Yu Qi did not pay attention to them.
Bo Ya was guiding her to go to the things that came from her space.
Feng Yue also did not pay attention to the shouting.
She already got what she wanted for today.
She would not spend more money today.
Even though she did have money.

’It is inside this shop. ’ Bo Ya pointed to the shop at the end of Antiques Street.
It was a normal antique shop.

”Yue, let ’s go inside that shop. ” Yu Qi told Feng Yue.

”Okay. ” Feng Yue nodded.

They entered the shop.
They could see a lot of old things arranged on the display shelves.
Yu Qi was looking for something.
Bo Ya told the energy that he felt was around her.
Then Bo Ya shouted in excitement.

”Master, that bracelet!!! It is from your space. ” Bo Ya said.

Yu Qi saw the bracelet.
It was a bracelet made from small dark green beads.
Yu Qi touched it and she could feel a wave of energy flew inside her hand.
She recognized the energy.
It was indeed the energy from her space.

She immediately showed the bracelet to the old man who was sitting at the counter.

”Sir, I want to purchase the bracelet. ” Yu Qi said to the old man.

”900 RMB.
Take it or leave. ” The old man stated the price.

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”Okay. ” Yu Qi made the payment.

After settling the payment, they went out of the shop.

”Let ’s go to the appraisal shop to check the dragon cup. ” Yu Qi suggested.
”However, what if this dragon cup is a fake? ”

”I have bought it because it looks amazing.
Not because it is antique.
I will just tell grandpa about it. ” Feng Yue said.

Yu Qi nodded while smiling.
They entered the appraisal shop.
The shop assistant greeted them.

”Hello, young misses.
How can I help you ? ” The shop assistant said while smiling.

”We have an item to ask for an appraisal.
Are you available now? ” Feng Yue asked.

”Oh, wait for the minute.
I will ask Elder Gong about this. ” The shop assistant left and entered the room.

After 5 minutes, the shop assistant appeared with an old man.
This old man must be Elder Gong that the shop assistant mentioned just now.

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”Young Misses, this is Elder Gong.
He will be doing the appraisal for your item. ” The shop assistant said.

”Hello, Elder Gong. ” Yu Qi and Feng Yue greeted Elder Gong.

Let ’s go to that room. ” Elder Gong pointed to the room.

”Okay. ”

They entered the room.
There were a table, chairs and some tools on the table that the girls did not recognize them.
Elder Gong asked them to sit.

”Where is the item that you want me to appraisal? ” Elder Gong asked.

Feng Yue took out the dragon cup and placed it in front of Elder Gong.
Elder Gong took it and looked at the dragon cup using his small lamp.
Yu Qi and Feng Yue waited for him to finish.

The more he looked, the more he was amazed by the dragon cup.
The girl in front of him really got her hand on a treasure.
He could not hold by his smile.

”Young girl, you pick up a treasure. ” Elder Gong said.

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”Really? ” Feng Yue was very happy to hear it.

This dragon cup was from the Jin Dynasty.
It made from copper around 500 years ago.
I guess it belonged to a king or a nobleman in that era.
It worth about 50 million. ” Elder Gong explained.

”My luck is good today.
Probably, because, I am with you, Yu Qi. ” Feng Yue hugged Yu Qi.

”It is your luck.
Not mine. ” Yu Qi pushed Feng Yue ’s forehead.

”Sir, how much is the fee? ” Yu Qi turned to Elder Gong and asked about it.

”It is a 1K RMB. ” Elder Gong said.

”Let ’s go out and pay it.
I ’m hungry. ” Feng Yue smiled.

Elder Gong took the picture of the dragon cup saying it was for their record.
Then he gave it back to Feng Yue.

Feng Yue went out to settle the payment.
The shop assistant was waiting at the counter.

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”How is it? Is it genuine? ” The shop assistant asked.

”My luck is very good today since my best friend is here. ” Feng Yue was happy while answering the shop assistant ’s question.

From Feng Yue ’s answer, the shop assistant could guess that the item that she bought was a genuine one.

”Give it to me.
I will hold it for you. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, okay. ” Feng Yue gave the dragon cup to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi asked the shop assistant about the toilet.
Yu Qi went to the toilet.
She wanted to store the dragon cup in her space for safety.
If something occurred, the dragon cup would be safe since no one would get the dragon cup without her consent.

”Yu Qi.
Let ’s go eat. ” Feng Yue went to Yu Qi when she saw Yu Qi ’s figure.

”Okay. ”

The two of them left the appraisal shop.
They walked around the Antique Street.
People kept staring at them.
Even though Feng Yue thought she was good in self defence, she could not help but feel scared when the men were staring at her like that.
She felt they were looking through her clothes.
It was very disgusting thought to a woman.
She unconsciously grabbed Yu Qi ’s hand.

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Yu Qi just smiled when she felt Feng Yue grabbing her.
She then turned around and gave a chilly look to these men.
The men that just looked at the girls felt scared when they saw the look at one of the beautiful girls.
How could a beautiful like her had such a terrifying look on her face?

They were about to leave Antique Street when suddenly a group of men appeared in front of them and blocked their way out.

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