Yu Qi opened the surgery gown and threw it away into the dustbin that had been prepared in the surgery theatre.
Yu Qi took a deep breath.
Today she learned about heart surgery.
The patient was having a heart attack, so he had been pushed to the surgery theatre. 

She ended up becoming the second the surgeon who would operate the patient because the second surgeon fainted due to her menstrual pain.
Other surgeons in that theatre did not have enough experience, so they were afraid to become the second surgeon. 

The head of the surgery was Yu Qi ’s professor.
He became angry when facing this kind of situation.
He found Yu Qi behind the surgeons and asked her to be the second surgeon.
He believed that his student was talented. 

Yu Qi grabbed the chance and became the second surgeon in this surgery.
Yu Qi displayed a magnificient skill.
She knew what her professor wanted to do and assisted him correctly. 

The usual heart operation took about three to four hours but this time, it only took about two and a half hours.
Her professor was very impressed with that.
Without his student ’s help, he knew he could not finish the operation faster.
His student was very talented.
She was really worth her title as the only disciple of the legendary doctor. 

”Miss Tang, keep it up. ” The professor patted Yu Qi ’s shoulder. 

”Yes, sir. ” Yu Qi answered.

Yu Qi wanted to take a shower.
She was uncomfortable with her body.
Right now, she could smell the blood.
The scent was still lingering in the air. 

”Yu Qi, let ’s hang out. ” So Pang Lim said after seeing Yu Qi in front of her.

She was with Mei Lilli and Ding Na An.
Song Ha Ting was not together with them.

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”Wait, Yu Qi, are you hurt somewhere? ” Mei Lilli noticed the smell of blood.

Right after that, both So Pang Lim and Ding Na An also smelled the blood scent.

I just came out of surgery theatre.
We were doing heart surgery.
I was the second surgeon in the room. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Second surgeon? Wow. ” So Pang Lim was impressed with her friend.

”Something has happened.
So, I have ended up becoming one.
You can go to the usual spot.
I will come after taking a shower. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” 

Yu Qi went to her room.


”The wounds on her skin are healing nicely.
That girl is really something. ” Grandpa Sang examined Mu Rong Xie as he glanced at Grandpa Mu who stood not far from the bed.

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He could see the proud expression on his friend ’s face.
He was very jealous of his friend.
He should get a granddaughter like Yu Qi too.

”After taking the girl ’s pill, my daughter has shown good recovery. ” Su Yu Qing was happy after looking at the result.
She did not expect that the girl was very talented. 

”We should invite her for dinner to show our gratitude. ” Kang Pian Sue said.
She also came to visit her granddaughter. 

”She is a student.
She does not have free time.
Besides she is from another country which is far from here.
It will not be good to disturb her right now. ” Grandpa Sang objected the idea. 

Grandpa Mu was grateful to Grandpa Sang.
He did not want his beloved granddaughter to come here and meet with Kang Pian Sue. 

He knew that Kang Pian Sue did not really like his son, Yu Qi ’s father, because of his late wife.
Having the same face with his late wife, Kang Pian Sue might not like Yu Qi. 

”Oh, she is a future doctor. ” Kang Pian Sue said.
Actually, she just thought that the girl was lucky to possess the medicine which could her granddaughter. 

”Rong Xie, you just need to take care of yourself.
You probably can live a normal life after this. ” Grandpa Mu patted his granddaughter ’s head.

”Yes, Grandfather.
I will. ” Mu Rong Xie was not depressed anymore. 

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She knew that she would be cured soon or later.
As for the one that cured her, she would give enough money to the girl as her thanks.

”But I feel we still need to invite her.
I want to see and thank her in person. ” Kang Pian Sue felt she wanted to see the girl with her eyes.

”You can invite her but do not expect her to come. ” Grandpa Mu voiced.

”She must come.
It is her honour to have the Mu Family to invite her. ” Mu Rong Xie said arrogantly.

”I think so too. ” Su Yu Qing nodded.

Grandpa Mu and Grandpa Sang looked at each other.
Their faces turned bad. 

Mu Li Zei sighed.
His wife and daughter were indeed a pair of stupid mother and daughter.
They knew her.
Did they think that girl was from a family lower than them?

She was actually from a respectable family.
Her grandfather was a famous and respectable doctor all around the world.
Even though she was adopted into the family, but all of the family members doted and loved her very much. 

That was not enough.
The girl had successfully built her business empire while studying which was a very impressive thing to Mu Li Zei.
Even he could not do that. 

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”As father said, you can invite her but don ’t expect her to come.
She is probably busy. ” Mu Li Zei said. 

”But… ” Su Yu Qing wanted to say something, but seeing the stern look on her husband ’s face, she closed her mouth.
She was afraid if she said something more, her husband would be angry at her. 

I will invite her. ” Kang Pian Sue still did not give up.
She wanted to see the girl.

My Li Zei sighed.
He knew his mother would never give up.
He just hoped his mother would not offend that girl before Mu Rong Xie was completely healed.

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