Yu Qi had already prepared to return home with Ming Xuehai and Ming Xuebai.
As Chui Mei Fung, she thought Chui Mei Fung would like to enjoy her week holiday but Chui Mei Fung had already packed up to return to Shiwa Town together with them.

Yu Qi wanted to reject but Chui Mei Fung also said she would not return to work immediately.
Yu Qi nodded in approval.

They returned to Shiwa Town.
The Ming Siblings were sent to Yu Qi ’s mansion.
Chui Mei Fung told them, it was like the dormitory for the Yu Qi ’s employees who still did not have a place to stay.

Yu Qi arrived at Godly Herbs.
Grandpa Tang immediately called her excitedly. 

”Yu Qi, Yu Qi, look at this.
The seeds that you have bought from Fanghai Nation are growing up nicely. ” Grandpa Tang said.

”Oh, good.
Meaning the herbs can adapt to our country ’s climate. ” Yu Qi was also happy with Grandpa Tang.

She had a long conversation with Grandpa Tang regarding the herbs.
They kept talking until Sister Chu Xiao told them that the dinner was ready.
Until then, they realized that they had been talking about 4 hours straight.
They laughed about it. 

So the pair of grandfather and granddaughter had a nice dinner before going to their room to rest.


After breakfast, Yu Qi went to her mansion with Aoi.
Aoi had already been forced by Yu Qi to follow her for morning jog.
Because Yu Qi have threatened him with food, he gave up and obediently followed his master.

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Ming Xuehai and Ming Xuebai were greeted by a girl and dog.
Ming Xuebai ’s eyes went crazy when she saw a cute dog in front of her.
She immediately grabbed Aoi.

You are so cute. ” Ming Xuebai patted Aoi ’s head.

”Miss Yu Qi, sorry about this.
She is a dog lover. ” Ming Xuehai was scratching his head as he was embarrassed with his sister ’s actions. 

’Master, help me.
She is worse than that Song Girl. ’ Aoi said pitifully.
He suddenly thought that Song Ha Ting was better.

Yu Qi chuckled.
”Never mind. ”

”Let ’s go in first.
I want to discuss something with the two of you. ” Yu Qi said.

Xuebai, put the dog down first.
Miss Yu Qi wants to talk with us. ” Ming Xuehai told Ming Xuebai who had been patting his goddess ’ dog.

My dear, I will play with you again. ” Ming Xuebai was very unwilling to let Aoi go but she must.

Aoi had just gotten released that he jumped over and disappeared from Ming Xuebai ’s view.

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Ming Xuebai followed Yu Qi and his brother.
She placed two doc.u.ments.

”Let me introduce myself once again.
My name is Tang Yu Qi.
I ’m here to offer the two of you to work for me.
Ming Xuehai will work as my company ’s lawyer.
As for Ming Xuebai, she would be part of my Saisei Ryokan. 

Here is the contract.
Both of you can read it, first.
If you have something that you want to add, you can tell me.
I will see whether it is okay or not to put in the contract. ” Yu Qi explained.

The siblings took their contract and read them in silence.
Yu Qi waited for them to finish reading the contract. 

Ming Xuehai went through the contract.
As he read further and further, he realized that this contract was very good.
This contract valued the employee at the time, made the employee would work harder. 

Ming Xuehai smiled and put the contract.
” I have no problem with this contract. ”

Ming Xuebai also nodded.

”As stated Ming Xuebai ’s contract, clause no.
10.2, page 4, you need to be trained by the current worker for 3 months meaning you will be assigned to a supervisor.
She will teach you about the ryokan.
If the supervisor and I am not satisfied with your performance, the contract will end immediately. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Yes, Miss Yu Qi.
I understand. ” Ming Xuebai nodded.

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”As for Ming Xuehai, you also have to perform well in the 3 months. ” Yu Qi turned to Ming Xuehai.

”Yes, Miss Yu Qi.
Don ’t worry.
I will not disappoint you. ” Ming Xuehai also nodded.
He would prove himself to his goddess. 

”Is there anything which do you want to add? ” Yu Qi asked.

I ’m satisfied with this contract. ” Ming Xuehai said.

”Me too. ” Ming Xuebai also satisfied with this contract.

Then, they signed the contract.
Yu Qi was very happy since she got a lawyer.
Even he was still inexperienced, but he would grow.
And he would belong to her.
She was very sure that he would not run away from her company because she had already provided the best conditions for him. 

What Yu Qi did not know was Ming Xuehai was true that he would not run away.
But that was not because of the contract, but because Yu Qi was her goddess.
Well, that was in the future.

”Brother Xuehai, Sister Xuebai, welcome to our group. ” Yu Qi smiled welcoming her new employee.

The siblings did not expect that she would address them like that.
It sounded very natural.
Yu Qi called her employees with ’brother ’ or ’sister ’ in front of their names if they were older than her. 

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”Sister Xuebai, you can follow Sister Mei Fung go to the ryokan tomorrow because her holiday will be ending tomorrow. ’ ’ 

”Okay, Miss Yu Qi. ” Ming Xuebai was excited and also nervous with her new job.
She hoped that she would be able to get along with her colleagues. 

” As for you, Brother Xuehai, you will train with me for a whole week. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Train? ” Ming Xuehai did not understand.

”Well, you are currently too weak. ” Yu Qi commented.

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