”As for their parents…. ” Long Hui wanted to continue but Yu Qi stopped him.

”Let me guess.
Their parents do not do anything especially their father.
He does not want to involve in this because he is afraid that this may affect their business.
As for their mother, she wants to help their children but she does not have enough power to make the authorises listen to her words. ” Yu Qi made a guess.
While looking at Long Hui, she asked.
”Am I right? ”

Long Hui was stunned.
It was exactly what she had said.
How do you know? ”

”Well, I just make an assumption after observing their parents ’ attitude when my incident between them has happened.
During that time, their mother has protected Long Hua Hong very tightly.
While their father has just kept his mouth shut. ” Yu Qi smiled. 

”I see.
My beloved Qi Qi is a smart person. ” Long Hui praised his beloved Qi Qi.

”They will be punished fairly according to the law.
With enough evidence and witnesses, it would not be so easy to get out of this. ” Long Hui sneered.
”That is the payment for trying to touch you. ”

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi thanked Long Hui.
He was doing that because of her.
Of course, she was thankful. 

Yu Qi was currently in the plane flying towards Fanghai Nation.
Her grandfather was sitting beside her in the first-class cabin. 

One day before the flight…

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”You want to go to Fanghai Nation? For what? ” Yu Qi was shocked when hearing her grandfather suddenly wanted to go to Fanghai Nation.
It must be something. 

”Actually, you know, my friend, Sang Wan Yi called me to go there.
There is something that he wants me to take a look at. ” Grandpa Tang explained.

”Take a look? ” Yu Qi confused.

Probably some new virus perhaps. ” Grandpa Tang nodded.

But I ’m going too. ” Yu Qi made the decision.

Actually, I also want you to come with me.
You can learn about this too. ” Grandpa Tang said.

Because of that conversation, they were in the flight now.
Grandpa Tang seemed in a deep sleep.
Yu Qi did not want to wake up her grandfather.
So, she moved to another seat where there was no passenger.
She opened her laptop and read some emails.
Almost all her emails had come from Su Yu Hi, Song Tao, and Chui Mei Fung.
Those were basically the reports about her businesses.

She was reading some of the reports until she was so tired.
She closed the laptop and moved back to her original seat.
She closed her eyes taking some rest. 

”Yu Qi…
Yu Qi… ” 

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She heard someone calling her name.
She opened her eyes and saw an unfamiliar place.
Suddenly she remembered that she was in the flight going to Fanghai Nation together with her grandfather. 

”You are awake. ” Grandpa Tang said.
He was the one who was calling Yu Qi ’s name just now. 

”Have we landed already? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Not yet.
But we are about to land. ” Grandpa Tang answered.

”I see. ” Yu Qi adjusted her position. 

Then they could feel that the flight currently landed on the ground safely.
It was morning at Fanghai Nation. 

”Let ’s go to our hotel first.
I will inform Wan Yi about our arrive later. ” Grandpa Tang said. 

So, they went to the hotel to refresh themselves and breakfast.
After breakfast, someone from Grandpa Sang ’s side came and invited them to go to the Sang Hospital. 

Grandpa Sang greeted them after meeting them in his office. 

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”Oh, you are here too, Yu Qi. ” Grandpa Sang seemed to be surprised to see Yu Qi here. 

He did not expect that Yu Qi was going to come here too.
He had forgotten that this girl was Tang Jiang Man ’s adopted granddaughter.
And now he was about to bring her to see her real family.
He looked at Yu Qi.
He sighed.
’Well, they can not know this girl is a member of their family unless that old man wants to tell them. ’

”What is the thing that you wanted to show to me? ” Grandpa Tang did not wait but got straight to the point.

Grandpa Sang gave a laugh.
”You really are an impatient person.
Follow me. ”

They walked to a VIP ward.
Grandpa Sang knocked on the door.
When he received the answer from the person inside, only then Grandpa Sang opened the door and entered.
Grandpa Sang invited Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang to enter the room.
Grandpa Tang entered but Yu Qi did not.

Yu Qi excused herself to go to the toilet first.
She would come back later.
Grandpa Tang nodded.

In the room, Grandpa Tang saw a man with three women.
One of the women sat on the patient bed with a pretty bad wound on her face. 

”Mr Mu Li Zei, this is a famous doctor, Doctor Tang Jiang Man.
I have invited him to take a look at your daughter. ” Grandpa Sang introduced Grandpa Tang to Mu Li Zei. 

”Nice to meet you, Doctor Tang.
I have so much about you. ” Mu Li Zei greeted Grandpa Tang. 

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Grandpa Tang only nodded.
Turned to Grandpa Sang, he said.
”I bet you have called me here to take a look at this girl right? ” Grandpa Tang pointed to Mu Rong Xie who was laying on the bed.

I have already used various method to heal the wounds But still… ” Grandpa Sang sighed.

”I can take a look but I can not promise that I can heal them as well. ” Grandpa Tang said.

”Just take a look first. ” Grandpa Sang nodded.

Grandpa Tang approached Mu Rong Xie.
Mu Rong Xie just ignored Grandpa Tang.
She just let the old man take a look at her wounds.
Grandpa Tang frowned.
He never saw something like those wounds. 

”Tell me about these wounds first. ” Grandpa Tang turned and asked Grandpa Sang. 

Grandpa Sang nodded and he began to tell Grandpa Tang.
”It started when she scratched her whole body.
She said that she felt itchy and she seemed did not realize that she had scratched herself.
Then the thing started to get weird.
Her wounds had maggots in it. ” 

”Maggots? How could those things appear inside her wounds? ” Grandpa Tang was feeling disgusting.

I actually did not know how it has happened.
After cleaning and throwing those maggots, they actually returned back on the next day when we opened to clean the wound.
I was pretty sure that we threw all of the maggots before wrapping the wound. ” Grandpa Sang sighed.

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”After three days, the maggots did not return back.
But the maggot already eats her flesh.
And the wounds did not show any kind of healing. ” Grandpa Sang continued.

”Do you know why she started to catch this in the first place? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

”Well, it was probably… ” 

Grandpa Sang did not manage to answer that yet, and Su Yu Qing shouted.

”What? If you can ’t heal my daughter.
Just say so.
You useless old man. ” Su Yu Qing shouted.


Su Yu Qing felt her face was burning due to the slap.
She did not manage to dodge the person who had slapped her.
It happened too fast. 

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