After a while, Ming Xuehai came in bringing the new contract for Song Su Jin to sign.

Song Su Jin took and read again.
She was confirming that the terms that they had discussed just now,were present in the contract, she nodded as she felt satisfied.

”Are you satisfied with the contract? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

”Yes. ” Song Su Jin and Xiu Mi Lan nodded.

”Then let ’s proceed on signing the contract. ” Su Yu Hi suggested.

”Yes. ” 

So, Song Su Jin signed the two sets of the same doc.u.ment.
Then she gave back to Su Yu Hi for him to sign.
However, Song Su Jin and Xiu Mi Lan were surprised that Su Yu Hi gave the girl beside her to sign the contract.

They thought Su Yu Hi would be signing the contract.
From the beginning, they had thought that the girl beside him was probably just a secretary or his assistant.
How could the assistant sign the contract?

Yu Qi signed the contract and handed out one set of the contract to Song Su Jin.
Song Su Jin took it with her mind blank.

”Welcome to Qi Qi Skincare, Miss Song Su Jin, Miss Xiu Mi Lan. ” Yu Qi reached out her hand to shake hands with Song Su Jin.

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”Yes. ” Song Su Jin took Yu Qi ’s hand.

”I shall introduce myself again.
My name is Tang Yu Qi.
I ’m the owner of Qi Qi skincare brand. ” Yu Qi introduced herself again with the right identity. 

”Owner? ” 

Both of Song Su Jin and Xiu Mi Lan were shocked.
They looked at Su Yu Hi and Ming Xuehai asking for the confirmation.
The two men nodded.
Then they looked again at Yu Qi.

They did not even expect that this young girl was the owner of Qi Qi skincare brand. 

”Hope we can work it out together. ” Yu Qi said again.

”Yes. ” Song Su Jin managed to answer even though she was still in shock. 


The signing contract was completed.
So, Qi Qi skincare brand made an announcement saying that they had hired Song Su Jin, the actress as their spokesperson.

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The news shocked the entertainment world.
Even though the Qi Qi skincare brand was still new but everyone could not deny the fame that it had gained.

Loyal fans of Song Su Jin were happy with the news.
They were giving congratulations to Song Su Jin on the online.

Song Su Jin is my queen: ’Oh…
Congratulation to my queen.
I know your hard work will be paid. ’

I can see you: ’Sister Su Jin, congratulations on becoming the spokesperson. ’

Janjang lol: ’Su Jin is not so bad.
Congratulations. ’

There was a lot of them who had commented about congratulated her.
However, there was also who said the bad things to her.

I ’m a Queen: ’Humph!!! An actress like her must have climbed up using her body.
Nothing special about her. ’

SuJinHater: ’I agree with the commenter above. ’

The hut is my name: ’She is just a s.l.u.t. ’

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Xiu Mi Lan took a long breath when she read the comments online.
Whenever there was good news about Song Su Jin, there would be bad comments like this.
She pinched the place between her eyebrows.

”Sister Mi Lan, just ignore that.
Not like they are new things. ” Song Su Jin comforted Xiu Mi Lan.

I should the one who should comfort you.
Not you comforting me. ” Xiu Mi Lan said. 

”I know when I entered this world, I will be condemned by some people.
But if I still have some people that support me, I am contented with that. ” Song Su Jin smiled.
That was her true feeling.

”Let ’s just ignore the stupid comments.
Ang has already told me the next job.
Let ’s go. ” Xiu Mi Lan said.

”Yeah. ” Song Su Jin nodded.

”This is on our expectation. ” Yu Qi looked at the Su Yu Hi after reading the report that Su Yu Hi made regarding the spokesperson matter.

”Yeah. ” Su Yu Hi also smiled. 

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Others on the same room looked at each other when seeing their first and second boss grinned after reading the bad report about the spokesperson ’s matter.
They could not understand what those two people were thinking.

”Miss Yu Qi… ” Her staff named Fang Ang was the one that gave the suggestion of using Song Su Jin as the candidate felt bad.
He was feeling bad since it affected the company. 

”Don ’t worry about this.
Just do your work.
The thing would be better soon or later. ” Yu Qi knew his feeling. 

”Meeting adjourned. ” Yu Qi announced.

”Brother Yu Hi, come to my room. ” Yu Qi told Su Yu Hi.

Su Yu Hi then followed Yu Qi to her room. 

”Sort out about 20% of the profit for YQ investment company.
I want to acquire a company. ” Yu Qi ’s lips curved up.

”Oh, what kind of company you want to acquire? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

”Entertainment company. ” Yu Qi giggled.

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”Okay. ” Su Yu Hi sighed.
He knew it.

”Don ’t worry about that.
I will not let you handle the new company that we acquire.
The old workers of the company would be the one that charged on it.
But everything must get permission from us first. ” Yu Qi was grinning.

”I know this is your next move after hiring the spokesperson.
So, I am not so surprised about this. ” Su Yu Hi said.

”Brother Yu Hi really knows me well.
Because of that, here.
Read this. ” Yu Qi handed out one file.

Su Yu Hi reached out of the file.
Once he opened the file and read the title, he was so shocked.
He then lifted up his face and looked at Yu Qi with his widely opened eyes.

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