stop its operations.
So, Song Tao suggested decreasing the numbers of workers.
He told the workers to take the turns to come to work during these three days.

When Director Xian and his crew arrived at the greenhouse, Song Tao was already waiting in front of the greenhouse.

”Mr Song, thank you for allowing us to use this greenhouse. ” Director Xian shook his hand with Song Tao.

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”No need to thank me, Director Xian.
It is our boss who has given permission to use this greenhouse. ” Song Tao indirectly told him that he was just a worker as well.

”Oh, I have thought that you are the boss. ” Director Xian did not know about it.
When he visited this place before, he only met Song Tao.

”Of course, not. ” Song Tao put a smile on his lips.

”I see. ” Director Xian did not want to talk much about this as he saw that Song Tao did not want to explain further.

The crew entered the greenhouse, bringing all the equipment to the place the Director Xian told them to go.
Song Su Jin came with Xia Mei Lan.
Director Xian asked Song Su Jin to change her clothes before putting the makeup.

Meanwhile, the greenhouse ’s workers came to see the crew.

”I saw Song Su Jin in fresh. ”

She is beautiful. ”

”It is my first time seeing a celebrity alive. ”

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”What are they going to shoot here? ”

”Don ’t know. ”

”Mr.Song have not told us anything. ”

”We can just wait and see. ”

The greenhouse workers talked among them.

At the same time, Yu Qi and Feng Yue had also arrived at the greenhouse.
They went to the herbs section where the crew was.
The crew seemed to be setting up the equipment while waiting for Song Su Jin to get ready.

When the workers saw Yu Qi, they walked away from the location.
They did not want their boss to get with them for not doing their jobs.

So, the location that was packed with the onlookers before, began to clean up.
The crew was curious about why the onlookers had gone.
Usually, the location that usually for shooting the video or films would be surrounded by the onlookers.

”Hey, the onlookers are gone. ”

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”Just do our job.
Don ’t think much about anything.
Their boss must have come and told them to do their work. ”

The crew continued to prepare to shoot the video.
Finally, Song Su Jin was ready for shooting the video.
Director Xian called Song Su Jin to discuss how he wanted Song Su Jin to act in the video.

”Wow, Song Su Jin looks beautiful. ” Feng Yue commented.
”By the way, why have you chosen her as your spokesperson? ”

The two of them watched the video shoot.

”She fit the image that I have for Qi Qi skincare. ” Yu Qi said.

”Why do you yourself not become one since it is your brand? ” Feng Yue had the same thought as Su Yu Hi and Ming Xuehai.

”Don ’t you know who is my boyfriend? ” Yu Qi glanced at Feng Yue.

Feng Yue froze.
”Erk, you mean he doesn ’t like it? ”

”Your brother is vinegar producer factory.
If I become the spokesperson, who knows how many gallons of vinegar he will produce? ” Yu Qi chuckled.

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Feng Yue laughed.
”That is hilarious.
Yu Qi, it is very funny. ”

”I ’m telling the truth. ” Yu Qi nodded.

I can imagine.
Even now he does not want other men looked at his beloved. ” Feng Yue wiped her tears.
She was laughing until the tears came out.

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