Due to Grandpa Su ’s firm decision, Yu Qi only could accept what Grandpa Su had suggested.
They discussed more the business plan.
This time, Su Yu Hi also took part in the discussion.

”By the way, Tang Girl, does your grandfather know about this? ” Grandpa Su asked.

He doesn ’t know about this.
I want to keep this plan a secret until it is finally opened.
So, just don ’t tell my grandfather yet. ” Yu Qi said happily.
”Even my trip here is a secret too.
No one knows about this. ”

”You are really working very hard. ” Grandpa Su commented.

”I need to work hard to prove myself. ” Yu Qi said.

”Prove yourself? To whom? ” Grandpa Su felt weird with Yu Qi ’s sentence.

”To myself, to my family and especially to people who think I am just a parasite on Tang Family. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Parasite? ” Grandpa Su still did not understand what Yu Qi was talking about.

”Actually, I am adopted into the Tang Family by grandfather.
I do not know who is my real family. ” Yu Qi displayed a sad smile.

I see.
Don ’t be sad Tang Girl.
I know my friend.
He totally loves you. ” Grandpa Su patted Yu Qi ’s head.

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We will continue this discussion another time.
We should have lunch together to celebrate our partnership. ” Grandpa Su said.

It would be nice. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Come, I will bring you to a nice restaurant. ” Grandpa Su smiled.

Grandpa Su brought them to the hotel.
The temperature was increased up to 38 degree celsius making the day became very hot.
Since the parking lot was a little bit far, they walked to the restaurant.

When they were about to enter the restaurant, Yu Qi suddenly fell onto the ground.
Aoi barked alerting Su Yu Hi and Grandpa Su who were wearing in front of her.
They turned around and saw Yu Qi had already fainted on the ground.

”YU QI. ” Su Yu Hi shouted.

”Tang Girl. ” Grandpa Su also shouted.

Su Yu Hi lifted Yu Qi and brought her into the restaurant.
He put Yu Qi on the sofa.
The scene was a little bit chaos since some of the customers saw Yu Qi fainting outside.
Su Yu Hi asked the staff to bring some water.

”Move away.
I ’m a doctor. ” A man shouted asking the onlookers to give the way to go and take a look at Yu Qi.

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The doctor was Sang Wan Yi, one of Grandpa Tang ’s friend.
He checked Yu Qi ’s condition.
After a while, he nodded.

”What has happened to her? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

”She has fainted because of the weather and her body is very tired.
I suggest that she must take a rest for a few days.
Or after she wakes up, just send her to the hospital for further check-up. ” Sang Wan Yi diagnosed Yu Qi ’s condition.

”I see…
” Su Yu Hi took a relief breath.

However, he thought about Sang Want Yi ’s suggestion to bring Yu Qi to the hospital was a good idea.
Yu Qi seemed to exhaust herself about the business plan here.
Probably with a doctor ’s recommendation, Yu Qi would be resting.

While Sang Wan Yi was very shocked when he realized that the girl who had just fainted was Yu Qi.
Grandpa Su greeted Sang Wan Yi.

”Never thought to see you here. ” Grandpa Su said.

”Oh, it is you, Jin.
What are you doing here? ” Sang Wan Yi greeted him back.

”Actually I come with this girl who has just fainted. ” Grandpa Su explained.

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”You know her too? ” Sang Wan Yi looked at Grandpa Su.

Jiang Man visited me last time.
He brought his granddaughter too. ” Grandpa Su told him.

”I see. ” Sang Wan Yi nodded.

”I ’m jealous of Jiang Man having such a great granddaughter like her.
I want to adopt a granddaughter too if I find one like Tang Girl. ” Grandpa Su sighed.

”Huh? What do you mean by that? ” Sang Wan Yi asked.

”About what? ” Grandpa Su did not get Sang Wan Yi ’s meaning.

”About you want to adopt a granddaughter too.
What do you mean by this? ” Sang Wan Yi asked again.

”Oh, Tang Girl told me that she has been adopted by Jiang Man.
Eh, I don ’t think I should tell you about this.
Ignore it. ” Grandpa Su slipped his tongue.

Meanwhile, Sang Wan Yi felt shocked when he heard about this news.
’She was adopted by Jiang Man. ’ The words kept playing inside his mind.
He thought that he needed to tell his friend about this.

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After a while, Yu Qi regained her consciousness.
She opened her eyes and looked around.
She saw an unfamiliar place.

’Master. ’ Aoi called his master with a worried tone.

’Aoi. ” Yu Qi reached out Aoi ’s head and patted him gently.

”How are you feeling, Yu Qi? ” Su Yu Hi asked when he realized Yu Qi had already wakened up.

”I ’m sorry to make you worry about me like this. ” Yu Qi smiled weakly.

”You just work so hard.
I will send you to the hospital after this.
You need some rest. ” Su Yu HI had already made the decision whether she wanted or not.

”That ’s right, Tang Girl. ” Sang Wan Yi also joined the conversation.

”Mr Sang? ” Yu Qi was shocked to see Sang Wan Yi here.

”Tang Girl, just call me Grandpa Sang. ” Sang Wan Yi or Grandpa Sang smiled.

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”Let ’s go to the hospital first. ” Su Yu Hi said.

Facing three men who wanted to send her to the hospital, she gave up.
She just followed the men ’s instruction.
She actually knew that she was tired recently but because of the business plan, she neglected her health.

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