Long Cui Lang frowned.
He should behave managed to catch this girl by now.
But this girl had managed to escape from his range of attack. 

”Have you received some kind of training too? ” Long Cui Lang asked.

You can think so. ” Yu Qi smiled.
What she had been training for were martial arts that had been practised were a thousand years old.
She had combined them with modern martial arts. 

”No wonder that Long Hui likes you. ” Long Cui Lang glared to Yu Qi.

”You have attacked me just now.
So, now it is my turn to attack you. ” Yu Qi ’s eyes flashed a cold look.

Yu Qi approached Long Cui Lang.
To deal with sc.u.m like him, she did not have to use her full power.
Only 10% of it would be enough. 

Long Cui Lang felt this girl had moved very fast.
A blink of eyes, she was already in front of him.
She lifted her leg and kicked Long Cui Lang on his stomach.
Long Cui Lang did not manage to avoid the attack.
So, when Yu Qi kicked him, he immediately fell on the ground. 

Long Hua Hong opened her eyes bigger.
She did not believe that his brother had lost to this girl.
She stepped backwards when noticed that Yu Qi ’s eyes had shifted towards her. 

”Don ’t come closer. ” Long Hua Hong scared when seeing Yu Qi ’s blank face which was void of expression.

Long Hua Hong managed to encourage herself to run away from Yu Qi.
She needed to run away so that she could go and tell their parents about this.
With that, she and her brother would be safe, if Yu Qi killed him, so she would be punished for this.

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Yu Qi looked down to Long Cui Lang who was laying down on the ground.
Long Cui Lang felt scared when seeing the look on Yu Qi ’s look.
That was not a normal look that should have on a young girl. 

While at the party, Long Hua Hong quickly approached her mother.
She was running very fast to meet her parent.

”Mom… ” She was breathing very hard.

”Calm down and tell me slowly.
What happened? ” Jang Su Ren said.

With a flushed look, Long Hua Hong said in a loud voice.
”Mom, Brother Lang is about to be killed. ”

”What? Kill? Who dares to kill my son? ” Jang Su Ren also spoke in a loud voice.

”That Tang Yu Qi. ” Long Hua Hong said.

Because Tang Family had stood not so far from the mother and daughter pair, they heard about the situation. 

”What do you mean by my granddaughter wants to kill your brother? ” Grandpa Tang interrupted.

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”It is true.
You can follow me to see them. ” Long Hua Hong said loudly because she wanted to destroy Yu Qi ’s reputation.

Long Hua Hong ’s parent, Tang Family, Feng Yue and Grandpa Long who had also heard about that followed Long Hua Hong to where Long Cui Lang and Yu Qi were.
Other guests also wanted to follow and see but Grandpa Long asked his people to block them.

They went to Long Cui Lang and Yu Qi.
When they arrived there, they could see Long Cui Lang was laying down on the ground, while Yu Qi was leaning to the wall.
She seemed to be waiting for them to come.

Grandpa Tang quickly held the girl.
He scanned the girl up and down.
Seeing she was not injured, he was relieved.

While Jang Su Ren screamed horribly when she saw her son was laying on the floor. 

”Cui Lang, what has happened with you? ” Jang Su Ren wanted to lift up her son.

But Long Cui Lang shouted in pain, demanding that his mother should not move him carelessly. 

”Don ’t move me.
I ’m hurt. ” Long Cui Lang said.

”You bitch.
You must be the one who has hurt my son. ” Jang Su Ren wanted to get Yu Qi, however, she was being protected by her family.

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Long Chua was calm.
He looked at Yu Qi and asked.
”Did you hurt my son? ”

I did. ” Yu Qi admitted.

”See, she admitted.
How dare you hurt my son? ” Jang Su Ren was so angry.

”You should ask why I hit him. ” Yu Qi eerie voice sounded.

”Humph, I bet you were just angry that my son doesn ’t like you and you like him. ” Jang Su Ren said with confidence.

Others who heard this wondered where did she get the confidence saying something like that. 

The first to laugh was Feng Yue.
”Auntie, you are very funny.
Yu Qi is my Brother Hui ’s girlfriend.
If she has a boyfriend like my Brother Hui, I don ’t think that Yu Qi would like someone with that face. ” Feng Yue mocked Long Cui Lang.
He was not handsome like Long Hui. 

”You… ” Jang Su Ren glared to Feng Yue.

”Then tell me, why have you hit him? ” Grandpa Long took initiative to ask Yu Qi about that.

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”Because he has planned to r.a.p.e me. ” Yu Qi stated why she had hit Long Cui Lang loud and clear.

”What? ” All of them very shocked.

”No! My son would not do something like that.
You just want to accuse him, don ’t you? ” Jang Su Ren was very angry when hearing Yu Qi said something like that.

Grandpa Tang was already glaring to Long Cui Lang with a killing stare.
How dare this bastard wanted to r.a.p.e his beloved granddaughter? 

”It must be investigated properly. ” Grandpa Long said.
”But first call the ambulance to take your son to the hospital for treatment.
I assume he has broken his ribs. ” 

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