The club received about 30 new club members this year.
20 male students and 10 female students.
This was the highest amount of students who had joined the shooting club.

Captain Zu Wei Han used the same method that the previous captain had used whenever the application for entering the shooting club would exceed the limit.
To their surprise, a lot of students decided to go through the test.
And the results were very good.

Yu Qi was getting busier more than ever.
At the morning and afternoon, she would attend the classes.
Then, in the evening, she would be training at the shooting club on the required days.
Sometimes, she couched the new students about the shooting. 

The new club members were admiring her so much.
So, they were very excited when Yu Qi turned out at the training ground and couched them about something. 

As for the weekend, Yu Qi would go to her factory to see their progress.
Or she would go to have a meeting with Su Yu Hi and Ming Xuehai.
Her schedule was very very packed.
Even she needed to take notes about her daily task in case she might forget. 


”We have already gotten the confirmation and approval of the Ministry of Health.
All the product have passed the tests. ” Su Hu Yi informed them in the meeting.

”Then, we can start mass production. ” Song Tai also attended the meeting. 

As for selling the products, I already have acquired a store in the mall.
The store is currently in renovation.
It would be finished soon. ” Su Hu Yi said.

”The estimation date? ” Yu Qi asked.

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”Probably in the second week of October. ” Su Yu Hi answered. 

”Then, we have enough time to produce the first batch of skincare.
Before that, I wonder what is the name of this skincare product? ” Song Tai looked at Su Yu Hi and Yu Qi.

”Brother Tai, you haven ’t read the doc.u.ment that I have sent to you, right? ” Yu Qi sighed.

Song Tai grinned while answering, ”Well, I read it but probably missed that out. ” He scratched her back head.

”Its name is ’Qi Qi ’ meaning ’vitality qi ’. ” Yu Qi told Song Tai.

”Oh, it is good.
It has a nice meaning. ” Song Tai nodded several times, happy with the name. 

”Well, we will end the meeting here. ” Yu Qi adjourned the meeting.

”Woof, ” Aoi barked.
(Master, have you done?)

I ’m done. ” Yu Qi answered Aoi.

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Her workers in the office were already familiar with this scene.
Their boss had a dog and the dog liked to eat so much.
He ate every single bit of the food that people in the office would give to him.
In a simple word, their boss ’s dog was a glutton. 

”Woof, woof, ” Aoi barked again.
(Let ’s go eat then.)

Her workers could guess that Aoi was asking for food again.

”Yes, we will go and find some food before returning to the university. ” Yu Qi answered.

Her workers secretly laughed when they had guessed correctly.

Yu Qi left the office with Aoi.
She walked to the market to find some fresh ingredients to stock up.
The ingredients in her space had already used up.
For the glutton cuties, Aoi and Bo Ya, she needed to stock up the ingredients. 

After buying the fresh ingredients, she went to an unused alley to enter her space.
She made sure that none of the people there watched her disappeared.
She wanted to put the ingredients directly in her space so, it would easy for her to return to the university.

Also, the existence of the ingredients would not be a question for others because one of the dormitory ’s rule was the students were forbidden to cook in the dormitory.
Well, in case, the fire would occur.

”Master, cook something delicious. ” Bo Ya made a cute gesture.

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”Wait until I return to the university. ” Yu Qi patted Bo Ya ’s head.

Yu Qi came out from the space.
Since it was getting dark, Yu Qi decided to get into the public bus.
She thought that she should buy a car since she had a lot of things to do outside the university. 

When she was about to go to the bus, she had been held back by someone.
Yu Qi sighed.
Someone probably was bored and wanted to get some beating. 

”Miss Tang, it is very hard to meet you. ” The man said to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi with a blank expression looked up at the man.
She did not know the man.

The man was Bai Yu, the man who had given Yu Qi a love letter.
He gave a sweet smile to Yu Qi.
He was confident that Yu Qi would melt with his smile.
His looks did not loose to his brother, Bai Shu Jin.
He thought that Yu Qi just did not know about his looks.
That was why she did not come to see him.

”Who are you? ” The simple question with a blank expression on Yu Qi ’s face crushed his fantasy. 

Bai Yu frowned.
He did not expect Yu Qi would give, well, let ’s say, did not give any reaction after seeing his face.
’What is with this girl? Why? Am I looking bad today? ’ Bai Yu examined his face by touching it.

Seeing the man in front of her, ignored him, Yu Qi thought that he might get the wrong person.
So, she stepped aside leaving the man.

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When Bai Yu saw Yu Qi was about to leave him, he wanted to stop her by grabbing her hand.
But Yu Qi was faster to escape his grab, so Bai Yu just grabbed the air. 

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