”You have already given the letter to her? ” The man asked.

”Yes. ” This was the first-year student who had given the letter to Yu Qi earlier.

Here is your reward. ” The man threw some cash on the ground.

The first-year student collected and left the place.

”Woman, we will meet again. ” The man smiled alone.


Yu Qi walked towards the club.
Other club members were already here to discuss the main attraction to promote their club. 

The previous captain, Captain Heng Ru Yen chose Zu Wei Han as the new captain and Shi Man Xie as the vice captain.
Everyone agreed with the arrangement.
At first, Shi Man Xie was nominated as captain but after debating with other club members, they drew a conclusion. 

When Shi Man Xie heard that he had been nominated, he quickly rejected that.
He told them that the position was too high for him.
Actually, he did not want to hold such an important responsibility because he knew it would be hard for him to handle it.

In the end, everyone voted for Zu Wen Han as their new captain.
Zu Wen Han had a personality as the previous captain.
He should be suitable for the position. 

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As the idea for attraction for promoting the shooting club, Vice Captain Shi Man Xie provided it.
Yu Qu would be shooting the apples placed onto the other club members head if the other club member did not mind about that. 

Zhu Xiao Ling suggested something that could enhance that promotion, so everyone agreed.

When they heard the idea, some of them offered their heads…
Oops, wrong, it was their help.
Well, Yu Qi was an idol in the shooting club.
Captain Zu Wen Han agreed to the idea since the other club members agreed on themselves.

So the other club members began to promote the main event.
Some of them handed out the pamphlet about the shooting club.
The club had three days to promote their club.
The shooting club wanted to hold the main attraction on the last day.
The best thing always on the last day. 


The man had been waiting at the tennis court about a half-hour.
The girl still did not appear.
He was starting to doubt the boy who he had asked to help.
Did he really hand out the letter to the girl? 

Because of his handsome face, there were a lot of the girls who had asked him out.
Even though he was a playboy, he only had eyes for beautiful girls.
Not every girl could enter his eyes. 

The girl who he had met before was very beautiful.
He wanted to try his chance.
Even though he knew that she already had a boyfriend.
But it was just a boyfriend.
He was not his husband yet.
But even she already had married, he could also try for it.
Since cheating with other ’s wife seemed exciting. 

But after one hour of waiting, the shadow of the girl could not be seen at all.
The girl really had no intention to come.
He left the place immediately.
Before that, he asked someone to find out more about the girl.
Something that he could use to threaten her to come and see him would be nice.

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”Yu Qi, we went to the tennis court yesterday. ” So Pang Lim said excitedly to Yu Qi on the next day.

Yu Qi did not remember about the matter, so she could not understand what So Pang Lim was trying to say.

”Huh? What? ” Yu Qi turned to So Pang Lim. 

”I guess Yu Qi has already forgotten about yesterday ’s letter. ” Mei Lilli said.

”Oh! ” Yu Qi started to remember.
”So, what? ”

”We saw the man who had sent you the letter. ” Mei Lilli told her.

”And guess what, the man is really handsome.
He currently taking first place in the handsome men ranking in our university. ” So Pang Lim was acting like a fangirl.

”Handsome men ranking? Do we have that? ” Yu Qi asked Mei Lilli.

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We have.
The previous first place is Senior Bai Shu Jin. ” Mei Lilli nodded.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi never thought some like that existed.

”That handsome man is Bai Yu. ” So Pang Lim said.

”Bai Yu? ” Yu Qi could not help but look at So Pang Lim.

He is Senior Bai Shu Jin ’s younger brother. ” So Pang Lim nodded.

Yu Qi ’s eyes narrowed.
She thought about something.
Bai Yu.
Another familiar name.
He had appeared too. 

”I guess he has fallen in love with our Yu Qi here at first sight. ” Mei Lilli laughed.
”But unfortunately, our Yu Qi already has a boyfriend. ”

”I guess so.
He will be disappointed to hear that Yu Qi has a boyfriend. ” So Pang Lim said while nodding her head.

”I will leave.
Today is the main event. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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”Oh, that ’s right. ” Mei Lilli said.
”I will go and see you later.
Give us the best performance. ” Mei Lilli gave her thumb up to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi walked slowly towards her dormitory room.
As she got closer to the dormitory building, someone blocked her. 

”Miss Tang, right? ” A man asked her, wanted to confirm her identity.

Yu Qi did not answer that immediately.
She looked at the man up and down as she inspected him. 

”My boss wants to meet you.
Can you go and see him first? ” The man asked in polite tone but Yu Qi could sense some threatening tone in his voice. 

The man did not understand why his boss wanted him to be polite to the girl like this and not try to force the girl.
The most part that he could not understand was when his boss said, ’don ’t try to fight her. ’ The girl in front of him was so delicate.
He thought she would not even know how to fight.

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