Yu Qi wanted to settle this matter as soon as possible.
Together with Long Hui, Yu Qi brought Mr Lu and his gang to nearby police station personally.

When the policemen in that station received them, they were dumbfounded for a moment.
After that, one of them called their high ranked policemen.

Long Hui took in change on telling everything, kidnapping people, blackmailing people, everything that Mr Lu and his gang did to the policeman.
He also gave a copy of the video that Yu Qi had recorded.

Aoi was already sleeping on Yu Qi ’s lap.
He was tired after going through everything today.
Fortunately, he was not too bigger and did not cause any problem for Yu Qi held him.

”Bai Xia Fang will not admit that Mr Lu and his men were his people. ” Long Hui stated his opinion.

”Of course.
Admitting them would give him a big flag on his head.
However, it ’s okay.
Since I just want to cut his branch first. ” Yu Qi was humming.
Her objective for today had already succeeded.

”I ’m tired. ” Yu Qi said.

After she finished saying the sentence, Aoi whom she had been holding was taken by Long Hui.
Long Hui did not say anything.
He just continued walking while carrying Aoi in his hands.

Aoi woke up from his sleep because he sensed something different.
When he looked up, he saw that Long Hui was holding him, he quickly jumped down.

Landing on the ground, he rolled his eyes at Long Hui.

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”Qi Qi is tired. ” Long Hui only said that sentence.
The rest was saying by his eye.
’You just walk by yourself.
You have four legs, not two legs. ’

’Master, are you really tired? ’ Aoi turned to Yu Qi and asked his master about it.

”Well, a little. ” Yu Qi told him.

’Oh, I ’m sorry, Master. ’ Aoi looked down.
He was guilty of tiring his master.

Yu Qi reached out Aoi ’s head and patted it.
”Don ’t worry.
I ’m fine.
Let go. ”

”Since you are tired, I am not so evil to request for the reward that you have promised me before. ” Long Hui whispered.

When Yu Qi heard it, her face blushed in red.
’Reward! Long Hui wants to…
Ah!!! ’ Her mind exploded.

”Let ’s go. ” Long Hui grabbed Yu Qi ’s hand and pulled her to walk while she was still blushing.

”So, what are we supposed to do now? ” Long Hui ’s subordinates looked at each other.

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”What now? We have to return to the compound. ” Ren Qian Yi ordered.

”How about our leader? ”

”Stupid question. ”

”Yeah, don ’t you see the atmosphere between them just now? They will do it later. ”

”Huh? Do what? ” There was a man who seemed stupid in man and woman relationship.

One of his members whispered to him.
He opened his mouth wide.

”I ’m jealous. ”

”Me too. ”

”I want a girlfriend too. ”

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”Shut up! Let ’s go. ” Ren Qian Yi ended the conversation.

As for the people who were being discussed, they went to a hotel.
Well, as usual, it was just for the cover.
They would enter the space after check-in into the room.

Before entering her space, Yu Qi scanned her surroundings.
She did not found anything.
She took a breath of relief.
She needed to be careful in the hotel since there were some cases reported where there were cameras which were being set up.

She grabbed Long Hui ’s hand and Aoi, entering the space.

”Master, I will go to sleep first. ” Aoi left the couple.

Bo Ya came and greeted Yu Qi, totally ignoring Long Hui.

Yu Qi told him that she would take some rest.
After waking up, she would cook some food.
Bo Ya nodded.

Long Hui pulled Yu Qi to the room.
Well, her room.

”Your room is over there. ” Yu Qi said when she saw Long Hui followed her.

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”I want to sleep with you. ” Long Hui said with a straight face.

I ’m tired. ” Yu Qi mumbled.

”I know.
That ’s why we will just sleep.
Not doing anything. ” Long Hui explained.

”Oh, I see. ” Yu Qi was embarrassed when she thought that Long Hui wanted to do something else, not just sleeping.

”Or, do you want something else? ” Long Hui smirked.

”No, spare me. ” Yu Qi shook her head.
”I will take a shower first. ” Yu Qi ran away.

Long Hui only smiled when seeing his beloved Qi Qi running away.
Since she was tired, he would spare her this time.
Next time, she would not be so lucky.

Yu Qi at that time tried to take off her clothes shivered out of nowhere.
She ignored the feeling and quickly took a shower.
Then she changed to her pyjamas.

When she returned to her room, she saw Long Hui had already changed to comfort clothes.

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” Have you already washed up? ” Yu Qi asked.

In my room earlier. ” Long Hui answered.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Let ’s sleep.
You need to rest. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi to her bed.

Both of them were lying down together.
The room was silent.
Long Hui hugged Yu Qi.

”Don ’t worry.
I just want to hug you.
I will not do anything else.
You can sleep. ” Long Hui kissed her forehead.

”You just say that you will not do anything else but you kissed me? ” Yu Qi joked.

Other than hugging and kissing you… ” Long Hui mentioned the two things.

Yu Qi gave out a small laugh.
After that, it was silence again.
Yu Qi had dazed off.
Long Hui ’s smell was comforting her.
She finally fell to sleep.

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Long Hui knew that his beloved Qi Qi had slept.
Then he heard something.

”Brother Hui…
Thank you…
I love you… ” Yu Qi was talking in her sleep.

Hearing those words, he could not help to smile.
”Me too.
Thank you and I love you. ” He tightened his hug and tried to fall to sleep as well.

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