While the staff was busy assisting the customers, someone came into the shop.
Her face was covered by a mask.
She also brought some plastic bag.

”I want a 100% refund.
The product has damaged my skin. ” The woman shouted.

All of the women inside the shop looked at the woman who had shouted earlier.
The shop became silent.
One of the shop assistants approached the woman. 

”Miss, can you tell your problem? I will help you. ” The shop assistant said with a smile.

”Help me? Your product has already damaged my face.
I want my money back.
You are a bunch of liars. ” The woman started to shout again.

”Miss, if you continue to shout like this, we can not help you. ” The shop assistant still talked in a soft tone.

”All of you, don ’t buy this brand.
It has ruined my skin. ” The woman started to talk to other customers.

”Miss, please, don ’t act like this. ” The shop assistant said to the woman.

”What? You still want to continue to trick others to buy your product? ” The woman turned to the shop assistant.

”It is not like that. ” The shop assistant did not know what to do next.

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Then someone patted her from behind.
The shop assistant turned around and saw someone.
She was grateful that she could leave now. 

The one who patted her was the branch manager.
Apparently, someone from the staff went to call the branch manager.
The branch manager immediately left her office and came in front. 

”Miss, I ’m the branch manager here, Jian Nie.
May I help you? ” Jian Nie smiled.

”Branch manager? Humph!!! I want a refund. ” The woman said.

”Can we move to my office? We can talk over there. ” Jian Nie said. 

”What? Are you scared? To let others know about this? ” The woman mocked Jian Nie.

However, Jian Nie did not feel provoked by it.
She still maintained her smile.

”Okay, miss.
We can talk over here.
Miss, you tell us that your face has already been damaged by our product.
Can I see your face, right now? ” Jian Nie asked.

The woman reacted so badly.
She stepped backwards avoiding Jian Nie who had wanted to touch her face.

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”Don ’t you dare.
I will not let you see my face. ” The woman shouted again.

Calm down, miss.
Let me know your name. ” Jian Nie asked her name.

”Why do you want to know my name? ” The woman was guarded.

”So that I can call you with your name. ” Jian Nie smiled.

”You can call me Miss Qian Xiao Mi. ” Qian Xiao Mi said arrogantly.

”As your information, Miss Qian Xiao Mi, if you have bought our product, your face and your name would be registered in our database. ” Jian Nie smiled slyly.

”You!!! You tricked me. ” Qian Xiao Mi pointed her finger at Jian Nie.

Listening to Jian Nie words, one of the staff that sat in front of the computer quickly type the name in their system. 

”Miss Jian, there is no such name in our system. ” The result came out immediately.

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”Oh, Miss Qian Xiao Mi, your name is not in our system.
That means you are not our customer and you have not bought our product. ” Jian Nie looked at the Qian Xiao Mi.

”Of course, I have not bought it.
Someone has gifted it to me. ” Qian Xiao Mi did not seem to give up.

”Okay then.
Tell me the name of the person who has gifted our product to you. ” Jian Nie replied back. 

”Erk… ” Qian Xiao Mi hesitated. 

”Or can you show me, the bottle which you have claimed is our product. ” Jian Nie suggested.

”Are you telling me that it is not your product? It is your product. ” Qian Xiao Mi shouted.

”Miss Qian Xiao Mi, then show me the bottle. ” Jian Nie began to stress her tone.

”Then take it. ” Qian Xiao Mi was angry so she threw the bottle to Jian Nie.

Jian Nie quickly caught it.
It was the evidence.
She would not let the evidence to be broken.
She was also not afraid to touch the bottle since she wore the gloves when working.
All the staff required to wear gloves. 

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Jian Nie asked one of the staff to scan to bottle.
Qian Xiao Mi started to panic when she saw their doing.
She suddenly thought it would be bad if they knew that bottle was not their product.

Qian Xiao Mi started to think about how to run from here.
While the others were waiting for the result and looked at the staff, Qian Xiao Mi thought that it was a good time to run away.
She turned and wanted to head out but someone blocked her.

”Where do you want to go? ” Yu Qi appeared and blocked Qian Xiao Mi.
”Why are you not waiting for the result? ” Yu Qi smiled but her eyes were not.

Qian Xiao Mi was trembling when she faced this young girl.
She did not know why.
But to her, the young girl in front of her was terrifying. 

”Miss Yu Qi. ” Jian Nie called.
She did not know that their big boss would be here today.

”Good job on handling this matter. ” Yu Qi praised Jian Nie.
”How about the result? ” Yu Qi then asked the staff member who had scanned the bottle.

All of Qi Qi Skincare had a special code in their bar code.
Yu Qi invented this system to prevent the forgery of her products.
The bar code would be scanned, there would be some word appeared after scanning the bar code.
The word should appear was ’Rebirth ’. 

”The word has not appeared. ” The staff answered.

That means the bottle which you have given us is not from our product. ” Yu Qi looked at Qian Xiao Mi.

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