”Sis Rong Xie, you can not blame mum for that.
Who told you to use the unknown drug? You should blame for your own stupidity. ” My Kuang He sneered. 

”Shut up. ” Mu Rong Xie snapped at Mu Kuang He. 

”Enough, Kuang He.
Your sister is sick. ” Su Yu Qing ended the argument.

Mu Kuang He rolled his eyes.
His mother was always like this.
She would always like to favour his second sister.
Even though his second sister was the one at fault.
He thought while in the hospital, his second sister should get her brain to check as well. 

”Your father worked so hard to find the doctor for you.
It should be one that can help you. ” Su Yu Qing said to her daughter.

”Right now, you need to calm down and rest.
Don ’t think anything else. ” Su Yu Qing added more.

Listening to the comfort words from her mother, Mu Rong Xie calmed down a little bit.
She was already bored staying in this ward.
Even though this was not a normal ward, but the VIP ward, still the boredness was there.

Su Yu Qing served the chicken soup to her daughter.
Mu Rong Xie was a little bit hungry so, ate the soup. 


”Little Sis, thank you. ” Tang Jin Wei just came back from the work.
Seeing his little sister in the garden, he went to her happily.

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He was very happy.
All of his emotions showed on his face.
He grabbed Yu Qi and hugged her.

”Little Sis, thank you very very very much.
You are my best little sister. ” Tang Jin Wei said it once again. 

”First, let me go. ” Yu Qi had breathing difficulties because Tang Jin Wei had hugged her very strongly. 

Sensing it, Tang Jin Wei let her go. 

”I assume, it is a success then. ” Yu Qi said.

She has agreed to be my girlfriend.
I ’m so happy. ” Tang Jin Wei said excitedly. 

Yu Qi chuckled.
Her Brother Jin Wei ’s reaction was very funny.
She wondered about something.
Was Long Hui ’s reaction similar to Tang Jin Wei ’s reaction when she had agreed to become his girlfriend.
Unfortunately, she would never know about that.

”She has agreed to be mine.
I ’m so happy. ” Tang Jin Wei already entered the house with his grinning face leaving Yu Qi alone.

Yu Qi chuckled seeing Tang Jin Wei like this.
He was like a teenager who fell in love for the first time.
Even though Tang Jin Wei liked to flirt with women but this was the first time he was feeling something like this.
She hoped that Tang Jin Wei ’s relationship would be last forever. 

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Yu Qi returned to Shiwa Town after spending four days at the Tang Main House.
Before she returned to Shiwa Town, she managed to discuss with Su Yu Hi about her business proposal.
She told him that she would like to get involved in the skincare business. 

The skincare business right now was still not so popular at this current time.
Women wanted to look beautiful, so they used the products containing dangerous ingredients which would affect their health for a long time term. 

The awareness about this was still low.
So, Yu Qi decided to introduce her skincare which would not only make the women look more beautiful but at the same time, it did not affect their health. 

Yu Qi asked Su Yu Hi to find the company which already existed in the skincare business world and did not do well.
She would like to buy their shares and made the company under her name. 

Su Yu Hi was also interested in that business proposal.
He knew that Yu Qi would be interested in those areas.
So, he had already prepared for it.
He already made his own research about the skincare business. 

There were a few companies involved in the skincare business.
Some of them went pretty well but some of them were not.
He thought Yu Qi would like to study about them.
He never thought that Yu Qi wanted to acquire the company which did not do well.

But, Su Yu Hi still gave all the information that he had collected to Yu Qi.
He told Yu Qi that she could review the information and select the company that she wanted.
He would meet the owner of the company and negotiate with them. 

Yu Qi was happy with Su Yu Hi since he understood her mindset in business.
Yu Qi already planned the skincare products that she wanted to sell first.
Her products, of course, would be made from the herbs.
And her greenhouse would be the main supplier for the herbs as well as the greenhouse at Fanghai Nation.

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Yu Qi stayed in the house as she went through the information that Su Yu Hi had given to her.
Well, she was still talking to Grandpa Tang about the herbs. 

After two days of stay home, Yu Qi decided to go to her ryokan.
So, after morning jog and breakfast, she walked to her ryokan.
Aoi was tagging along. 

As she walked, a car stopped in front of her and blocking her way.
She frowned.
Until she saw the familiar face stepped out from the car. 

’Master, it is your lover. ’ Aoi looked up to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi already ignored Aoi as her eyes laid at Long Hui.
She instantly smiled as Long Hui walked, approaching her. 

”Qi Qi, I really miss you so much. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi into his hug.

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