The two of them decided to get out of the space.
Yu Qi wanted Long Hui to rest more but Long Hui insisted to go out.
He told Yu Qi that it was not good for them to be missing for a long time. 

With that decision, Yu Qi came out with an explanation to be explained to others.
They were indeed missing for a long time. 

They went out.
Since they had entered the space while at the forest, they would be in the forest too after they got out of the space. 

”We need to walk through this forest. ” Yu Qi said.

”It ’s okay. ” Long Hui assured his beloved Qi Qi.
He knew that his beloved Qi Qi was worried about him.

So, they walked at a slow pace.
Yu Qi insisted.
She did not want to put a burden on Long Hui ’s body.
He just recovered.

”Hui, is that you? ” It was Ren Qian Yi ’s voice. 

Yu Qi and Long Hui turned at the direction where they had heard the voice coming from.
They could see that Ren Qian Yi was running towards them with a happy expression. 

Ren Qian Yi was so happy to see Long Hui and Yu Qi.
He was about to hug Long Hui.
Suddenly, Yu Qi blocked, protecting Long Hui behind him. 

”Don ’t pound on him.
He is injured. ” Yu Qi said.

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”What? Injured? Are you okay, Hui? ” Ren Qian Yi became worried when he heard Yu Qi ’s words. 

”I can manage. ” Long Hui said.

”Well, let ’s go back to the military compound first.
I will call someone to bring a portable stretcher. ” Ren Qian Yi was about to call someone.

”No need. ”

”Call them. ”

There were two answers at the same time.
Yu Qi had agreed with that idea while Long Hui had rejected. 

”Well, I will listen to my sister in law. ” Ren Qian Yi grinned at Long Hui.

Long Hui did not say anything.
He knew that Yu Qi would insist to bring him with that way. 

So, Ren Qian Yi called someone to bring the stretchers.
The soldiers were very fast.
Long Hui relaxed as others brought him outside the forest.

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Ren Qian Yi ’s vehicles already waited for them.
Yu Qi helped Long Hui get into the vehicles.
Ren Qian Yi asked whether he needed to ride the ambulance, however, he only received another glare from Long Hui.
So, he shut up his mouth and drove back to the military compound.

They arrived at the military compound.
Seeing their arrival, the soldiers that happened to see them, came and greeted Yu Qi and Long Hui.
The soldiers were grateful to Long Hui and Yu Qi.
One bravely sacrificed himself in order to save his subordinates.
Another one helped to treat the injured soldiers without care about herself. 

”Colonel Long, Doctor Tang.
Thank goddess, you are safe. ” One of the soldiers talked.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi gave a polite smile.

Go and do your own work. ” Long Hui ordered them in a cold voice.

The soldiers did not get angry with Long Hui.
They already knew that Colonel Long cared about them.
So, they left Long Hui and Yu Qi. 

”Let ’s go to the military clinic first. ” Yu Qi said. 

Long Hui and Ren Qian Yi made an eye contact.
Actually, they wanted to talk about the incident.

”Other things can wait.
Let ’s check your condition first. ” Yu Qi realized the exchange between the two men.
But that things could wait.
Long Hui ’s condition was the most important thing to her right now. 

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The men could not win about it.
So, they quietly stepped into the military clinic.
In the clinic, there were three doctors including Zheng Yiwu.
Looking at the person, Zheng Yiwu was surprised to see Yu Qi here.

”Yu Qi, thank goddess.
You are safe. ” Zheng Yiwu could not express his happiness more.
He was very worried when he suddenly heard that Yu Qi had gone missing on that day. 

”Brother Yiwu, thank you. ” Yu Qi bowed.
She regarded Zheng Yiwu like her brother since Zheng Yiwu gave a vibe as Tang Han Lee had. 

”Oh, doctors here, can you give check-up for Colonel Long? He was injured.
I treated him but it is better to check it. ” Yu Qi looked at the other two doctors.

”Alright. ” The doctors agreed. 

They had already heard about this young girl.
Her skill was par with another experienced doctors.
As expected from the granddaughter of the legendary doctor. 

The doctor did check-up on Long Hui.
When the doctors checked his body, they were very shocked.
The bullet wounds on Long Hui ’s body were too many.
About 15 wounds.
However, it had already pretty much healed.
It was too fast.
They did not know if it was Long Hui ’s body that was very good or Yu Qi was very skilful.

”The wounds are pretty much healed.
However, it is better to take care of the body.
Don ’t use too much strength. ” The doctor advised.

Long Hui nodded.
Yu Qi and Long Hui left the military clinic followed by Ren Qian Yi.
They walked into Long Hui ’s office. 

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Yu Qi looked at Long Hui and Ren Qian Yi.
They seemed to discuss something. 

”Well, since we are already here, I will leave first.
Brother Qian Yi, please take care of Brother Hui.
Don ’t let him work hard for now. ” Yu Qi advised.
Only after that, she left the office. 

”Hui, you are really fortunate.
I want a girl like her too. ” Ren Qian Yi expressed his envy towards Long Hui.

Long Hui did not say anything.
He just smiled.
’Of course, my girl will be excellent. ’

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