Yu Qi opened her eyes.
Once she opened her eyes, she saw a strong and nice chest in front of her eyes.
She was very shocked.
’Is this Brother Hui… ’ She slowly lifted her head.
Long Hui was still sleeping as his eyes were still closed.
’Sigh, this man is very handsome. ’ She admired Long Hui ’s face when he was sleeping.

Yu Qi wanted to get up but something was holding her.
Well, Long Hui slept while hugging her.
She tried to get out of Long Hui ’s hug but Long Hui had tightened his hugging of Yu Qi.
Yu Qi gave up.
’Well, let ’s enjoy this moment. ’ Yu Qi then rested her head close to Long Hui ’s chest.

She felt bless.
Even in her past life, she never felt anything like this.
Because Bai Shu Jin did not give attention to her.
He was very busy strengthening his position in his family business and Fung Meng Xuan.
He only needed her as his tool.

”Long Hui, I love you. ” Yu Qi whispered. 

”Qi Qi, I love you too. ” Long Hui whispered back to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi quickly lifted up her head.
”You are up? ” 

”Yeah. ”

”When did you ’re up? ” 

”Well, right after you awake. ” Long Hui grinned. 

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’Which means during I admire his face.
How embarrassing. ’ Yu Qi covered her face.
Then she wanted to get up.
However, Long Hui did not let her go. 

”Brother Hui, let me go. ” Yu Qi said.

”Qi Qi, it ’s only 6 o ’clock in the morning.
It is still early. ” Long Hui said with a lazy voice.

”But we need to get up before others find out that we shared the room. ” Yu Qi told Long Hui. 

Long Hui went silence.
Yu Qi ’s thought was true.
It might not good for Yu Qi ’s reputation. 

Let ’s get up but before that, I need something from you. ” Long Hui said.

”What is that? ” Yu Qi confused.

”This. ” Long Hui grabbed Yu Qi and gave a deep kiss to her. 

Yu Qi was shocked at the beginning but then she replied back to Long Hui ’s kiss.
After a few minutes, Long Hui finally let Yu Qi go. 

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”That was a good morning kiss. ” Long Hui licked his own lips.

This scene looked very s.e.xy to Yu Qi.
She swallowed her own saliva.
This man basically seduced her again. 

”Qi Qi, you better straighten up your clothes before I jump to you. ” Long Hui gave a warning.

Yu Qi looked down.
Her yukata was out of the place.
The front was pulled down until her shoulder was showing to Long Hui.
She quickly adjusted her yukata.
Long Hui also straighten up his clothes.

”Let ’s go out now. ” Yu Qi said.
Before they went out, she checked the situation outside her room.
The line was clear.

”Let ’s go out now. ” Yu Qi pulled Long Hui ’s hand. 

Long Hui just let his beloved Qi Qi doing whatever she wanted to do.
Well, he was just happy Yu Qi held his hand.
Just this simple little act made him felt happy.
They went to Long Hui ’s room.
Yu Qi knocked on the door.

Not long after that, the sleepy Feng Yue came out from the room. 

”What? ” Feng Yue asked half sleepy. 

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”Feng Yue.
Good morning. ” Yu Qi said. 

”Huh, Yu Qi, why are you here? ” Feng Yue asked while scratching her head. 

”Yeah, I also wonder why I ’m here. ” Yu Qi said with a smile.

”Good morning my younger cousin.
Seem you got a nice sleep. ” It was Long Hui ’s turn to speak.

When Feng Yue heard Long Hui ’s voice out of nowhere, the sleepy feeling that she vanished automatically.
Her eyes were searching for his cousin.
Then she saw Long Hui was leaning toward the wall beside the door.
She could see Long Hui was currently smiled.

Feng Yue ’s body automatically shivered when she saw the smile.
Long Hui always gave that kind of smile when she was doing something that needed punishment.
Well, of course, when she played a trick to Long Hui yesterday, she seemed to forget what she might get punished for it.

”Brother Hui… ” Feng Yue made a fake smile.

”Do you know what did you do wrong? ” Long Hui then gave a cold look.

”Brother Hui, forgive me okay? I just want to give a nice surprise to you. ” Feng Yue begged Long Hui.

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Long Hui wavered.
It was indeed a nice surprise for him.
Because of Feng Yue played a trick to them, their relationship stepped up to the next level. 

Yu Qi looked Long Hui hesitated.
Remembering the yesterday deed, it was definitely a nice surprise but if they did not punish Feng Yue this time, she might come out something that unbelievable. 

”My dear Yue, don ’t think to escape. ” Yu Qi ended Feng Yue ’s hope.

Long Hui also snapped out. 

”Yu Qi, you are my best friend. ” Feng Yue still tried to get out of getting punished.

”Yeah, you are indeed my friend… ”

”Then, forgive me, okay? ” Feng Yue begged Yu Qi again.

”No, I will think about what the best punishment that I will make for you. ” Long Hui made the decision. 

”You two are devils. ” Feng Yue said.

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Yu Qi and Long Hui looked at each other and smiled. 

”It ’s done.
Go back to your room. ” Long Hui said.

”Alright. ” Feng Yue obeyed.
She already lost to this devil couple.
She went inside back to get her things.

”Yu Qi, let ’s go. ” Feng Yue said.

Why are you taking my Qi Qi? ” Long Hui held Yu Qi ’s hand.

”We are going back to our room of course. ” Feng Yue answered.

”She will be with me enjoying the morning breeze of the mountain. ” Long Hui said.

”Okay, okay, okay.
I give up.
Just go. ” Feng Yue left getting a full mouth of dog food.

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