”Space helped me a lot.
I ’m very grateful to the person that leaving the space to me. ” Yu Qi looked up and stared at Long Hui ’s eyes.
”And the greatest thing that happens in my life right now is you.
Meeting you, fall in love with you…
The things that I never could expect after relived my life.
Thank you…
Thank you so much. ” 

Long Hui leaned over and kissed his beloved Qi Qi ’s forehead.
”Meeting with you is also the greatest thing that happens in my life.
Being with you is completed my life. ” 

Yu Qi smiled when Long Hui said something like that. 

”I just want to know, did you already meet the couple that killed you in your previous life? In this current life? ” Long Hui was curious about that.
His tone was currently sounded like he was holding back his anger. 

I also met with them. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Long Hui frowned. 

”You also already met with them. ” Yu Qi told him.

”Who? ” 

”The girl…
That person currently admiring you.
As for the man, he wants me to be his girlfriend, back he was at my university. ”

”Bai Shu Jin…. ” Long Hui made a correct guess.

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”Oh, you are true. ” Yu Qi was impressed that Long Hui made correct guessing in his first try. 

Long Hui guessed after considering the same hints.
The first person that popped out in his mind was that Bai Shu Jin.
He also knew since when he took his beloved Qi Qi, someone always looked at them.

”As for woman, who do you think was it? ” Yu Qi sneered.

As for woman, probably that woman who always come and disturb our date…
Is it right? ” Long Hui smirked.

”My Hui is right.
But why don ’t you remember her name? ” Yu Qi asked. 

”She is not an important person in my life that I should remember her name. ” Long Hui answered.

Yu Qi chuckled.
”Then why did you remember Bai Shu Jin? ” Long Hui was clearly remembered about Bai Shu Jin.

”Of course, I need to remember my enemy. ” Long Hui nodded seriously.

”Why? ” 

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”Since he is the man that wants to covet my girl. ” Long Hui told her.


After revealing the biggest secret on her life to Long Hui, Yu Qi felt her heart was being free by the burden.
She did not expect that Long Hui would accept a bizarre thing like a normal phenomenon. 

”Qi Qi, hurry up. ” Long Hui reminded her.

Yu Qi quickly wore her shoe and went out.
Long Hui pulled her right hand and held it as they walked together leaving the ryokan. 

The plan for today that the couple would be going to the Illusion Museum.
The Illusion Museum was a location where the limitations of the human eye were limited.
From exhibitions, all things that related to the history of magic, collections of materials used in magic, could be seen here, in this illusion museum.
They even had live magic performances. 

When they arrived there, there were not many people there since it was a weekday.
Usually, this place would be busy during the weekend.

They spent about two hours in the museum.
Yu Qi was amused by the things that she saw inside the museum.
Long Hui was chuckled seeing the reaction given by his beloved Qi Qi. 

After that, Yu Qi wanted to see Osaka Castle.
She did not know why she liked the old building very much.
The shrine, the temple, the pagoda and especially the Chinese castle, Yu Qi loved to look at them. 

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The castle was very beautiful but the couple did not plan to enter the castle.
When Long Hui asked about that, Yu Qi told it was a waste of money since the inside castle already modernized.
They even had an elevator in it.

She did not want to waste money because of that.
However, the view of the park around the castle was magnificent.
It was very beautiful.

”It would be a perfect place to picnic, right? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Hmm… ” Long Hui responded.
He did not care where was the place as long as he was with his beloved Qi Qi, it would be perfect.
They walked along the castle park and relaxing under the tree. 

”Where do you want to go next? ” Long Hui asked. 

They were currently sitting in a restaurant nearby for dinner.
It was Takahiro Ramen Restaurant near Osaka Castle.
It ’s located within the grounds of Osaka Castle Park.
So, it was convenient for a quick lunch or dinner before and after visiting the castle.

Since its name had ’ramen ’, so the speciality here was rich tonkatsu ramen called ’Kasumi ’, which featured awesome rare chashu, menma, yuzum, and green onions as well delicious and tasty toppings. 

The basic bowl was just 750 yen and could add the additional toppings.
Yu Qi added an egg and extra chashu for her bowl. 

”Order for me too. ” Long Hui requested. 

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Yu Qi nodded.
”Do you want to add something? ” Yu Qi turned to Long Hui.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi called the waiter and made the order.
As for the drink, both of them just chose normal tea.

”Do you want to try ’sake ’? ” Yu Qi looked up and saw the ’sake ’ that been offered by the restaurant.
’Sake ’ was the rice water that had been fermented for a long time.
It had to undergo a series of process to become ’sake ’.

”No need.
We can try after we return to the ryokan later. ” Long Hui denied the offer.
”If we drink that here, the probability for we go to the next location is zero. ”

Yu Qi looked at Long Hui.
”Wait, I ’m a good drinker. ”

”Well, I ’m not.
I ’m probably would be drunk and take you with me. ” Long Hui replied.
It was a pervert reply but Long Hui could say it with a serious face. 

That reply made Yu Qi speechless. 

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