In a vast space full of stars with different colors a transparent soul floats, appearing so delicate as if a single blow could scatter her figure into oblivion. A spirit so fragile seemingly fading any moment. The spirit wore a red long dress with silver lining. An elegant and majestic dress fitting her perfectly. Around her neck is a purple rare gem with a heart shape. The heart gem is surrounded by golden vines while the necklaces chain is a black with flaming red specks.

The figure have long silky black hair flowing behind her. She have a pair of perfectly arch brows and long curly eyelashes, rosy cheeks, pointed rose and Red plump lips. Her skin despite the fact of being transparent, is as white as snow. She have a perfectly proportioned body along with cute pinkish nails.

Slowly her eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings before revealing a pair of beautiful eyes full of curiosity with a hint of coldness. Behind her gaze, is an endless abyss of mystery. It was like it holds a whole new realm behind them, like a black diamond and within them hides a void full of galaxies. Such beautiful eyes made her all the more alluring.

A true beauty seemingly unreal. Her transparent body just made her more ethereal. Flawless from head to toe especially those mesmerizing eyes that carried a trace of coldness that could freeze the soul of whoever it landed to. Her lips arch into a small smile that added more charm to her beauty but behind that smile is an unfathomable darkness. A smile that can enchant but lacks warmth.

She look around in wondering where was she or more importantly who was she? As she was looking around, she was startled and immediately became vigilant as a burst of bright light momentarily blinded her opting her to cover her eyes with her hand and look away.

When the light faded a winged bluish white wolf appeared before her. The fur of the wolf is fluffy and shiny while its wings are silver with gold linings at the edges of the feather. It is the size of a small wolf pup with a tail that is almost as big and fluffy as its body.

She didn know why but she felt comfortable and at ease with the wolf pups presence. Although it is extremely adorable the wolf pup exudes a majestic aura. The wolf pup have calm sapphire eyes that seems to be filled with tiny stars

The wolf pup excitedly circled her while bouncing around before stopping in front of her while she vigilantly watch its every move. The wolf showed a grin with its tail wagging behind him showing just how happy it is ”hello master ”

She look curiously at the adorable wolf pup ”you can talk ” it wasn a question instead it was more like a statement

”I can do more than just talking, master. I am also very powerful and extremely smart. I can also fly with my very strong wings and as master grow stronger so will I. See master I am very amazing and also useful as well. I am also loyal and obedient. I will obey master no matter what ” the wolf pup spoke proudly with his cute voice as if wanting to get praised for his shameless advertisement of himself.

She look at the proud wolf pup with disbelief and criticizing his small and adorable form looking so harmless.

Knowing what is going on in her head the wolf pup showed an aggrieved look ” it was clearly master who wanted this adorable look. I was made according to your preference. Even if I am small I am also powerful and strong. ”

She didn speak but the wolf pup know that she is doubting his words ” I can also change my form into a more awe-inspiring one, look master ”

After he said that the wolf pup instantly turned into a giant dark colored wolf. His fur is as black as ink with a slight royal blue highlights and his original warm sapphire eyes became a piercing red with a cold silver slit for an iris. While his silver wings became black with every edges containing a blazing red color.

”See master even if I am also powerful with my original form I can also become even more powerful and stronger like this. Unfortunately this form can last for too long as it took too much energy ” the giant wolf have a deep voice with slight growls every time he speak. Then just like how he turned big the giant wolf shrank and transformed back to being the adorable wolf pup

Finally she opened her mouth and spoke with a very soft and mesmerizing voice as she look at the wolf pup with curiosity ”You keep calling me master so does that mean you know who I am? Also who are you? ”

”I know master but I cannot tell you anything except your name which is Feng Shi and that you have an uncontrolled po

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