’How is this happen? Why did these people know about this? ’ Wang Fu Ya screamed in her mind.
Then, she saw Yu Qi was standing not far from her. 

”What did you do? ” Wang Fu Ya screamed at Yu Qi.
She ran toward Yu Qi and wanted to attack Yu Qi.

Yu Qi steadily avoided Wang Fu Ya ’s attack.
Wang Fu Ya fell on the ground. 

Yu Qi bent over and whispered to Wang Fu Ya ’s ear.
”Enjoy it.
However, it is just a beginning. ”

Wang Fu Ya gave a shocked face to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi stood and leave the scene. 

Wang Fu Ya still in shock.
She did not react to the people surrounding her.
’How is this happen? The one that in shame should be Yu Qi, not me. ’ Wang Fu Ya stood up.
She gave a sharp look to people.

People around her got scared when Wang Fu Ya gave that look.
However, it was only for a moment.
One woman sneered to Wang Fu Ya.

”Why are you give that look? Do you think we scared of you? Humph! You are just a s.l.u.t. ” The woman said.

”I ’m not. ” Wang Fu Ya shouted.

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”The pictures told the different thing. ” Another man said.
He threw some of the pictures near Wang Fu Ya ’s legs.

Wang Fu Ya bent down and took a picture.
She looked at the picture.
The picture showed herself accompanied by an old man.
She looked around.
The pictures showed her with a lot of different men.
’How are these pictures here? No one was taking the picture when she accompanied these old men. ’ 

”This is not me. ” Wang Fu Ya denied it.

The photoshop was not developed so the pictures were genuine.
And the people in the village were not having knowledge about that.
So, they believed the pictures.
After all, the pictures were showing a full image of Wang Fu Ya that in the thick makeup and s.e.xily dressed up. 

”I don ’t want to marry a girl like this. ” 

”Me too. ”

”The pictures already showed her face but she did not want to admit it. ”

This is not mine.
Maybe someone with the same face as me. ” Wang Fu Ya was still trying to deny it.

”I saw you dressed up like this another night. ” A middle-aged woman said while holding a picture on her hand showing that Wang Fu Ya was dressed up in a s.e.xy short black dress.

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Wang Fu Ya wanted to cry.
She indeed remembered this middle-aged woman another night.
She was coming out of the car and saw this middle-aged woman.
She did not except this middle-aged woman remembered about that night.

”I said it was not me. ” Wang Fu Ya screamed and run away from the place.

Yu Qi was standing not far from the place.
She was observing the scene.
She smiled wickedly.
This was just a small portion from her.
Others would be coming soon. 

Wang Fu Ya did not want to stay at that place any longer.
She wanted to go home.
So, she ran away.
When she arrived around her house, she met their neighbor.
It was the neighbor that Wang Family stole the vegetable from her garden before.
It was Madam Jiang.

”Owh, it was a little s.l.u.t. ” Madam Jiang smirked to Wang Fu Ya while commenting.

”What are you just say? ” Wang Fu Ya said in anger.

”Are you deaf? I said you are a little s.l.u.t. ” Madam Jiang gave a small laugh.

”Mind your language, old hag. ” Wang Fu Ya screamed and ran into her house.

Everyone already knew about her being a kept woman.
She entered the house with a bad mood.
In the house, Wang Ha Na and Madam Wang were sitting on the sofa while on the table, there was a lot of pictures that showed Wang Fu Ya with some old men. 

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Madam Wang looked very angry.
When she saw Wang Fu Ya entered the house, she stood up and slapped Wang Fu Ya.
’Pang. ’ It was a very strong slap.
Wang Fu Ya did not have time to avoid, so she fell down after receiving the slap. 

”Mum, what are you doing? ” Wang Fu Ya screamed at her mother while holding her cheek.

”You ask what am I doing? Then, let me ask you, what are you doing? ” Madam Wang grabbed the pictures and threw them to Wang Fu Ya.

”It is my job.
The money was from this job. ” Wang Fu Ya admitted to her mother.
Then she continued.
”All the expenses in this house, I paid with that money.
Our father was in jail, you are not working.
The normal job would not be enough to support the expenses. ”

Wang Fu Ya stood up and looked at her mother. 

”I knew you worked like this.
But how come you been so careless letting people take pictures of you? ” Madam Wang actually already knew about Wang Fu Ya ’s job.
That was why she was angry with Wang Fu Ya.

Madam Wang used to have that when she was younger and before got to know with Mr.
Wang and got married to him.
She also knew this kind of job was well paid.

”I don ’t know.
When I accompanied these old men, there is no one taking the pictures. ” Wang Fu Ya explained.
She was pretty sure about that.

”Then, how do these pictures come out? ” Madam Wang asked.

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”Mum, I ’m sure Yu Qi, that bitch was the one behind this. ” Wang Fu Ya said in resentment.

”That bitch? ” Madam Wang looked at Wang Fu Ya.

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