”I hate that cousin. ” Grandpa Tang frowned very badly.

”Why? Is there something that had happened? ” Yu Qi was curious.

”That cousin had tried to seduce me while your grandmother was pregnant with your second uncle. ” Grandpa Tang made a disgusted face.

”Oh. ” Yu Qi felt interesting to hear this.
Then she asked.
”Then, what happened? ” 

  ”Of course, I don ’t submit to her.
I was truly in love with your grandmother.
How could I betray her just because she was pregnant? I ’m not that kind of man. ” Grandpa said.

”Never thought that you have been a loyal man. ” Yu Qi commented.

”Brat, what do you think about me? Of course, I ’m a loyal man. ” Grandpa Tang rolled his eyes at Yu Qi. 

”Then, did you tell grandmother about that? ” Yu Qi asked.

I didn ’t want to ruin their relationship. ” Grandpa Tang sighed.
”I hope these people don ’t have bad intentions towards our family. ”

’Well, I have already detected something about this family.
But I still don ’t know what is their intention. ’ Yu Qi decided that she would not tell others about this.

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After taking a shower, Yu Qi stepped into the dining room.
Like always, Aoi walked along with her.
When she arrived at the dining room, she spotted her brothers along with Tang Jung Wen, Ming Yue and Su Xiao.
Her second uncle was not there.
She assumed that he was probably on duty.
Also, the three Si Family members were also there. 

Yu Qi wanted to take a seat beside Tang Han Lee but she had been called by Tang Jin Wei to sit beside him.
It was also the seat beside Tang Han Lee.
She did not understand why his brothers had left the seat beside them empty.

However, she did not think much about it and just took the seat.
She had greeted all of them already including the three of Si Family members.
Grandpa Tang was not here. 

” Little Sis, I have good news to tell you. ” Tang Jin Wei lowered his voice and talked to Yu Qi.

”It is probably because of your Su Ke Ke, right? ” Yu Qi guessed and her guess was right.

”I want to surprise you. ” Tang Jin Wei was disappointed.

”What is it about her? Don ’t tell me that you are still struggling to get her? ” Yu Qi looked at Tang Jin Wei from up to down several times.

”You really look down on me, right? She has already become my girlfriend, okay. ” Tang Jin Wei felt angry when his little sister had looked down at him.

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”This is great.
When do you want to bring her back to meet Auntie Ming Yue? ” Yu Qi said in the slow voice.
She had lowered her voice when she saw that Tang Jin Wei had asked her in a lowered voice. 

She is still feeling scared to meet my mum. ” Tang Jin Wei sighed.

”Of course, she will be scared, you idiot. ” Yu Qi rolled her eyes.

Meeting with future mother in law would be nerve-wracking for a woman.
She had to be well prepared to make sure that everything was okay.
Even though her auntie, Ming Yue looked simple, she must have some expectations from her future daughter in law.

”But, I really want to get married to her as soon as possible. ” Tang Jin Wei sighed.

”Just be patient.
Your patience will be paid off later. ” Yu Qi nodded while comforting her brother. 

Yu Qi then turned to Tang Han Lee.
She was interesting to hear about Tang Han Lee ’s love story.
She wanted to ask Ding Na An but that girl was well protected.
That girl really knew how to hide the story well.

”Big Brother Han Lee, what about you? ” Yu Qi asked.

”We are good. ” Tang Han Lee answered with a simple and short answer.

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Yu Qi gave up.
Both of them shut their lips tightly. 

One person always observed Yu Qi from the time she had appeared in the dining room.
She was questioning Yu Qi in her heart, ’Why does an orphan like her can act closer to the young masters of Tang Family? She was only an outsider. ’ Her daughter should be the one who should be closer to the young masters of the Tang Family.
They had a blood relationship even though it was not much.

Yu Qi realized that someone was observing her but she did not think much about it.
That person could watch Yu Qi as much as she wanted.
Yu Qi did not care about it. 

Not long after that, Grandpa Tang arrived.
All of the people who were there stood up and greeted Grandpa Tang. 

Just sit down. ” Grandpa Tang waved his hand.

The maid started to bring out the food and served on the table.
There was a lot of food here. 

”Since there are many of us here, I ask the maids to prepare more than usual. ” Ming Yue said. 

Yu Qi called a maid.
”Can you give some food to Aoi too? He is also hungry. ” Yu Qi asked.

”Of course, Young Miss.
Aoi, you can come with me.
I will give some food for you. ” The maid bowed to Yu Qi and then coaxed Aoi to come with her.

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Aoi understood that the maid would give him some food to eat if he would follow her.
So, he gladly followed the maid. 

”What a cute dog.
Sister, is that your dog? ” Si Ang Dei asked.
She saw the dog when the dog had followed the maid to the kitchen.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”I ’m jealous.
I want a dog too but my mother doesn ’t allow me to take care of one. ” Si Ang Dei sighed.

”Ang Dei, dont spout rubbish. ” Si Su Zen glared to Si Ang Dei.

Si Ang Dei shut her mouth up. 

”What are you doing here? ” Grandpa Tang directly asked Si Family.

They were silent for a moment.
Si Family did not respond until Si Su Zen opened her mouth.

”We have just come to visit the Tang Family.
That ’s all. ” Si Su Zen answered.

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”I hope so. ” Grandpa Tang glanced at Si Su Zen. 

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