Yu Qi had already selected the placed where she would be going as a volunteer.
It was at the eastern part of Binhai Nation, Chongbei Town.
It was nearby borderline between Binhai Nation and its neighbour country which is Sun Country. 

It was one of the poorest towns in Binhai Nation.
There was probably a lot of the refugees from Sun Country who seemed to get the protection here. 

Ding Na An also made the same choice.
While others chose another place. 

”We will be together then. ” Ding Na An said. 

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”But are you two sure you will be okay there? The living conditions there are very bad, you know. ” Song Ha Ting asked in a worried tone.

”Don ’t worry.
We can handle it. ” Ding Na An patted Song Ha Ting ’s head as a mother patted her children.

”We will be leaving straight after the exam. ” So Pang Lim sighed.

”Your place is not as bad as Yu Qi and Na An.
Why are you so disheartened? ” Mei Lilli asked?

It was true that So Pang Lim had a better place to go as a volunteer but three months was a long period to stay at some unknown place without seeing her parents. 

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”I ’m going to miss my parents. ” So Pang Lim explained.

”I thought Song Ha Ting will be saying something like this.
But never thought it will be you, Pang Lim. ” Mei Lilli laughed.

They were laughing.
It was true.
Usually, Song Ha Ting behaved childishly since she was always like that. 

”Then, you should return home to see your parents this weekend.
It is the last week before we are going to take the exam. ” Ding Na An suggested.

That ’s right. ” So Pang Lim nodded.
She would be going home this weekend. 

”Oh, she has requested to go to Chongbei Town. ” The man read the information. 

The living condition is very bad there.
Is that okay for her to stay at the place like that? ” The other man asked. 

”You don ’t have to worry.
She is a tough woman. ” The man smiled.

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The other man could only nod with the man ’s statement. 

”Make a request for me to go to Chongbei Town for the inspection for three months. ” The man requested.

”Yes. ” The other man rolled his eyes since the man did not look at his direction.
’If you don ’t worry about her, why will you request to go to the inspection there for three months? It is for three months.
You can just say that you want to stay by her side.
I will understand. ’

”We will be seeing each other soon. ” The man said while smiling at the picture of the girl. 

Yu Qi had already informed her family.
Her family, especially, Aunt Ming Yue and Aunt Su Xiao became very worried about her.
That place was not a safe place for a woman like Yu Qi to stay over. 

Yu Qi just answered that she would be living in the military compound.
The normal citizen was not allowed to enter the military compound just like that. 

Since Yu Qi had insisted, her family calmed down.
Her grandfather was very supportive of this.
He wanted Yu Qi to see all kind of places.
Not just only beautiful place in order to be a good doctor.

Yu Qi went to Chongbei Town with Ding Na An by the bus.
It was a day trip.
They arrived at Chongbei Military Compound at the night.
As a usual military compound, they had good security.
Yu Qi already reported that they were from Starlight University.
But still, they were not allowed to enter before the soldier got permission for the two girls to enter the military compound.

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After about fifteen minutes of waiting, they were finally allowed to enter the military compound.
They had been brought to the female military dormitory.
Surprisingly, Ding Na An was greeted by someone.

”Na An? ” Someone called Ding Na An ’s name.

The two girls turned around to the source of the voice.
It was Ding Guan Ye, older sister of Ding Na An.

Ding Guan Ye approached Ding Na An and grabbed her hand while asking the question.

”What are you doing here? ”Ding Guan Ye asked her sister.

”I ’m a volunteer. ” Ding Na An said with a straight face.

”This place is not safe for you girls. ” Ding Guan Ye sighed. 

Her sister, Ding Na An was a brave girl but a.
normal citizen.
Unlike her, Ding Guan Ye who had already been in the military for about 10 years.

”Sister Guan Ye, don ’t worry.
We will be fine. ” Yu Qi answered on behalf of Ding Na An.

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Ding Guan Ye finally took a look at her sister ’s friend.
She was surprised to see Ding Na An ’s friend because it was someone whom she knew.

”Sister Guan Ye, nice to meet you again. ” Yu Qi greeted Ding Guan Ye.

”Yu Qi? ” Ding Guan Ye asked for confirmation.

I have never thought we will meet here. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Why will this girl come here? ” Ding Guan Ye sighed.

Yu Qi and Ding Na An only grinned at Ding Guan Ye.

”But Na An, you don ’t tell your sister about this? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Because I know she will not allow me to come here. ” Ding Na An replied.
”But as you have mentioned before, I have also never thought she will be here too. ”

Ding Guan Ye suddenly said.
”Oh, that ’s why he is here too. ” She nodded as she looked at Yu Qi as she realized about something.

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”You knew them, Captain Ding? ” The female soldiers came to ask when they saw their captain seemed to know the girls.

This is my sister, Ding Na An and her friend, Tang Yu Qi. ” Ding Guan Ye introduced them to others.

”Oh, why are the delicate girls like you have come here in the first place? ” Someone of the female soldier asked.

Yu Qi could hear the mocking tone in her question.
”None of your business. ” Yu Qi looked at her.

The female soldier seemed angry when she heard Yu Qi answering her question like that. 

”You dare to answer my question like that? ” The female soldier wanted to approach Yu Qi. 

”Lang Jiang Ye.
Enough. ” Ding Guan Ye stopped her.

The female soldier named Lang Jiang Ye stopped.
She looked at Ding Guan Ye and then left the place. 

”Sorry about that, you two.
Let me show your bed.
You will live there for three months. ” Ding Guan Ye said.

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