”What? They are already on the Chongbei border? ” Long Hui frowned as he received this information from Ren Qian Yi. 

Ren Qian Yi came to Chongbei to inform this matter personally. 

I have just gotten the info from our spy. ” Ren Qian Yi nodded.

”Well then, let ’s get started.
I have already waited so long for them to come here.
Since they have come, we need to capture them. ” Long Hui ’s eyes narrowed. 

”Yes, sir. ” Ren Qian Yi saluted.
”Our comrades are already waiting for your order. ”

”I will take some soldiers from here to undertake this mission. ” Long Hui said.
It had been about two months since he had trained the soldiers here.
They needed some mission to see their limits.

”You will take care of the things here. ” Long Hui added.

”Me? Are you sure? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.

”Yes. ” Long Hui gave a short answer.

”Up to you.
You are the boss. ” Ren Qian Yi nodded.
Then, he grinned.
”Have you already met with sister in law? ”

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”Hmmm. ” Long Hui gave a short response.

”Two months ago, I was surprised when you suddenly said that you wanted to do some inspection at Chongbei Town.
Turn out that you came here for the beauty. ” Ren Qian Yi laughed.

”Have you finished? ” Long Hui turned to Ren Qian Yi.

”Okay, I will go prepare. ” 

”The soldiers have gone on a mission. ” Xin Rin said.

”Mission? ” It caught Yu Qi ’s attention.

A large number of soldiers have followed Colonel Long today. ” Xin Rin nodded.

Yu Qi frowned.
This morning, she had felt something was wrong but she could not point it out.
Something did feel not right today.
When she heard that Long Hui had gone on a mission today, her heartbeat beating so hard as she got the news that Long Hui had gone on a mission. 

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”Do you know where is the mission? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Well, I don ’t know that much. ” Xin Rin asked.
”Probably a regular mission. ” Xin Rin knew that Yu Qi was probably worried about her boyfriend.

Yu Qi only let a smile on her lips.
It had not calmed her heart down.
Instead, she became more and more worried.

The time flew faster.
It was already evening.
Suddenly a soldier came requesting backup medical assistance.
The soldier told them to get ready faster since there were a lot of soldiers who were injured. 

Yu Qi stood up grabbed her medical bag and immediately went to the location.
Others followed as well.
The soldier was indeed telling the truth.
A lot of soldiers were injured.
She started to give the treatment to the nearest injured soldier.

The military doctors tried their best that they could do to treat the soldiers.
Some of them had serious injuries, so they had already been pushed into the surgery room.
Due to the lack of surgery rooms, Yu Qi asked others to clean one area. 

She was going to do the operation here.
It would be open surgery to the soldiers.
She only asked one nurse to assist her.
One of the soldiers had a bullet in his leg.
One wrong move would make the soldier unable to walk forever.

Yu Qi ’s hand worked very fast.
Using the anaesthetic on the area, she cut through the flesh without hesitation.
The blood flew faster.
She put her hand on the area, then the blood seemed to flow slowly than earlier. 

Yu Qi was already using her power.
She recently realized that she could use a special power.
This power could freeze the liquid as she touched them.
So, she used her power not to freeze the blood but to slow the flow of the blood. 

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She quickly found the bullet, removed it.
She sews the wound to close it up.
Throwing the glove, she put on another new and treated another soldier.
She knew that the gloves could not be used anymore already.

After four hours of treating the soldiers, they were finally done.
Yu Qi did the mini surgeries as many as she could. 

However, Yu Qi could not find the person that she wanted to see the most.
She looked everywhere.
Since she could not find him, she asked one of the soldiers.

”Where is Colonel Long? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Colonel Long? He is not here yet? ” The soldier was shocked.

”What do you mean by that? ” Yu Qi began to panic.

”Actually, after we had been ambushed, the injured soldiers increased.
So, Colonel Long ordered us to retreat.
We followed his order.
He would cover us, so we can retreat quickly.
Then, the captain ordered us to go back first.
He and some of the less injured soldiers had gone to find Colonel Long Hui. ” The soldier explained.

”Do you mean that he is still there? ” Yu Qi began to tremble.

”Yes. ” The soldier looked down.

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Ren Qian Yi was standing nearby.
He had also heard the soldier.
Meaning that the other side knew that we were coming to them.
How? ’ His eyes glinted a cold flash.

Yu Qi turned around.
She needed to go and found Long Hui. 

”Sister in law.
Where are you going? ” Ren Qian Yi blocked Yu Qi?

”Move. ” Yu Qi gave off the aura. 

Ren Qian Yi felt like he was facing Long Hui right now.
The aura was very similar to Long Hui.
He clenched his fists.
He needed to block Yu Qi. 

”Sister in law, calm down. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

”Calm down? Move.
I need to find him. ” Yu Qi glared at Ren Qian Yi sharply. 

”Sister in law, you don ’t even know where he is.
Calm down, we will find him. ” Ren Qian Yi tried to calm down Yu Qi again. 

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