The two of them walked into the room that Long Hui had purchased for the night.
It was the same room that Long Hui had purchased before. 

”You can go and take a bath first. ” Long Hui said. 

”Is that okay with you? ” Yu Qi asked.

Yeah. ” Long Hui answered.
After a second, he grinned.
”What? Do you like to take a bath with me? ” 

Yu Qi waved her hand non-stop for a few moments after hearing that question from Long Hui.
I will go in first. ” Yu Qi put the doll somewhere and sprinted into the bathroom. 

Long Hui chuckled after seeing his beloved Qi Qi had retreated to the bathroom so fastly.
He then sat on the bed.
Then his eyes fell on the white dragon doll which he had won for her. 

He took a look at the doll closely.
It was just a white dragon.
’Why does my beloved Qi Qi seem to like this doll so much? ’ The doll seemed to be pretty normal.

”I have finished.
You can go next. ” Yu Qi came from the bathroom wearing the bathrobe. 

Her long hair was still dripping water as she came out.
Long Hui stood up and went closer to her.
He then took the towel from Yu Qi ’s hand.

”Sit on the bed.
I will dry your hair. ” Long Hui urged Yu Qi to sit on the bed.

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Yu Qi followed Long Hui and sat on the bed.
Long Hui stood behind Yu Qi and started to dry his beloved Qi Qi ’s hair.
After seeing that the hair had already stopped dripping the water, Long Hui took hairdryer and blew the hair until it was completely free from water. 

”Qi Qi ’s hair is very smooth. ” Long Hui took his beloved Qi Qi ’s hair and kissed it. 

His action was seen by Yu Qi in the mirror in front of her.
Yu Qi smiled shyly.

”You like me in the long hair? ” Yu Qi asked.

Long Hui was still playing with his beloved Qi Qi ’s hair.
Hearing the question, he smiled.

”Long or short, it does not matter to me.
It is not your hair that I love but you yourself. ” 

Yu Qi watched Long Hui ’s expression in the mirror as he answered the question.
He looked very gentle while answering the question.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi took a stair of her hair and played with them.

”Okay, my dear, I will go and refresh myself first. ” Long Hui stood up and walked to the bathroom.

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Yu Qi was thinking about something.
His sentence seemed to indicate something.
Like they would do something after she came out of the bathroom.
She took a doll and hug it while laying down on the bed. 

After 15 minutes, Long Hui came out from the bathroom.
He saw Yu Qi had already put on her blanket.
She seemed to be sleeping already. 

Yu Qi closed her eyes after hearing that Long Hui came out from the bathroom.
She slowly peeked at Long Hui.
He was just wearing a towel while standing.
His back was facing towards Yu Qi.
Yu Qi could see the built-up from the training that he was going through.
It was a very nice body. 

Long Hui secretly smiled when he found out that his beloved Qi Qi was checking his body.
The action was caught in the mirror.
He could see Yu Qi was particularly dripping her saliva while admiring his body. 

”Seen enough? ” Long Hui ’s voice startled Yu Qi. 

She did not expect to be caught by Long Hui himself.
She closed her eyes.
After a long time, she could not hear a response from Long Hui, so she opened her eye for peeking.
To her surprise, Long Hui was already in front of her and smiled at her. 

”You. ” Yu Qi was very shocked when she saw Long Hui ’s eyes were at the same level as her. 

”You can see more if you want. ” Long Hui smiled seductively to Yu Qi. 

’Oh, no.
It is bad for my heart.
He is seducing me. ’ Yu Qi bit her lips. 

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”So, what are you saying? Do you like to see more? ” Long Hui asked again.

”No… ” Yu Qi answered weakly. 

”Are you sure? ” 

Yu Qi did not answer.
She hesitated to answer it.
Inside her, there was a fight.

On her right side, her mini angel floated.

’Yu Qi, firm your stand.
You need to cherish yourself. ’ The mini angel said.

On her left side, her mini devil also floated.

’Yu Qi, just go for it.
The delicious food is already on the plate.
You will not regret. ’ The mini devil said.

’Wait until you marry. ’ The mini angel advised again. 

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’What? He will be eaten by her at the end.
What is the difference between now or later? ’ The mini devil argued.

’The first time need to be cherished.
It would become more memorable. ’ The mini angel smiled. 

Yu Qi ended the fight between angel and devil.
Long Hui still looked at her with that smile.

”I want to sleep. ” Yu Qi pulled the blanket covered her head.

Long Hui laughed.
He then went to the other side of the bed and climbed up.
He laid down beside Yu Qi.

”Qi Qi, come out of the blanket.
You might be suffocated if you are in there for a long time. ” Long Hui said.

Yu Qi could hear Long Hui ’s voice from behind.
’He is laying down beside me.
Calm down myself. ’ Yu Qi tried to calm down herself as she came out from the blanket.

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