Yu Qi finished her training.
She had been in her space since she had brought Long Hui in.
Long Hui also did not wake up yet. 

It was almost 3 days inside the space.
Long Hui still did not show signs for waking up.
Yu Qi had been monitoring his condition.
His condition was getting better.
His wounds had also healed up nicely. 

It was better if he did not wake up this earlier.
He needed some good rest to heal his wounds.
So, it was better to sleep more. 

”Master, I ’m hungry. ” Aoi made a pitiful face.

”Okay, okay.
I will be cooking for you. ” Yu Qi was helpless when Aoi made that pitiful face.

During her stay in the space, she cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the greedy cuties.
Luckily for her that she had already stocked up the fresh supply ingredients in her space.


There were some voices talking around him.
He thought that it was some kids who were playing around.
But this place smelled like a hospital ward. 

He forced his eyes to open.
The light shined into his eyes.
He turned to the voice.
He could see a boy in age around three to five was playing with a dog.
He knew that dog.
It was his beloved Qi Qi ’s pet. 

He remembered that he was about to die until…
’Wait, Qi Qi, she has come to me.
Where is she? ’ Long Hui forced his body to stand up and wanted to find his beloved Qi Qi.

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”Argh… ” It was very painful that he made some sounds.

That sounds made the boy and the dog to turn around, looking at his direction. 


”Oh, he has woken up. ” The dog talked.

”You can go and tell Master about this.
She must be happy to know that he is waking up since she seems to be eager to see this man. ” The boy said.

”Roger. ” The dog saluted the boy and ran out of the room.

”You need to lay back.
Your wounds will open if you stand up.
That will make Master sad. ” The boy turned to Long Hui.

Long Hui was speechless.
Just now, he heard that the dog talked to the boy.
The boy did not seem to be surprised about that.
Like he had already talked with the dog before.

’Does this mean that I am already dead ? ’ Long Hui just stared at the boy.

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Suddenly Long Hui heard footsteps running towards the room.
Long Hui turned to the door.
Appeared behind the door was the person that he had really wanted to see.

”Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi rushed to Long Hui.

Yu Qi hugged Long Hui gently.
She knew that the wounds had still not healed completely. 

”Brother Hui.
You are awake. ” The tears that Yu Qi had held back three days ago fell down like a stream.
She cried over Long Hui ’s chest.

These tears were the tears of joy.
She did not cry for three days since she had finished the operation on Long Hui. 

Long Hui only let his beloved Qi Qi release her feelings.
He was kind of understanding Yu Qi ’s feeling right now.

”Your wounds, do they still hurt? ” Yu Qi looked up after crying for about 15 minutes.

”It is tolerable. ” Long Hui said.

It was tolerable since he was already used to the pain like this.
The pain was worth it. 

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”Master, can I eat now? ” Aoi suddenly interrupted the lovers ’ talk.

”Oh, yeah.
You can go and eat now. ” Yu Qi said to Aoi and Bo Ya.

”Thank you, Master.
We will go first. ” Aoi said happily.

Bo Ya also left the couple alone.

Long Hui blinked several times as he heard and saw that Yu Qi talked to her dog in human language.
’Did I die together with Qi Qi? ’ Long Hui could not help to think that way.

”Qi Qi, did you just talk to your dog? ” Long Hui asked carefully.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi forgot that Long Hui was here when she had talked to Aoi just now.

Bo Ya had already explained to her that when she in the space, she had to talk with Aoi and without telepathy.
Only outside the space, they could choose whether to use the telepathy or not.

Well, since Long Hui was already inside the space, Yu Qi thought that she should tell him about the space, Bo Ya and Aoi.

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Seeing his beloved Qi Qi struggle to explain about it, Long Hui changed the topic.
”By the way, where is this place? ”

”I will tell you later about it.
Before that, you need to eat first. ” Yu Qi remembered that Long Hui had already slept for about three days.
Even if she gave him IV drip, it would be not good for him.
It was better for him to eat some food first.

When his beloved Qi Qi mentioned about food to him, he felt that he was very hungry.
His stomach gave some reaction by letting some sounds out.

Hearing the sounds from Long Hui ’s stomach, Yu Qi chuckled.
”See, your stomach agrees with me. ”

Long Hui smiled.
”Okay. ”

”I will prepare some porridge for you.
It is better for you to eat that first before eating some solid food. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” Long Hui could only agree with his beloved Qi Qi right now.

I will go and cook it first. ” Yu Qi left the room.

Yu Qi quickly went to the kitchen to prepare the porridge for Long Hui.

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