Yu Qi was admitted to the Sang Hospital.
Sang Hospital was owned by Grandpa Sang.
Grandpa Sang took care of her in person.
Grandpa Sang drew some of Yu Qi ’s blood.

”I will get this blood sample to be tested to check whether you have another problem. ” Grandpa Sang told Yu Qi when she gave a weird look to Grandpa Sang.

Grandpa Sang actually made out that lie.
He just wanted to take some of Yu Qi ’s blood to be tested for DNA Test.
He made the decision when Grandpa Su had told that Yu Qi was adopted.
She needed to be tested for DNA Test with Grandpa Mu.

Yu Qi just let Grandpa Sang to take her blood.
She knew Grandpa Sang was a private doctor of her grandfather, Grandpa Mu.
However, she did not think that Grandpa Sang knew about her face was similar to Grandpa Mu ’s first wife.

After Grandpa Sang took her blood, Yu Qi let herself to sleep to enter the space.
Only her soul entered since she was in the hospital.
She did not want people to be shocked seeing her body missing out of nowhere.
She left Aoi outside to guard her body.

”Master, are you okay? ” Bo Ya asked worriedly.

”I ’m okay.
I am just tired.
That ’s all.
Since I have already taken some rest, I ’m fine now. ” Yu Qi explained to Bo Ya.

”It ’s good then.
I was very worried when you fainted like that.
I thought you will leave me alone like my previous master. ” Bo Ya spoke as he held back his tears.

”My little cutie, I will try to take care of myself more, okay? ” Yu Qi hugged Bo Ya.
”I want to get some sleep right now since sleeping in the space will have more hours. ”

”Let ’s sleep together. ” Bo Ya said happily.

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”Sure. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Bo Ya was happy since he could conquer his master for himself today since Aoi was outside the space.


Grandpa Sang went to Grandpa Mu ’s office after he got Yu Qi ’s blood sample.
He wanted to tell Grandpa Mu this news.
When the assistant announced Grandpa Sang ’s arrival to Grandpa Mu, he gave his permission to let Grandpa Sang to enter his office.

”What are you doing here? ” Grandpa Mu said while doing his work.

”Do you know who I met today? ”Grandpa Sang asked.

”Do I need to install bodyguards beside you so they can tell me about your daily tasks? ” Grandpa Mu asked sarcastically.

You still can not take a joke. ” Grandpa Sang rolled his eye.
Then he continued.
”I meet that Tang Girl. ”

”Who? ” Grandpa Mu stopped doing his work.
He knew who was his friend mentioning about, but he still wanted to confirm.

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”I said I met Tang Girl who resembles your late wife. ” Grandpa Sang said.

So what? ” That girl resembled his late wife but she did not have any connection with him.

”I heard the news that she was actually adopted by Jiang Man. ” Grandpa Sang dropped the news.

”What? ” Now Grandpa Mu wanted to pay full attention to Grandpa Sang.

”She has actually been adopted. ” Grandpa Sang said again.

”Adopted? ” Various things played in Grandpa Mu ’s mind right now.

I think you should do a DNA test with her. ” Grandpa Sang suggested.

”But do you think she would do the test? From what I heard that Tang Jiang Man treat her like a princess.
Even Tang Family love her very much.
Do you think she just wants to do the test with me since her family now treat her very nice? ” Grandpa Mu posed the question.

”That is why I suggest you do the test secretly. ” Grandpa Sang grinned.

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”What do you mean by that? ” Grandpa Mu frowned.

”Actually, she fainted in the restaurant where I went for lunch today. ” Grandpa Sang tried to explain but…

”What??!! Did she faint? Why? ” Grandpa Mu stood up.
He was worried.

”That girl works very hard.
She does not take a good rest so, her body has been tired.
Her character is like someone that I know very well. ” Grandpa Sang smiled.

”So, is she okay now? ” Grandpa Mu asked.

”She is in the hospital.
If she rests properly, she will be okay. ” Grandpa Sang said.
Then he continued.
”After she had fainted, I talked with Su Jin.
He is the one who told me that Tang Girl was adopted.
So, when she was admitted to the hospital, I took the opportunity to draw some of her blood to have a DNA test with you. ”

”So do it for me.
I want the result as soon as possible. ” Grandpa Mu said.

”Okay. ” Grandpa Sang nodded.


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Yu Qi did not that the plan was going in her favour.
After she got enough sleep, she went outside.
Aoi was still guarding the door for her.

Aoi was very happy when seeing his master woke up.
”Do you get enough rest, master ? ”

Bo Ya can assure that. ” Yu Qi chuckled.
”Are you hungry? ”

”No, that Su Yu Hi already got some food for me.
I ’m still full. ” Aoi told his master.

But I ’m a little bit hungry. ” Yu Qi put her hand on her stomach.

The door was opened.
Su Yu Hi entered.

”You are awake.
But who are you talking to? ” Su Yu Hi asked while looking around.
He heard that Yu Qi was talking to someone just now.

”Actually, I ’m talking to Aoi. ” Yu Qi pointed to Aoi.
She was grinning.
”I told him that I ’m hungry. ”

”You are talking to your dog? Yu Qi, sometimes you do act silly. ” Su Yu Hi brushed off the topic.

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Yu Qi just smiled and looked at Aoi.

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