The doctors who had cleaned up Mu Rong Xie ’s wounds reported to Grandpa Sang that the maggots completely had gone after a week.
It made Grandpa Sang relieved.
He still investigated the cause of this bizarre situation.
Now they also needed to think on how to make sure that the wounds recovered back to normal.

Mu Rong Xie was very happy when she heard about the news that the maggots inside her wounds had completely gone.
So, she wanted to unwrap the wounds.

Su Yu Qing and Mu Yian came to visit her.
They were relieved when they heard the news.
However, when the nurses opened the wrapping, Mu Rong Xie ’s eyes opened widely.
She could not believe that her condition was very bad and it looked very ugly.

”Mum, my face…
I ’m disfigured. ” Mu Rong Xie cried.

”Don ’t worry, my dear.
It will heal.
You will be beautiful again. ” Su Yu Qing tried to calm her daughter although she was also worried when she saw Mu Rong Xie ’s condition.

”Before I forget, next week, Long Family will have a party. ” Feng Yue told Yu Qi.

”A party? For what? ” Yu Qi asked.

They would be going out later to hang out.

”My dear, Great General Long would be retiring from the military. ” Feng Yue stated the reason.
”And, the whole Long Family would be present. ” She added.

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”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Actually this is the reason why I have come here.
Grandpa asked me to inform you.
Here is the invitation card.
The whole Tang Family is invited. ” Feng Yue handed out the invitation card.

”I see.
Thank you. ” Yu Qi took the invitation card.

”Yu Qi, you need to be careful that day.
A lot of families would like to push their daughters towards Brother Hui.
You need to defend him. ” Feng Yue gave a smile.

”It seems you would be going to enjoy the show. ” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

”Yu Qi, please don ’t narrow your eyes like this.
You seem to look like my Brother Hui. ” Feng Yue stepped back.

”Now you know how to be scared . ” Yu Qi rolled her eyes.

Feng Yue grinned.
”Yu Qi, I think you don ’t need to worry.
Brother Hui would not look away from you. ”

”Sigh, let ’s go now. ” Yu Qi urged Feng Yue to go out now.

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Aunt Ming Yue told them to use their family driver since they did not go outside for today.
So, Yu Qi did as her aunt said.
Yu Qi asked the driver to send them to the shopping mall.

”Young miss, you can call when you want to go back.
I will wait around. ” The driver said.

Thank you. ” Yu Qi nodded.

The two ladies entered the shopping mall.
Since it was a weekday, the people were not so many around th shopping mall.
They walked around to see if there was something that could catch their attention.

Yu Qi saw the signboard ’History ’.
It was a massage spa she had went last time together with her aunties.
She suspected that Yung Ha Ren knew who her parents were.
Her behaviour toward Yu Qi was very suspicious.
She seemed to look at someone else whenever she looked at Yu Qi.

”Yu Qi…
Yu Qi… ” Feng Yue called several times.

Yu Qi realised that she dazed off.
She turned to Feng Yue.
I ’m dazed off. ”

”Actually I want to buy something for grandpa as her retirement gift.
But I don ’t think I will find something suitable here. ” Feng Yue sighed.

”I suggest we should go to an antique shop. ” Yu Qi suggested.

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”Well, I don ’t know where we could find an antique shop. ” Feng Yue grinned.

”Probably we should ask someone. ” Yu Qi said.
Let me ask Uncle Guan whether he knows or not. ” Uncle Guan was that earlier driver.

”Oh, that ’s a good idea. ” Feng Yue agreed.

Yu Qi took out her phone and called Uncle Guan.

”Yes, young miss? Have you already finished? ” Uncle Guan asked.

”No, actually I want to ask whether you know where can I find an antique shop? ” Yu Qi asked politely.

”An antique shop? The antique street is a few blocks from the shopping mall where young miss is standing currently.
” Uncle Guan answered.

”Then, can you send us there? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Of course, young miss and Miss Feng, you two can wait at the same place I have dropped you earlier. ” Uncle Guan said.

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”Okay. ” Yu Qi ended the call.

”Let ’s go.
Uncle Guan says the antique street is a few blocks from here.
We are going there. ” Yu Qi pulled Feng Yue ’s hand.

”Okay. ” Feng Yue started to walk.

When they arrived, Uncle Guan was already waiting for them.
They quickly entered the car.

”Uncle Guan, are a lot of antiques being sold there? ” Feng Yue asked.

”I went there once.
There are a lot of antique stores there.
Even people sell their antiques down the street.
That is why t has been called Antiques Street.
However, not all antiques are genuine.
After you buy an antique, you can go to the appraisal shop to know whether the antique is genuine ot not. ” Uncle Guan explained was he understood about Antique Street.

”I see.
It is like a gamble. ” Yu Qi nodded several times.

”Sigh, I ’m really not good at selecting this kind of thing. ” Feng Yue sighed.
She thought that she was not a lucky person.
She was afraid that whatever she chose was a fake thing.

”Don ’t worry.
I will help you with it. ” Yu Qi patted Feng Yue ’s back.

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