They arrived at Antique Street.
Unlike that shopping mall, there were a lot of people here roaming around.
However, most of them were elders.

”Wow, there are so many things being sold here. ” Feng Yue looked around.

”Let ’s walk and see whether we can find something worth.
Does Grandpa Long like something in particular? ” Yu Qi asked about Long Fei Yi ’s preference.

”Well, my grandpa likes the dragon animal. ” Feng Yue thought.

”I see.
Let ’s go and watch around first. ” Yu Qi said.

The two of them were walking around.
They looked at the stuff that was being sold in the down street stall.

’I feel something. ’ Bo Ya suddenly said something in Yu Qi ’s mind.

’Something? Like what? ’ Yu Qi asked.

’Something that from our space is here. ’ Bo Ya explained.

’Oh, I see.
Where is it? ’ Yu Qi excited to see what kind of the antique from her space.

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’Its direction is along the street. ’ Bo Ya informed her.

’Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.
She did not want to go straight to it now.
Since Feng Yue seemed to look around for something.

Feng Yue stopped at one stall.
Her eyes caught something.
She bent down to take a closer look to the item.
The item was a Chinese dragon cup.
It looked like an English wine glass however the stand of the cup was an eastern dragon that stood proudly.
The hand of the dragon seemed to hold something like a ball.
It was made from something like iron but Yu Qi could not determine what was its material.

”Yu Qi, I like this. ” Feng Yue called Yu Qi and pointed to the dragon cup.

”I think it is beautiful too. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Young girls, don ’t be fooled.
That man is a liar.
All of so-called the antiques that he sells are nothing but junk. ” The other old man that in the opposite stall suddenly spoke with them.

Feng Yue turned to Yu Qi when she heard that statement.

”Stupid Dong Old Man, just take care of your stall.
You are not much better than me. ” The man in front of the Yu Qi shouted in anger.

”Can we touch this dragon cup for a moment? ” Yu Qi asked the man.

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The man turned to Yu Qi and smiled at the girl.
”Of course, you can.
Please. ”

Yu Qi signalled Feng Yue to take the dragon cup.
Feng Yue took the dragon cup.
It weighted more than Feng Yue expected.
Its surface was smoother than she had expected too.
She became more interested in the dragon cup.

The man smiled when he saw Feng Yue liked the dragon cup.
This girl might buy this dragon cup.
It was a while since he got the customer.
So since he managed to get one, he wanted to exploit more money on the dragon cup.

The man did not expect that his expression had been observing by another girl.
Yu Qi saw the greed on the man ’s face.
She already guessed what was inside the man ’s mind.
The man probably wanted to sell the dragon cup at a higher price than the usual price.
Well, if he managed…
Yu Qi sneered.

”Yu Qi, I like this dragon cup. ” Feng Yue told Yu Qi.

”Then you can buy it. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Turning to the man, Feng Yue asked.
”How much is this? ”

”50K RMB. ” The man said the price.

Feng Yue frowned.
She did not have that much money.
She sighed.
Guessed she needed to give up on this dragon cup.

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However, Yu Qi stepped forward.
”Sir, are you sure it is 50K RMB? ” Yu Qi showed a cold smile.

The man surprised when he faced Yu Qi once more.
The aura that this girl had was very different than earlier.
He clenched the fist.
He must not be intimidated by a girl like her.

”Well, I can decrease the price to 30K RMB. ” The man decreased the price.

” Really? Are you sure? ” Yu Qi could not believe this was the price.

”Miss, I can ’t lower the price more than this. ” The man did not want to lose.

”1K. ” Yu Qi stated the price that she wanted.

”Miss… ” The man wanted to negotiate again.

”Yue, put the thing down.
We are leaving. ” Yu Qi told Feng Yue and was about to leave.

Feng Yue followed Yu Qi ’s words and put down the dragon cup back.
She might not be destined to buy the dragon cup for her grandpa.
She walked away from the stall following Yu Qi.

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”Oh my dear, don ’t leave first.
Alright, I will sell it on 1K RMB. ” The man shouted.

It had been a long time since he sold something.
He thought he could get 50K for today.
But the girls decided not to buy it for anything, he felt the 1K RMB was more than enough.
It was better than not get anything.

The two girls stopped on their back.
Feng Yue turned around.

”Really? ” Feng Yue asked.

”Of course.
It is a 1K RMB. ” The man displayed a pleasing smile to Yu Qi.
He thought he must convince this girl to buy the dragon cup.

Yu Qi glanced to the man.
Then she turned to Feng Yue and nodded.

Feng Yue took out the book cheque and wrote on the spot.
She actually wanted to pay by credit card but she could not see anything like the swipe machine.
She did not have the cash money on her.
So she could just use the cheque.

Feng Yue was happy since she already selected the gift for her grandpa.
The man felt very desperate.
This girl obviously came from a rich family.
If the other girl had not interfered, he might get more money today.

Other stall owners were very jealous when they saw that the man got 1K RMB with his junk.
So, other stall owners fought for the two girls ’ attention.
Who knew the girls might be interested in their things too?

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