Yu Qi had planned to go out today.
Because of the last night, she had to cancel those plan.
She did not expect that her body would be so tired after being together with Long Hui. 

Long Hui felt guilty due to his actions last night but he did not regret it.
It was a wonderful thing that Yu Qi ever gave to him.
Because of that, he attended Yu Qi ’s matter more today. 

”Qi Qi, last night, I let it inside you. ” Long Hui mentioned the matter after they finished breakfast. 

”Oh, yeah. ” Yu Qi was embarrassed when Long Hui mentioned those things.
She remembered that time when she did something like holding Long Hui ’s waist using her legs because she did not want Long Hui to come out. 

”Is it okay for you? What if you get pregnant? ” Long Hui asked.

”You don ’t like me getting pregnant? ” Yu Qi wanted to tease Long Hui but after she asked that sentence, she was embarrassed. 

”Of course not.
I do want you to get pregnant. ” Long Hui answered quickly.
Then, Long Hui faked his cough.
”But we still are not married.
I don ’t want you to be condemned by others. ” 

Listening to that, Yu Qi was touched.
Long Hui was very considerate about her matter. 

”Don ’t worry.
I will take the birth control pill. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”But I have heard that the pill is dangerous to the women which lead to infertility. ” Long Hui was worried about that too.
He read about that.

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”Don ’t worry.
I will take a pill which I have personally made.
It will not have any side effect. ” Yu Qi assured Long Hui.

”Oh, ” Long Hui smiled after listening to it. 

”Let ’s go wonder around the ryokan.
It is so beautiful.
I want to look at it. ” Yu Qi suggested.

”But, are you sure you can walk? ” Long Hui asked.

”It ’s….
already okay. ” Yu Qi answered.

Let ’s go. ” 

They got out of the room.
Then she saw something on the billboard when they passed the lobby area.
Her eyes lifted up.
She then went to the front desk to ask about something.

”Excuse miss, is that true the customer can wear that? ” Yu Qi pointed towards the billboard.

”Of course.
Do you want to try? ” The staff asked.

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We want to try. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Does he also want to try too? ” The staff asked again.

Is there no for men? ” Yu Qi looked at Long Hui.

”Of course not.
We also offer to men too.
But usually, the man does not want to try it. ” The staff looked at Long Hui.

”Brother Hui, let ’s try it. ” Yu Qi said to Long Hui.

”Call me Hui as you called me yesterday. ” Long Hui smirked.

”What? ” Yu Qi was fl.u.s.tered. She did not expect that Long Hui would ask something like that here, in front of others.

”Call me Hui.
You call me like that yesterday. ” Long Hui teased his beloved Qi Qi.

I will call you, Hui.
Just stop mentioning about last night. ” Yu Qi gave up.
This man was not even embarrassed to say something like that.

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”So, customers, do you want to try it? ” The staff asked again after a while looking at the interaction between the couple.

Hui, can we? ” Yu Qi made a begging face to Long Hui.

His beloved Qi Qi seemed to know that he would not reject her if she made that face.

”I will try it as long Qi Qi wants it. ” Long Hui nodded.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi was happy.

The staff also smiled.
She could see that the man loved the girl every much. 

The things that Yu Qi wanted to try was the original Yutaka.
The couple chose the colour of Yutaka ’s.
Well, it was Yu Qi who made the choice.
Long Hui just followed his beloved Qi Qi ’s choice.

The colour that Yu Qi chose for Long Hui was the dark purple.
It was well-matched with Long Hui ’s appearance.
It made Long Hui look like a nobleman in ancient time. 

As for Yu Qi, she chose a light purple.
It made her look like a fairy with a suitable hairstyle. 

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The staff was very happy to hairstyle Yu Qi since her hair was very easy to handle.
She already put some makeup for Yu Qi.

And the result was amazing.
The couple looked very beautiful in their Yutaka.
It was the first time that she came across with such a beautiful couple just like this couple.

”Can I take your picture together? ” The staff asked excitedly.

Yu Qi was hesitating to give permission.
Long Hui was a soldier.
It was not good to take a picture of a soldier.
Moreover, he was in a high-rank position. 

You can ’t. ” 

”Yeah, you can. ”

The answers came out at the same time.
Yu Qi looked at Long Hui as she opened her eyes wide.
She did not expect that Long Hui would give permission.

”Only if you did not capture my face. ” Long Hui continued his sentence.

”But… ” The staff wanted to capture all.

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”I ’m sorry.
My boyfriend is in the military.
It is not good if his picture spreads. ” Yu Qi explained.

Okay. ” The staff understood.
”Okay, I will capture your picture without capturing his face.
Oh, you can go outside and walk around the ryokan.
I will capture the picture as you walk and you can act like I ’m not here. ” She was in charge of taking the picture when the customers came and wanted to borrow their Yutaka.

The staff grinned.
She was excited.
Both of them were very nice in their Yutaka.
It was sad not to get the man ’s face in the picture.
But she was pretty sure, with a right angle, the picture would come out nicely even without his face.

So, Yu Qi and Long Hui went outside, walked around the ryokan, as they enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the mountains. 

The staff did take pictures of them.
She followed her promise that she would not take the pictures of the man ’s face.
She took the picture showing the man ’s back and the smiling woman. 

The most beautiful pictures that she had taken was the pictures when the man tried to get something from the woman ’s hair.
It was a very beautiful scene for her. 

The staff came to the couple. 

”This is the pictures that I have taken earlier. ” The staff showed the pictures.
”Can I request something? ” The staff suddenly asked.

”What is it? ” Yu Qi asked her.

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”I want to request your permission to use this picture and put this picture into our website.
Is that possible? ” The staff looked at Yu Qi.

”Which picture? ” Yu Qi wanted to see.

”This picture. ” The staff happily showed the picture.
It was the same as the staff ’s favourite.

Yu Qi looked at the picture.
The picture did not show Long Hi ’s face at all but only his back with Yu Qi facing him with a smiling face.

”Well, you can. ” Yu Qi did not have anything to reject her request.

”Thank you, miss. ” The staff said.
”I will print out the pictures and give them to you later. ” The staff said thank again and ran off excitedly.

”Let ’s take the pictures of us together. ” Yu Qi said.

”I can ’t.
My picture can ’t be taken. ” Long Hui joked.

”Even by me? ” Yu Qi smirked.

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”Of course, you are an exception. ” Long Hui laughed.

The two of them took many pictures on their own. 

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