The family was all gathered around the dining hall.
Some of them already changed their clothes and wore the yukatas.
After all of the family members had finally arrived at the dining hall, they sat down around the table.
Feng Yue pulled Yu Qi to sit beside her and winked at Long Hui.

Long Hui understood what Feng Yue meant by the wink and went to sit beside Yu Qi.
Yu Qi did not mind sitting beside Long Hui, she was in fact quite happy about it.

”I thought I could sit beside Yu Qi. ” Tang Jin Wei said.

Hearing that sentence, Long Hui turned to Tang Jin Wei and gave him a look.
Tang Jin Wei gulped when he saw Long Hui giving a meaningful look at him.
He immediately hid behind his brother, Tang Han Lee.
This man looked very dangerous.
He only looked very gentle toward his little sister.
Wondering how his little sister handled this kind of man. 

”What are you doing? ” Tang Han Lee asked when he looked at his brother that suddenly hid behind him.

”That man is scary. ” Tang Jin Wei whispered to Tang Han Lee.

”Stupid. ” Tang Han Lee said to Tang Jin Wei.

”Idiot. ” Tang Qin Hao also threw out a word.

”You guys, why are you all ganging up on me? ” Tang Jin Wei shouted at his two brothers.

”Because you are an easy target. ” Tang Han Lee chuckled.

”Yeah. ” Tang Qin Hao added.

Everyone laughed when they saw this scene.

Tang Jin Wei ran to his mother ’s side and took a seat.
After everyone had found their seats, the waitress came forward to bring their food.
Yu Qi asked them to prepare some Japanese food for dinner.

”Eat this.
It is very delicious. ” Yu Qi unconsciously took a piece of food and put it into Long Hui ’s bowl.

”Thank you, Qi Qi. ” Long Hui took the food and ate it with a smile.

Long Hui then also took some food and put it into Yu Qi ’s bowl.
He leaned closer to Yu Qi ’s ear.

”Qi Qj, eat more meat, I think that you are too thin.
I like you even you have some fat.
It really makes it more comfortable to hug you that way. ” After Long Hui whispered to Yu Qi, he deliberately licked Yu Qi ’s ear.

That made Yu Qi turn to look at him.
Long Hui had a smile on his lips.
Yu Qi knew he was doing on purpose.
Her ears were a sensitive part and now her ears were turning red.
Yu Qi tried hard to calm herself down.

However, this small interaction had been caught by her two aunties that sat opposite to her.
They were feeling happy with their niece ’s relationship.
They were giggling between them while eating.

Meanwhile, Tang Jin Wei also noticed the interaction between Long Hui and Yu Qi.
He was currently eating human food and also being fed dog food at the same time.
He stuffed his mouth with more and more food.

The dinner was in a harmonious mood and after dinner, they all left to do their own thing.
Grandpa Tang and Grandpa Feng were sitting at the veranda and enjoying the wine that Yu Qi brewed.
Of course, it was not a normal wine.
Since her space was full of herbs, she made uses of them and brewed a delicious medicinal wine.

”This wine is very delicious.
After drinking this, my body feels very light.
I wonder where they get this kind of wine. ” Grandpa Feng drunk it again.

”Of course, it is delicious.
I think my granddaughter made it. ” Grandpa Tang made a proud face while bragging about his granddaughter.

”I see.
I remember that she gave you a medicinal wine that contained a 1000 years-ginseng.
Have you already finish it? ” Grandpa Feng inquired.

”Not yet.
But of course, I take a sip of it every day. ” Grandpa Tang said, smiling proudly.

”Give me a sip.
I want to have a taste of it too. ” Grandpa Feng said.

”Why should I give that priceless wine to you? That was given to me by my beloved granddaughter. ” Grandpa Tang remark.

”You are a good friend.
A good friend should share things with a friend. ” Grand Feng gave a shameless smile.

”Who said we are friends? You are my nemesis. ” Grandpa Tang said.

”Yeah, I ’m your nemesis.
Can I get a sip of that wine? ” Grandpa Feng admitted that he was Grandpa Tang ’s nemesis but still did not want to give up on having a sip of that medicinal wine.

”Okay, just come to my Godly Herbs.
I will serve you a cup.
Remember just one cup. ” Grandpa Tang surrendered to the shameless of Grandpa Feng.

Grandpa Feng smiled in victory.
His stubbornness made his very success in the business world.

”You really blessed to have that kind of granddaughter. ” Grandpa Feng said.

I felt my life was complete when I found her.
I ’m glad when I made that decision to adopt her as my granddaughter. ” Grandpa Tang recalled his memory.
”At first, I only interested in her because of her love toward the herbs, but after spending some time with her, I thought she was a loveable child. ”

”There is no child as unique as her.
That child has a smart brain in business.
If you did not take her as your granddaughter, I would have taken her as my own. ” Grandpa Feng said.

”Don ’t you dare rob my own granddaughter from me, hump!. ” Grandpa Tang said as he glared at Grandpa Feng.

”Hey, calm down, okay.
I said if… ” Grandpa Feng calmed down his friend.

Meanwhile, the others went to enjoy the onsen.
Tang Qin Hao was the first person that went straight to the onsen after dinner.
He really liked the onsen.
The two Tang brothers also went in.
Tang Jung Wen and Tang Jang Qin appeared at the onsen a few minutes after Tang Jin Wei and Tang Han Lee entered the onsen.

”This is awesome.
I can not believe this belonged to our Little Sister. ” Tang Jin Wei slipped into the onsen.

”Yeah, she is indeed an amazing girl. ” Tang Han Lee said.

”It makes me wonder, whose biological parents? ” Tang Jin Wei made the statement.

That statement made them all go silent.

”No matter what happens, she will always be our little sister. ” Tang Han Lee said.

”That ’s right.
She is the princess of the Tang Family. ” Tang Jung Wen nodded.

”That ’s right. ” Tang Qin Hao agreed.

”What? ” Tang Jin Wei looked at Tang Qin Hao.

Other Tang men also looked at Tang Qin Hao.

Feeling a little annoyed when everyone had their eyes focused on him, Tang Qin Hao asked.
”What? ”

”No, just feel surprised.
Usually, you just ignored this kind of talking. ” Tang Jang Qin made a comment on his son, Tang Qin Hao.

”Yu Qi did have some positive effects on our Qin Hao. ” Tang Jung Wen laughed.

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