Ren Qian Yi rolled his eyes when seeing the proud expression on Long Hui ’s face.

”Well, let ’s get to the business. ” Ren Qian Yi turned serious.

Long Hui waited for Ren Qian Yi to continue. 

”Our information had been leaked to the enemy by Wang Xi. ” Ren Qian Yi explained.

”Wang Xi? ” Long Hui remembered that soldier. 

He was a good soldier who would follow the orders very strictly.
How could someone like him do something like that? He remembered the moment when Wang Xi had appeared in front of him that day.
His face was filled with guilt. 

”I guess he was threatened. ” Long Hui made an assumption.
”He was there on that day.
He behaved very strangely. ”

”I am thinking that same too. ” Ren Qian Yi nodded.

”Investigate for the last few months who made contact with Wang Xi.
I am guessing that we have some rat in our rank. ” Long Hui ’s eyes flashed a cold glint.

I will do it. ” Ren Qian Yi nodded.
”By the way, where did you stay during the time you have gone missing? ” Ren Qian Yi was somehow interested to know about it.

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”Why do you want to know? ” Long Hui annoyed with his friend.

”Don ’t be so heartless.
I spent a lot of time searching for you, okay. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

”I stayed… ”

Meanwhile, on Yu Qu ’s side, Yu Qi had been hugged by Ding Na An after Yu Qi stepped into their room.
Ding Na An was very worried about her after knowing that Yu Qi was missing. 

”Don ’t cry anymore.
See, I ’m fine. ” Yu Qi comforted the crying Ding Na An. 

Ding Na An usually did not a cry but this incident left a great impact on Ding Na An.
She was very scared as Yu Qi had gone missing.
Last time, Yu Qi almost got kidnapped by some human traffickers. 

”I thought that I will never meet you again. ” Ding Na An sobbed.

”Don ’t worry.
You will see me until you get bored seeing me. ” Yu Qi laughed.

Because of Yu Qi ’s jokes, Ding Na An stopped crying and started to laugh with Yu Qi.

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At the door, Ding Guan Ye knocked that open door.
The two girls simultaneously looked at the door.

”Captain Ding. ” Yu Qi called Ding Guan Ye.

”Sister. ” Ding Na An was surprised to see Ding Guan Ye. 

”Yu Qi, are you alright? ” Ding Guan Ye inquired about Yu Qi.
She had already considered Yu Qi as her sister since Yu Qi was a friend to Ding Na An. 

”I ’m okay Captain Ding. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”I have told you to call me Sister Guan Ye. ” Ding Guan Ye sighed. 

”I will after this. ” Yu Qi patted Ding Na An ’s back.

Then other female soldiers came to Yu Qi and Ding Na An ’s room as soon as they got the new about Yu Qi ’s return.
They were not in bad relationsh.i.p.s with Yu Qi but still worried about Yu Qi since they heard about her missing report. 

Some of them were treated by Yu Qi about their scars.
As a soldier, they had some scars on their bodies.
Yu Qi had kindly suggested that she could make the scars to fade away.
When someone asked Yu Qi to treat her scars since she was about to get married soon and she had a really good result.
Her scars faded away completely in one to two weeks.
Her skin looked particularly good at the scar ’s area after the scars were gone.

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The female soldier was very happy and told others about that.
Others began to look for Yu Qi ’s treatment. 

”Yu Qi, are you okay? ”

One female soldier asked.
It was someone whom Yu Qi had treated before. 

”Thank you.
I ’m okay. ” Yu Qi just nodded.

The care showed by the soldiers here had made her thought that it was nice.
Their relationship grew much closer.

The female soldiers and Yu Qi talked to each other.
Only someone seemed to be unsatisfied with Yu Qi ’s return.
She was grinding her teeth as she watched them talking from the door.
That person was obviously Lang Jiang Ye. 

When Lang Jiang Ye heard that Yu Qi had gone missing, she was secretly happy with it.
It would be better if Yu Qi died somewhere else.
She was imagining something worse.
She imagined that Yu Qj was being r.a.p.ed by many men.
That thought was very good when she thought about Yu Qi.

What made her unhappy was that Long Hui was missing too.
She had already set her target on Long Hui.
She wanted Long Hui to become hers after Yu Qi had died.
She felt that Long Hui would be coming back and she would comfort Long Hui after he had got to know about Yu Qi ’s death. 

”Where did you stay during these two weeks? ” Ding Guan Ye asked.
They indeed searched the area but still did not found them. 

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”We had stayed in the cave.
When I had found Brother Hui back then, he was badly injured.
So, I treated him.
After that, I searched for a better place for him to recover.
I found one cave.
We stayed in the cave waiting for Brother Hui to wake up. ” Yu Qi explained.
This was how Yu Qi and Long Hui agreed to tell others about their stay.
They had to make a lie in order to completely hide Yu Qi ’s secret. 

”That area indeed has a cave. ” Ding Guan Ye did not finish her sentences.
Someone had interrupted.

”But we had searched the cave but still could not find you two.
Or did you stay at the enemy place and conclude with the enemy? ” Lang Jiang Ye joined the conversation. 

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