The man continued his jogging after meeting with the person that he was longing to meet.
Yeah, the man was Qin Xia.
He took the opportunity to talk to the person that he was longing to meet.
Using his information that she would be jogging in the morning, he used it as his chance to meet with her.

She was still the same.
Caution as ever to the person that she did not know.
She was polite as well.
Even though her look was not the same as the past, still, she was beautiful.
In the past, she looked like a flower fairy now she looked like an angel that came down from the sky. 

However, Qin Xia did not expect that Yu Qi would have a beast beside her.
The husky Siberian breed dog was the beast.
When he pet the dog ’s head, he could sense the spirit energy.
Also, he sensed the bond between the two of them.
The blood contract.

Qin Xia did know about the blood.
It was an equal contract between the human and the beast.
When humans injured, the beast would feel the pain too.
It also worked reversely.
When one died, another one would follow it. 

Yu Qi might not know about the contract.
That beast must be the one that made the contract itself.
Qin Xia was pretty sure that Yu Qi was currently a normal girl without knowing the spirit energy.
So, if Qin Xia wanted to get rid of the dog, Yu Qi would be suffering as well.
He did not want that to happen. 

Qin Xia knew the dog also could sense the spirit energy from his hand that pet its head.
However, he did not afraid that the dog would tell anyone about that because it was a dog.
The dog did not know to speak the human language.
Qin Xia did not know that Yu Qi already knew about that. 

The date of the opening ceremony was coming soon.
Qin Xia did not wait for the day.
He would use his position to make Yu Qi knew about him. 

Then a call was coming.
His phone vibrated to inform the call was coming.
Qin Xia looked at the phone.
It was his secretary.
Feeling lazy, Qin Xia picked up the call.

”What? ” Qin Xia used his lazy to answer the call.

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”Sir, we got some problems with our cargo.
Something nasty inside it.
Someone was using our cargo to smuggle the drug in. ” His secretary reported the situation.

”Do you know who is the bastard? ” Qin Xia asked. 

”Don ’t know, Sir. ” His secretary answered slowly.
He knew that his president already became angry even though his president ’s voice was calm.
It was calm before the storm.

”Bunch of idiots.
I will handle it when I go back. ” Qin Xia grinded his teeth.

Qin Xia ended the call.
He sighed.
He could not see Yu Qi tomorrow.
He needed to go back and settle the problem.
’We will meet again. ’

Wang Fu Ya was in a good mood for the few last.
She did not get the call from the old man.
She was assuming that the old man was busy playing with Yu Qi, the bitch.
She walked around the town. 

However, she was surprised to see someone that she did not expect to see here.
With a proud smile, she walked over to the person.

”Hi. ” Wang Fu Ya greeted the person.

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The person looked at Wang Fu Ya like she was an idiot.
The person was Yu Qi.
She did not what nerve that Wang Fu Ya to greet her like this.

”Yu Qi, nice to meet you here. ” Wang Fu Ya smiled. 

”Idiot. ” Yu Qi said one word.

Wang Fu Ya heard the word and became angry.
But she managed to calm herself.
”Yu Qi, how your past days? Is it okay? ” Wang Fu Ya wanted to annoy Yu Qi.
She thought Yu Qi was tortured by the old man past few days.
So that was why she was asking that question.

Yu Qi did not reply to her question but just said one word.
”Moron. ” It was the same meaning as an idiot.

Wang Fu Ya did not hold herself back anymore.
”Hey, Yu Qi, I know what had happened to you in the past days.
If you did not want others to know about that, give me one million. ” Wang Fu Ya wanted to use some money.
So, she wanted to blackmail Yu Qi.
She knew Yu Qi did not want people to know about that.
Yu Qi might give her money.

Yu Qi suddenly laughed.
She could not help but wanted to open and see what was in Wang Fu Ya ’s head.
She was so stupid.
Maybe she would get the answer what was this stupid Wang Fu Ya had.

”What are you laughing at? ” Wang Fu Ya asked in angry when her blackmail did not succeed.

”Laughing at your stupidity. ” Yu Qi wanted to annoy Wang Fu Ya so that she would be angry.

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You want people to know what had happened to you these past few days? ”  Wang Fu Ya still wanted to spread that thing.

”You really wanted people to know about it? ” Yu Qi asked Wang Fu Ya in an amused tone.

Wang Fu Ya became quiet.
’Why? Why Yu Qi, this bitch asked this question to me? She did not scare when people know about the incident? She should be scared.
Yu Qi, this bitch, she just did not want me to inform others.
I will just destroy her reputation. ’ Wang Fu Ya sneered.

”You are Wang Fu Ya? ” 

Suddenly, Wang Fu Ya could hear someone asked a question to her.
She looked a took at the person.
She did not know this person.
However, she still answered that question.

”Yes, I ’m. ” Wang Fu Ya nodded.

”It is really her. ”

”She looks very young.
We could not assume her age. ”

”So young yet… ”

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”Such a bitch. ”

”I wonder how her mother teaches her. ”

”She was that Wang Su Ren and Wang Shi Xen ’s daughter.
What ’s you can expect? ”

”How can the young girl like her went astray? Such a shame. ”

”Wait, can I book her? I want to taste a young girl like her.
Must taste like heaven. ”

Not now. ”

”Even though it is hard to earn money, she should not go that way.
There is a lot of humble jobs outside. ”

”No wonder, she always wears expensive clothes. ”

”I was jealous of her before but now, I don ’t want to talk about it. ”

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Wang Fu Ya looked around.
She could not understand what was these people talking about. 

”How could she become a mistress and to the old man like that? ”

When Wang Fu Ya heard the last sentence, she felt a bomb dropped on her head.

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