”My dear granddaughter, you are very domineering earlier. ” Grandpa Tang was very happy when his lovely granddaughter had slapped that woman.

”She was daring to insult you.
She needed to be taught some lesson into her head. ” Yu Qi was very angry.
When she was about to step into the room, she heard the insult that Su Yu Qing has thrown at her grandfather. 

She already had enmity with that woman ’s family.
So, she snapped out. 

She has already called me useless.
So, I will not treat her daughter even if that Wan Yi asks me.
She can find another doctor. ” Grandpa Tang nodded.
If the patient rejected his treatment, it would not be his loss. 

”Grandfather, since we are here, let ’s go and meet Grandpa Su. ” Yu Qi suggested.

Since she was here at Fanghai Nation, she wanted to see the progress of the construction of the greenhouse here. 

”You want to buy some seeds, don ’t you? ” Grandpa Tang thought his granddaughter wanted to buy some seeds so that she could plant them at their country. 

Actually, I have some business here with Grandpa Su.
I want to build a greenhouse here.
Like my greenhouse at our Shiwa Town. ” Yu Qi grinned and exposed her plan.

”Greenhouse? ” Grandpa Tang was dumbfounded.

Some of the herbs could not be planted outside Fanghai Nation but they are highly demanded.
So, I want to build a greenhouse for those herbs to plant them and once they are matured, they will be exported to other countries which has a need or demands for those herbs. ” Yu Qi explained her plan to Grandpa Tang.

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Grandpa Tang was speechless.
He did not expect that his granddaughter was not only a genius in the medicine but as well in the business sector. 

”You are really something, do you… ” Grandpa Tang praised his granddaughter. 

So, the two of them went to see Grandpa Su.
Grandpa Su was currently at the construction site.
He supervised everything. 

When he heard that his old friend had come, he welcomed him happily.
He did not expect to see him with his granddaughter. 

”Jiang Man. ” Grandpa Su greeted Grandpa Tang.

”Grandpa Su, how are you? ” Yu Qi greeted Grandpa Su.

”Much better than the previous meeting.
I ’m excited to see the grand opening of the greenhouse. ” Grandpa Su laughed. 

”How is work progressing ? ” Yu Qi inquired.

”In the proper schedule. ” Grandpa Su answered.

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”It ’s good then. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”But why do you guys come here? ” Grandpa Su turned to Grandpa Tang.

”Wan Yi asked me to take a look at one of his patients .
But that patient refused to be treated by me, so I left. ” Grandpa Tang felt angry when he refreshed his memory back to that time.

”Huh? Who is that idiot? ” Grandpa Su felt funny when hearing this topic.

A famous doctor like Tang Jiang Man had been refused by a patient.
The doctor community would like to know that patient. 

”I don ’t know.
Why should I know her? ” Grandpa Tang rolled his eyes.

”It ’s a girl from Mu Family. ” Yu Qi answered.

The two grandpas turned to Yu Qi.

”How do you know that? ” The same question came out from the two grandpas ’ mouths. 

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”Well, when I was inquiring about the land on which I wanted to build the greenhouse, I had asked someone about the Mu Family ’s information.
From that information, I came to know about the Mu Family ’s people. ” Yu Qi made a little lie.

Yu Qi remembered all of the Mu Family members.
Earlier in the room, she clearly saw Mu Li Zei, her first uncle, Su Yu Qing, her aunt whom she had slapped, Mu Yian, the first daughter of Mu Li Zei and Mu Rong Xie, the second daughter.
Only Mu Kuang He was missing.
He was her first uncle ’s son. 

She did not see her second uncle ’s family.
From her previous memories, the first uncle and the second uncle were not having a close relationship.
Their mother, Kang Pian Sue had loved her first uncle more than her second uncle because her first uncle was smarter than her second uncle.
Also, in the company, her second uncle ’s positioned was lower than her first uncle.
Her second uncle wanted the same attention from their mother but had never succeed.
So, her second uncle kind of hated her first uncle. 

However, she hated all of them.
All of them had played a role in plotting her and her grandfather ’s death in her previous life.
Just because her grandfather had announced that she would be the heir of the Mu Family.
She would never forget and forgive those things that they had done to her.

Yu Qi knew that Mu Li Zei was already suspicious of her when she had stepped into the room.
He knew that her father had a wife.
His wife had died, so he married his mother.
He also had seen the face of his stepmother. 

But she was not afraid.
She was ready to face him.
Well, he could investigate if he wanted to .
But the information that he could assess was she had been adopted by the Wang Family and later by the Tang Family.
As for her birth, there was no information about it. 

”In the room earlier, there was a middle-aged man.
I assume it was Mr Mu ’s son, Mu Li Zei.
That middle-aged woman whom I had slapped was probably his wife, Su Yu Qing.
The woman who was standing beside the bed was Mu Yian and lastly, the patient was Mu Rong Xie. ” Yu Qi told the two grandpas.

”What? You had slapped the wife of Mu Li Zei? ” Grandpa Su opened his eyes bigger.

What ’s wrong with it? ” Yu Qi blinked her eyes innocently.

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”You… ” Grandpa Su made a horrible expression on his face.

”What? She had insulted my grandfather.
Telling that my grandfather was useless.
Even though she might not know him but she could not insult anyone just like that.
Moreover, my grandpa was an elder in front of her but she did not give any face to his age.
” Yu Qi was not afraid of the woman ’s rage.

That woman could try but did not expect that Yu Qi could also counter-attack her.
Who was she in front of her? She would make everyone pay who dared to provoke her. 

”Jiang Man, you really has a good granddaughter.
I wish to have one like this too. ” Grandpa Su looked at Grandpa Tang with an envy look. 

”I wish she is my biological granddaughter rather than my grandson. ” Grandpa Tang grinned.

Grandpa Su rolled his eyes.
’This man, his grandsons are very good.
He wants more. ’ Grandpa Su thought about his grandson and sighed.

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