”I can see that you are glowing. ” Chui Mei Fung praised Yu Qi.

Chui Mei Fung did not just lip service.
She genuinely felt that way.
She could see that her big boss became more and more beautiful.

Thank you. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Your relationship with your boyfriend must be good, right? ” Chui Mei Fung joked.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi did not cover up about that.

Chui Mei Fung laughed.
Both of them went out of the hall. 

”Oh, Xuehai is here too. ” Chui Mei Fung told Yu Qi.

”Sister Mei Fung, I know because I tell him to come and meet his sister.
He rarely comes to see his sister.
His sister must be missing her. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, I see. ” Chui Mei Fung nodded.

”By the way, we are going to have a meeting this evening. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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”I know that you will say that. ” Chui Mei Fung laughed again.


Yu Qi had been called by Su Yu Hi regarding the spy that wanted to steal the information about YQ skincare. 

Su Yu Hi told her that Song Tai caught someone broke into the office yesterday.
Song Tai immediately called Su Yu Hi to deal with that person.
So, for the next move, Su Yu Hi asked Yu Qi to return to Wenya City.

Yu Qi told Su Yu Hi to hold back the person first.
She wanted to have a talk with that person.
She would negotiate with that person in order to get the information. 

Yu Qi asked Ming Xuehai to return to Wenya City with her.
She explained to her grandfather that something that needed her attention at Wenya City. 

Grandpa Tang told her to be careful on the way.
So, Ming Xuehai and Yu Qi left quickly.
Yu Qi hoped she could get the information that she wanted.


Song Tai stood out of the room that they locked the man that he caught inside.
He was waiting for Yu Qi to come over.
Su Yu Hi already here.

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He was excited when he finally caught the man.
He already had long laid the trap for the man to come in.
Finally, today, his efforts bore the fruit. 

Yu Qi arrived with Ming Xuehai. 

”Miss Yu Qi, over here. ” Song Tai led the way. 

The man was locked inside the store.
Su Yu Hi currently inside, still asking the man the question.
The man keeps his mouth zipped.

Yu Qin and others entered.
The man looked over and saw the beautiful girl entered the room. 

”Brother Yu Hi, how is he? ” Yu Qi asked.

I don ’t get any information from him. ” Su Yu Hi shook his head.

”Miss Yu Qi, what should we do now? ” Song Tai asked.

The man that currently tied looked over the group.
He could see that all the men seemed to treat the girl like their boss.
He was shocked when thinking that way. 

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”You are their boss? ” The man asked. 

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

The man was speechless.
He did not expect that the big boss of the uprising skincare brand was a young girl.
The girl seemed in 20 ’s year ’s old.

”Tell me, who ask you to do this? ” Yu Qi directly asked what she needed to know.

The man was silent.
He already got caught.
People in front of him would send her to the police after getting the information from him.
It would endanger his wife and child.
He would not let anything happen to them.

”Who are you? ” Yu Qi asked again.

Once again, the man was silent. 

Yu Qi then turned to Song Tai.
”Do you have a laptop with internet connection right now? ” 

”Yes. ” Song Tai nodded.

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”Bring it to me. ” Yu Qi said.

Song Tai left.
After a few minutes, he returned with a laptop.
He gave it to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi opened the laptop.
Then, her fingers danced swiftly across the keyboard.
Su Yu Hi, Ming Xuehai and Song Tai came over behind her to see what she wanted to do.

All they could see was a code in the black background.
Ming Xuehai and Su Yu Hi knew what Yu Qi was trying to do right now.
She was hacking into something. 

Su Yu Hi turned to Ming Xuehai.
Ming Xuehai also looked at Su Yu Hi.
Both of them wore the same expression.
They did not expect that their big boss knew hacking.

”Oh, your name is Fua Sui Jue.
37 years old.
Married to Sun Nie.
Have a daughter, Fua Sulli, 4 years old.
Old work is Gung company as a storekeeper. ” Yu Qi read the information from the screen.

”Do you want to tell the truth? ” Yu Qi looked at the man. 

The man was still silent.
Yu Qi sighed. 

”Then, don ’t blame me if I wan to do something. ” Yu Qi approached.

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She opened the beg that she brought that brought a bottle.
The bottle contained some pill that had a purple colour.
She brought out the pill. 

”Brother Yu Hi, open his mouth. ” Yu Qi ordered.

Su Yu Hi followed her order.
Yu Qi threw the pill into the mouth. 

Fua Sui Jue wanted to spit out the pill back.
But nothing came out. 

”Save your effort.
That pill melt in the mouth. ” Yu Qi smiled. 

”Miss Yu Qi, what is about that pill? ” Song Tai asked.
He could smell some of the herbs that he recognised. 

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