While Yu Qi was occupied with Long Hui, Grandpa Tang and his family were greeted by a girl with a sweet smile on her face.
Grandpa Tang, of course, did not remember an insignificant people.
So when the girl greeted him, Grandpa Tang only stared at her blankly. 

However, Auntie Ming Yue and Auntie Su Xiao remembered the girl.
It was Ling Zhu Yao, their distant relative, from Ling Family.
His grandfather was that Ling Man.

”It ’s Ling Girl. ” Auntie Ming Yue greeted her. 

”How are you, Aunties? ” Ling Zhu Yao smiled. 

”Ling Girl? ” Grandpa Tang confused.
Who was she?

”Father, she is the granddaughter of Ling Man. ” Uncle Tang Jung When refreshed Grandpa Tang ’s memory.

Grandpa Tang made ’O ’ on his mouth.
He remembered about the shameless man who dared to frame his granddaughter.
And he also wanted to covert his precious wine and from his granddaughter.
The one that always wanted to suck up his Tang family by saying they were relative.

Grandpa Tang ignored her.
His dislike toward Ling Zhu Yao could be seen on his face. 

”Are you with your parents? ” Auntie Su Xiao asked to avoid the awkwardness of this situation.

”No, I come here with my boyfriend. ” Ling Zhu Yao pointed to a man not far from her.

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That man was Wei Hai Jin.
The nephew of Wei Zhu Feng, minister of tourism.
He saw Ling Zhu Yao pointing towards him, so he made a small nod to them.
The women saw it and just nodded.

”I see. ” Auntie Ming Yue nodded.

”Well, aunties ’ sons are here too? ” Ling Zhu Yao did not see the sons of the Tang Family around the party.

”They are working tonight.
So, they don ’t come. ” Auntie Su Xiao answered.

”Oh, I see.
But I hear that Grandpa Tang adopted a girl.
Is she here too? ” Ling Zhu Yao asked about Yu Qi.

”She is here but she has gone to see her friends. ” Auntie Ming Yue said.
She looked around however she could not see her. 

”Well, I don ’t have the opportunity to get to know her since she is not around.
Okay, aunties, uncle, Grandpa Tang, I will go to my boyfriend now.
See you again. ” Ling Zhu Yao bowed and left.

Ling Zhu Yao wanted to meet Grandpa Tang ’s beloved granddaughter face to face.
She wanted to talk to the girl.
She wanted to get know her since she had heard about the incident during the shooting competition. 

The incident where the white powder was involved.
Police just could catch the fake culprit but the mastermind was still in loose.

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Well, Ling Zhu Yao would wait for another opportunity to meet her sooner or later.

”She is really like her grandfather.
Know how to suck up to people. ” Grandpa Tang rolled his eyes.

Yu Qi returned back to the venue with Long Hui.
Yu Qi went to Feng Yue who was currently talking to Zhu Sisters. 

Seeing Yu Qi returned, Feng Yue wanted to tease her.
Yu Qi was together with his Brother Hui alone.
Who could not wonder what they were doing? They were not even at the venue.
Feng Yue ’s eyes lifted up.

”Where have you been, hmm? ” Feng Yue teased Yu Qi with a meaningful smile on her lips.

”Where do you think I ’m? ” Yu Qi asked.

Feng Yue saw Long Hui behind Yu Qi and chuckled.
Long Hui maintained his cold face.

”I should not ask.
Your secret is safe with me. ” Feng Yue nodded as she made a vow.

Yu Qi hit Feng Yue ’s head.
”Nothing has happened.
Don ’t think about it.

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”Ouch, Yu Qi, that hurts.
You become more like my Brother Hui. ” Feng Yue complained about the pain on her head.
She patted the area which was hurting due to Yu Qi ’s hit.

”That is because you should think about what you want to say first. ” Yu Qi replied.

Zhu Sisters laughed when seeing this scene.
After a few whiles, Zhu Sisters excused themselves since her parents called them for something.

”Our parent has called us to go to them.
Probably they want us to meet some men who have a possibility of becoming their son in law. ” Zhu Lao Lin said.

”I know the way to escape that. ” Feng Yue sounded her voice.

”Huh? How? ” Zhu Lao Lin was interested to hear the idea.

”You should get your own boyfriend.
That would shut up your parents . ” Feng Yue laughed.

”That idea is not helping me. ” Zhu Lao Lin rolled her eyes.

”Sister, let ’s go now. ” Zhu Xiao Ling said.
She then turned to Yu Qi.
”Sister Yu Qi, see you again. ”

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”Hmm. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Zhu Sisters left and went to their parents.
Feng Yue excused herself to go to the restroom.

Long Hui did not say anything.
He just stood here guarding his beloved Qi Qi while his eyes fixed on his beloved Qi Qi.
Suddenly someone came and whispered something to Long Hui making his expression changed. 

Yu Qi turned to Long Hui.
Even though they were whispering, Yu Qi could hear.
There had some problems occurred which needed his order.

”Qi Qi, I have to leave now.
Something has happened. ” Long Hui was very upset to leave his beloved Qi Qi.
He thought he could spend time with his beloved Qi Qi tonight.
But he could not. 

”Don ’t worry about me.
Just go.
We will meet again.
I ’m on my semester break right now.
I will go to Shiwa Town soon.
Maybe we can meet there. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Don ’t forget about this. ” Long Hui took his time.

”About what? ” Yu Qi confused.

”Don ’t fall in love with anyone else. ” Long Hui made a sneak attack by kissing her lips and left very quickly.

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Yu Qi ’s eyes were opened bigger.
She could not believe that this man would be so shameless kissing her at this party.
It was truly unexpected.
Feeling embarrassed, she went to a corner to hide.
She relaxed. 

Long Cui Lang came with two cups, probably juice in it.
He came here together with Long Hua Hong.
The siblings made different expressions on their face.
One was smiling and another one was glaring at Yu Qi. 

At first, Yu Qi was just staring blankly at the siblings but when her eyes fell on the cups, she slightly smiled when she saw the cups. 

”Miss Tang, nice to meet you.
I ’m Long Cui Lang, well, I ’m like a cousin to Hui.
I assume that you have already met my sister earlier.
Sorry for her earlier behaviour.
Hua Hong, apologize to Miss Tang. ” Long Cai Lang called his sister.

”What? Why should I apologize to her? I don ’t do anything wrong. ” Long Hua Hong mumbled by herself.
However, Long Cui Lang and Yu Qi could hear what she had said.

”Hua Hong, don ’t make me say it twice. ” Long Cui Lang glared to Long Hua Hong.

”Alright, alright.
I apologize to you for my rude behaviour just now. ” Long Hua Hong apologized to Yu Qi when her brother gave her his warning.

”I hope as the sign that Miss Tang has forgiven her, will you drink this with me? ” Long Cui Lang gave the cup to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi looked at the cup for the moment.
Then she took the cup while smiling.

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”Cheers. ” Long Cui Lang lifted up his cup and looked at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi also lifted her cup.
Long Cui Lang drunk the juice in the cup as well as Yu Qi.
Long Hua Hong on the other side, secretly smiled when she saw Yu Qi did not even hesitate to drink the juice inside the cup. 

’Just wait for the thing to work.
And your life will be ruined forever. ’ Long Hua Hong sneered.

Long Cui Lang also secretly smiled.
He could not wait to feel this girl beneath him.
Must be fun.
Her skin must be very soft. 

The siblings actually forgot about Long Hui.
Who knew what would Long Hui be doing if he knew that this sibling had plotted against his beloved Qi Qi. 

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