Feng Yue wanted to go in the onsen with Yu Qi, but Long Hui appeared in front of their room, asking for Yu Qi.
Feng Yue knew that she would not have any chance to enjoy the onsen with Yu Q tonight.

”Wait here, I will call Yu Qi. ” Feng Yue said when she opened the door and saw Long Hui.
She knew Yu Qi was the only reason he was there.

”Okay. ” Long Hui waited at the door.
He leaned on the wall outside the room as he waited for his beloved Qi Qi to come out.

”Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi called Long Hui as she came out of her room.

Yu Qi had already changed her clothes into a yukata, her long hair done up, leaving her white neck in full view.
Long Hui looked at his beloved Qi Qi.

”I want to take a walk with you. ” Long Hui invited Yu Qi out for a walk.

Before Yu Qi could give her answer, Feng Yue came out from the room and gave a slight push to Yu Qi.
”Enjoy your walking date. ” After giving her blessing, Feng Yue lifted up her hand and waved at the couple.
She really wanted to go and enjoy the onsen.
Maybe Auntie Ming Yue and Auntie Su Xiao would already there.

Yu Qi, who was given a push by Feng Yue ended up in Long Hui ’s embrace.
Realizing that, she wanted to distance herself from Long Hui, but he refused to give his permission.
Long Hui enjoyed the feeling of his beloved Qi Qi in his embrace.

”Brother Hui, let me go will you? ” Yu Qi lifted her head and gave a look to Long Hui.

From Long Hui ’s view, she looked so cute that he did not want to let her go, but he was afraid that his beloved Qi Qi might hate him if he refused her request.
So, Long Hui released her from his arms.

”Let ’s go.
This hotel has a beautiful spot to go for a walk.
It looks even more beautiful at night. ” Yu Qi wanted to show Long Hui the stunning scenery of her ryokan.

”Okay, let ’s go. ” Long Hui grabbed his beloved ’s hand and walked away.

Yu Qi was feeling good when Long Hui held her hand.
As she passed some of the waitresses, she could hear them whispering about them behind their backs.

”That is our big boss right? So that means that the man beside her is our big boss ’s man? ”

”I think so.
He looks very handsome. ”

”Why can ’t I find someone like that? ”

”Stop dreaming. ”

”But our big boss ’s family is also good looking.
Her three brothers are so handsome, especially that quiet one. ”

Yu Qi made a small laugh which caused Long Hui to turn to his beloved Qi Qi.
Her small laugh made him wonder what she was thinking about.

”What? ” Long Hui asked.

”I was just listening to the employee ’s gossip about my brothers. ” Yu Qi said, still laughing.

”Really? What are they talking about, hmm? ” Long Hui asked again.

”They praise Brother Qin Hao ’s handsomeness.
Unfortunately for them, they did not know that my Brother Qin Hao is a weird person. ”

”I see. ”

They continued to walk until they found a garden that was full of flowers.
The pathway was designed beautifully.
Above them were wisteria flowers consisting of different colors such as blue, white, purple, violet-blue and pink.
This type of flower usually blossoms from April to May, but with Yu Qi ’s research, the flowers were blossoming all year round, making this pathway unique in its own way.
Using the light to enhance the beauty of the flowers in the night made this pathway look as if it came out of a fairy tale.

”Look, it is beautiful right? ” Yu Qi pointed up to the flowers.

Long Hui looked up to see where she was pointing.
The flowers waved in the night breeze giving off a relaxing scent.
It looks beautiful. ”

”It is a result of my research.
Usually, it only blossoms in April and May, but I was able to make them blossom all the time. ” Yu Qi stated proudly.

Looking at his beloved Qi Qi acting so proud, Long Hui leaned over and gave a kiss to Yu Qi ’s lips.
Yu Qi looked up at Long Hui in surprise.

”That is a thank you kiss for showing me this beautiful place. ” Long Hui smirked.
His beloved Qi Qi looked very cute when he gave her a kiss.

What? You should not kiss me for that reason. ” Yu Qi said, embarrassed.

”Oh, so what is the reason that I should use to kiss you, hmm? ” Long Hui stared at Yu Qi.

”I mean…
I mean… ” Yu Qi could not give him an answer to his question.

Long Hui did not wait for long and gave another kiss to Yu Qi.
This time, the kiss was not only a small peck, but it was also a long, deep kiss.
Yu Qi was in shock when Long Hui gave her another kiss.
Long Hui entered her mouth and let his tongue play around with Yu Qi ’s tongue.

It caused Yu Qi to moan.
Hearing Yu Qi ’s moan, Long Hui ’s tongue still played with Yu Qi ’s tongue.
Due to a lack of air, Yu Qi opened her mouth which caused Long Hui to have full access to her mouth.
After ten minutes of kissing, Long Hui finally let Yu Qi go.

Yu Qi had already lost her strength.
She leaned in Long Hui ’s embrace as Long Hui happily accepted his beloved Qi Qi in his arms.
He leaned over to Yu Qi ’s ear.

”Tell me, what ’s the reason should I used for this kiss? ” Long Hui whispered softly into Yu Qi ’s ear.
Then he licked it.

Yu Qi moaned as her sensitive part had been teased by Long Hui.
Hearing his beloved Qi Qi moaning again, he could not help but kiss her.
This time, Long Hui did not attack as aggressively.

”Qi Qi, I can not wait for you to become fully mine. ” Long Hui sighed.
His prey was already caught by him but he could not fully eat her.
This feeling was very frustrating.

”Brother Hui, I still have things to need to do. ” Yu Qi managed to give Long Hui a response.

”I know.
I will wait for you until you are ready. ” Long Hui said.
He knew his beloved Qi Qi was very ambitious in what she doing.

”Thank you, Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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