They arrived at the venue of the party.
It seemed many people already had arrived for the party.
One by one exited the car.
The last one who exited the car was Yu Qi.
Once she stepped out from the car, everyone ’s eyes laid on her.

The receptionist welcomed them.
”May I have your invitation card? ”

The invitation card was with Yu Qi.
She stepped forward, took out the invitation card and gave it to the receptionist.

”We happily welcome you. ” The receptionist said.

They walked in the venue.
Grandpa Tang was immediately greeted by those who knew him.
Yu Qi chuckled when she saw the troubled expression on Grandpa Tang ’s face.
He usually did not come to this kind of party.
Because of her, he came to this party.

”Yu Qi. ” Feng Yue came and greeted Yu Qi.
”Oh, my…
You look gorgeous.
Brother Hui ’s jaw will drop for sure. ”

”You too are looking very alluring.
Sure someone will be knocked out by you. ” Yu Qi teased Feng Yue.

”I hope so. ” Feng Yue laughed.

”Brother Hui has still not arrived yet.
How can he come late? ” Feng Yue looked around.
”I will go and check it. ”

Yu Qi was alone.
Other family members went to greet anyone that they knew.
She went to get some drink.
As she walked to the drink ’s table, she could see from her corner eye that someone from her right side was walking towards her with a glass of wine.
’Someone wants to ruin my dress, I see. ’ Yu Qi pasted a smile on her lips.
Sensing that person was about to collapse with her, she immediately dodged by stepping backwards.

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That person did not expect that Yu Qi would step back, so she missed her footstep and ended up falling to the ground.
The glass wine that she held broke and the wine wetted her dress.

”Oh, no.
My dress! ” She screamed.

Her scream got the attention of people at the party.
They turned to her.
The scene where a girl sat on the ground with a girl standing nearby.
Many speculators played in their minds.

”How could you ruin my dress? ” The girl stood up and accused Yu Qi.

Yu Qi did not directly respond to the girl ’s accusation.
Yu Qi narrowed her eyes when looking at the girl.
She stood there proudly without any reaction.

”Gi Na, your dress!!! ” The girl ’s minions were coming.
They showed a worried expression.

”Apologize to Gi Na right now. ” The minions told Yu Qi.

”I ’m not an idiot. ” Yu Qi said one sentence.

”What do you mean by that? ” Gi Na shouted to Yu Qi.

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”You fall on your own.
Why should I apologize to you? ” Yu Qi smirked.

”You make me fall. ” Gi Na accused Yu Qi again.

”How shameless.
You plot against her and fail.
What, now you want her to apologize? ” A familiar girl came and snorted to Gi Na and her minions.

” What do you mean by that? ” Gi Na shouted again to the girl.

”This is an open space.
Everyone can see each other.
And I happen to see what you want to do this girl with these eyes. ” The girl pointed to her eyes.

Gi Na ’s face turned ugly.

”You are probably jealous of her looks and decided to ruin her dress so she would be embarrassed while wearing a wet dress, don ’t you? ” The girl exposed all of it.

Seeing the situation turned to bad on her side, Gi Na decided to leave.
However, the girl did not allow Gi Na to leave.

”Do we allow you to leave? ” The girl said.

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What do you want? ” Gi Na said while grinding her teeth.

”Apologize to her for accusing her, loud and clear. ” The girl said this sentence loudly.

Now, everyone was waiting and looking at them.
Gi Na clenched her fist.
How could she…

”It is enough.
You can leave.
I ’m sure she already realized her mistake. ” Even though Yu Qi said that, she glared to Gi Na with cold eyes.

Gi Na and the minions froze when they saw that cold eyes.
They felt they were eyeing by some cold blood killer.

”You can leave now.
Or what? You still want to apologize? ” The girl who had defended Yu Qi earlier questioned them.

Gi Na and her minions left.
The girl turned to Yu Qi.

”Yu Qi, long time no see. ” The girl was Zhu Lao Lin, that girl who had competed with her in the shooting competition last year.

How are you? ” Yu Qi ’s face turned to normal.
She smiled at her long seeing friend.

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Oh, thank you for taking care of my younger sister. ” Zhu Lao Lin bowed.

”No need for that.
She is a lovely girl.
So, does she attend this party too? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Of course.
She went to the toilet just now.
Are you with your family? ” Zhu Lao Ling asked back.

They come with me. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Sister Yu Qi! ” Someone hugged Yu Qi from behind.
Yu Qi knew the person and knew that she did not have any ill intention to her so she just let the person hugged her.

”Xiao Ling.
Be careful. ” Zhu Lao Lin reminded her sister.

”I am just so happy seeing Sister Yu Qi here. ” Zhu Xiao Ling pouted while letting go of Yu Qi.

”We just did not see each other for about three weeks. ” Yu Qi patted Zhu Xiao Ling ’s head.

”You are spoiling her. ” Zhu Lao Lin said.

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”Big Sis is just jealous about our relationship. ” Zhu Xiao Ling made a fun face to her sister.

Yu Qi and Zhu Lao Lin laughed when seeing Zhu Xiao Ling ’s face.

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