Chapter 437: He S.e.xually Harassed Me

”Why have you slapped me? ” Jang Su Ren was angry at her husband now. 

”Shut up your mouth right now or I will shut it up for you. ” Long Chua glared sharply at his wife. 

Jang Su Ren felt scared when she saw her husband ’s glare.
Really, it was unusual to see her husband like this.
If he was like this, it meant that he was very very very angry.
So, she followed her husband ’s order by shutting up her mouth.
And still, when she looked at her daughter hissing in pain, her heart was hurting. 

”Sir, we will not block your way. ” Long Chua said to the police. 

The police nodded without saying anything.
Even if he blocked, they would still take the person away from here.
They had already sent the team to observe the son at the hospital too. 

In the hospital, Long Cui Lang still did not know anything that had happened at his home.
Long Cui Lang was enjoying his life at the hospital by harassing the nurses who had been taking care of him.
He would always ’accidentally ’ touch their parts of the body.

The nurses were very angry when they could not get angry at him since they were employed by the parents of this patient to take care of him.
So, Long Cui Lang basically gained a nickname ’pervert ’ in this hospital. 

Long Cui Lang was still angry when he thought about the incident.
That woman had kicked him very hard.
He had never thought that he would meet someone like her.
He wanted to get revenge on that woman.
Wait, until he got discharged, he would find that woman and got his revenge.

A nurse opened the door to check Long Cui Lang.
Another sweet thing had delivered in his hand.
Even though he could not do the ’things ’ but he could touch her body. 

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The nurse checked his condition.
When the nurse approached Long Cui Lang, Long Cui Lang grabbed her bottom.
When the nurse felt that, she slapped him and took some distance away from the patient.

”What the hell are you doing? ” Long Cui Lang felt his cheek burned from the slap.
This nurse had really slapped him very hard.

The nurse did not experience this before so she was very surprised when the patient touched her like that. 

”You have touched me and now you ask me? ” The nurse was very angry.

”I ’m the patient here.
How dare you slap me? ” Long Cui Lang glared angrily at the nurse.

”Yeah, you are the patient.
But it doesn ’t mean that you can touch my ass. ” The nurse replied back.

”I will report to your boss.
I will make you lose this job. ” Long Cui Lang threatened the nurse.

The nurse stiffened.
Her expression turned bad.
She could not lose this job.
She had siblings to take care of.
If she got fired from the hospital itself, it would be hard for her to find the new job at the other hospitals.

Long Cui Lang smiled in victory when seeing the nurse stopped replying back to him.
He knew that she was scared about losing the job. 

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”If you don ’t want to lose this job, come here and do things that I want you to do. ” Long Cui Lang smiled.

The nurse still did not answer.
She bit her lips hard.
No, even if she lost this job, she would never do something stupid like following his order.

”I will not do it.
You can report.
I also can report about you. ” The nurse would not step back.
Losing the job was better than losing her dignity to someone like this patient.

”You can report about me.
But, do you think you will win? ” Long Cui Lang was smiling and continued.
”I will make sure that you will not be employed by any hospital. ” Long Cui Lang threatened the nurse again.

”I don ’t care.
You bastard. ” The nurse shouted.

The nurse wanted to get out, so she opened the door.
She was shocked when she saw the police outside.
She thought that she would be going to get arrested by the police outside.
The man really had the power to do something like this.

”Miss, can you step aside? ” The police said politely to the nurse.

The nurse was stunned.
She thought the police would arrest her.
However, even if she was stunned, she managed to step aside.

Long Cui Lang saw the police who was coming into his ward and smiled at the nurse.

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”Sir, I have something to report.
This nurse has s.e.x.u.a.lly harassed me.
Please arrest her. ” Long Cui Lang pointed towards the nurse.

The nurse stiffened.
But the police did not move.
He looked at Long Cui Lang like an idiot.

”Are you Mr Long Cui Lang? ” The police said.

”Yes. ” Long Cui Lang nodded.
He suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

”You are under arrest for raping 7 women in various location and time.
You can remain silent.
Anything you said right now can be used against you in the court.
We will bring you to the police station after you have gotten discharged. ” The policeman said with the straight face.

Long Cui Lang ’s expression turned to bad.
”What? I don ’t do it.
It ’s not me. ” No…
He could not get arrested.
He needed to call his mother.
He grabbed his phone from the side table of the bed.
He quickly dialled his mother ’s number.

Once he heard his mother ’s voice, he shouted.
”Mum, the police has come and wants to arrest me.
Mum, do something.
I don ’t want to get arrested. ” 

Jang Su Ren was already stressed out about her daughter and now her son added to her stresses. 

”Cui Lang, don ’t worry.
I will do something about this.
You must need to take care of your body.
At this time, they can ’t bring you since you are hurt.
Just pretend to act hurt in front of the doctor first.
I will think of the way, okay? ” Jang Su Ren tried to calm her son down. 

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”Okay, mum. ” Long Cui Lang calmed down.
He believed his mother would do something about this.

The nurse who had heard all of this was dumbfounded.
This man had already committed such a crime as r.a.p.e.
And he might get away from that since he had a powerful family.
Right now, she felt angry towards Long Cui Lang.
She pitied the women who had been r.a.p.ed by this man.

”Sir, I want to report something to you. ” The nurse started to talk to the police.

”Report? ” The police turned to the nurse.

”Yeah, I want to report that this man s.e.x.u.a.lly harassed me when I was trying to do a medical check-up on him. ” The nurse said.

”Oh, then, I will ask my colleague to bring you to the police station to make the report against him. ” The police smiled at the nurse.

”Okay. ” The nurse nodded.

The police called his colleague to bring the nurse to the police station.
He turned to the Long Cui Lang who had already turned pale when he heard that the nurse would report against him to the police.
They would get another piece of evidence against this man.

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