Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang received an invitation from the Mu Li Zei ’s wife, Su Yu Qing for having dinner together via Grandpa Sang.
Grandpa Tang had directly rejected the invitation.
He did not want to get involved with Mu Family even if his friend had begged him. 

Hearing this, Su Yu Qing panicked.
She went directly to the hotel to meet the two of them.
But the hotel did not provide her with the information so she had made a scene.
Until one of her bodyguards had called Mu Li Zei.

Mu Li Zei came personally to get his wife.
He told his wife that he would try to talk with Grandpa Tang later.
He also told her not to make a scene here. 

Sensing the danger from her husband, Su Yu Qing obeyed her husband and returned home. 

As for Mu Li Zei, he returned to his office.
He had to think about how to persuade the legendary doctor to treat his daughter.
Mu Li Zei requested Grandpa Tang ’s contact number from Grandpa Sang.
Grandpa Sang did not mind and just gave him.
Grandpa Sang knew that Mu Li Zei probably wanted to talk to Grandpa Tang about his daughter ’s treatment. 

Mu Li Zei called Grandpa Tang. 

Mu Li Zei: ”Is this Doctor Tang?

Grandpa Tang: ”Yes.
Who is this?

Mu Li Zei: ”I ’m Mu Li Zei. ”

Grandpa Tang: ”I have already told you that I will not treat your daughter.
You can find another doctor. ”

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Mu Li Zei: ”Doctor Tang, I apologize on the behalf of my rude wife.
But can we meet tomorrow? We really need your help. ”

Grandpa Tang frowned.
He did not want to treat the patient who did not believe in his skill.
Because if things got worse, the doctor would be blamed by the patient and the patient ’s family. 

Yu Qi also listened to the call since her grandfather had put it on the speaker mode.
She wanted to know her grandfather ’s decision.
Then Mu Li Zei ’s voice could be heard again.

Mu Li Zei: ”Please, Doctor Tang.
Can we meet tomorrow? ”

Grandpa Tang: ”Okay…
Let ’s meet tomorrow.
I will go to the hospital. ”

Mu Li Zei: ”Oh, no.
Let ’s meet at my office at the Mu Group HQ.
You can just tell your name to the front desk.
They will lead you to my office room. ”

Grandpa Tang: ”Alright. ”

Mu Li Zei: ’ ’ Thank you, Doctor Tang. ”

The call ended.
Yu Qi was silent.
She thought about something.
’Why does Mu Li Zei want to meet Grandfather at his office? It will be better if they meet at the hospital. ’ Yu Qi felt something was off but she could not point it out. 

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”Grandfather, I will follow you too tomorrow to meet that man. ” Yu Qi said.

I don ’t have any problem with that. ” Grandpa Tang nodded.


The next day, Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang stepped into Mu Group HQ.
Yu Qi felt nostalgia when she entered the building.
She spent 5 to 6 years of her life, working in this place before she had got killed.

The two of them went to the front desk and told the person that they had an appointment with Mu Li Zei.
The person called someone.
After she got the confirmation, she called someone to lead Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang to Mu Li Zei ’s office.

Actually, without the person ’s guide, Yu Qi could easily found Mu Li Zei ’s room if he still used the same room.
But well, people would think weird about her if she knew something like that.
Because she had never been here in this lifetime. 

They arrived at Mu Li Zei ’s room.
He was in the same room.
The person knocked on the door.
Hearing someone said ’you can enter ’ from the inside, the person opened the door and asked Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang to go in.

Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang entered the room.
Mu Li Zei was sitting at his desk.
Then Mu Li Zei stood up and welcomed the two of them. 

”Welcome to my office, Doctor Tang, Miss Tang.
Please sit here. ” Mu Li Zei led them to sit at the guest chair.

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”Thank you. ” Grandpa Tang said and sat on the chair. 

Mu Li Zei called his assistant to bring some tea for the guests.
Then he sat in front of them.

”Doctor Tang, I once again apologize on the behalf of my wife.
She was emotional since our daughter has been sick for a long time. ” Mu Li Zei showed a humble attitude.

”I have already forgotten about it. ” Grandpa Tang waved his hand.

”Then, can I ask you to treat my daughter? ” Mu Li Zei requested.

”No. ” Grandpa Tang rejected it quickly. 

Mu Li Zei was silent.
He observed Grandpa Tang and Yu Qi.
Then his eyes slightly narrowed. 

”If the soft approach doesn ’t work, we can also use the hard approach. ” Mu Li Zei pressed some button on his watch.

Immediately, the five men in a black suit entered the room.
Yu Qi impulsively stood up in front of her grandfather to protect him.

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”Mr Mu, what are you trying to do? ” Yu Qi asked in a cold voice.

Mu Li Zei slightly smiled.
’This girl… ’

”Miss Tang, I just want your grandfather to treat my daughter.
But he has refused.
So, I have to do this way. ” Mu Li Zei answered Yu Qi.

”My grandfather has the right to refuse.
Mr Mu, you can ’t do this. ” Yu Qi glanced at the five men in the black suit.
She tried to analyze the situation. 

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