Do you see her in that dress?

Yeah, that white dress, I have always known white for its purity but literature shitted on my face and bade me goodbye while I was in high school. I have come to think colors don matter anymore. White doesn mean anything but its just the way society wants us to believe that it means purity. That is what my sister, Kendra is wearing today. White, long wedding gown in her body, hugging her petite figure properly.

This is the best I have seen something hug her. The men she courts with never hug her this perfectly. Maybe her husband-to-be, Alexander. Once I saw them on the table moaning the hell out of each other and his ass was protruding from the table, a wink is all I got from him.

She is standing at the podium, ready to make the vows, ready to tell the world that she is off the market and that big diamond that is going to be perfectly dressed on her finger is going to be the evidence. If my sister got a husband, trust me, you can get one, anyone can.

I am not bad-mouthing but damn, she has crossed paths with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. All of those got a chance to slide their rigid stick between her legs.

She became more of a slide-to-open door.

Thats her life. I never get to talk, I am just her social media manager and all that I do is make sure that all her posts are in order. Cute and beautiful pictures are on Instagram, the Twitter has captions to praise her and the branding sites that she works for. In the case of a campaign, she is there advocating, but in a real sense, I am the one who posts all her things to keep people up to date.

I get to be paid cents. Yeah, the thirty cents that Judas used on Jesus, thats what I get. I can complain because I am waiting for her business to grow so that I can get enough cash to attend university.

Look at her, you might be convinced she is the most humble human on earth, I mean, sometimes she is humble but most of the time, no, hell will break loose if you dare step on her!

”I will make sure I hold your hands so firmly in case our turn comes, I will get the most expensive dress for you and an expensive venue. ”

Thats Josh, my boyfriend. He talks a lot and has one thousand and one promises that have never come to be fulfilled. He is an IT guy but every day he says the same thing over and over again.

Which type of a man doesn want to touch you or even just kiss you in the mouth?

I used to think that my mouth stinks but I realized, he thinks I am still a sixteen-year-old kid he fell in love with. I am eighteen for Christs sake, I don need to be pampered like a baby.

I don blame him though, he thinks its good to have sex after we are married. I don get him. He had a girlfriend before me and I don know if he did the same thing for her.

I stretch my hands to hold his thighs but he catches them mid-air and places them just beside him. You see what I am talking about. He has a good stick, I once saw it when I caught him stroking himself in the bathroom. I know its normal to do that. I have wanted to do that for sometimes but I restrained myself because I want him to be the first man to touch me in that way. Every day he says, not today, another day, I hope that another day comes to be.

”I am waiting for fo it babe, just look at Kendra, she is pretty, she has garnered more followers, following the wedding post this morning. ”

Josh smiles and pecks me on the cheeks. He is sweet, don get me wrong. He cares for me and gives me everything that I ask for. Except for the D, which he never gives me.

”You may now kiss the bride, ” the wedding official says and I look at the way, their lips are going to meet again for the hundredth time. As if I have never seen this before. I have seen it.

Alexander has some big arms there. The way he always does that to Kendra sends shivers down my spine. He does it more seductively than Christian Gray. The tattoos on his hands are more visible when he stretches his hands to hold Kendras chin.

”Are you okay? ” Josh looks at me holding my dress tightly. I quickly unfold my hands and clear my throat before looking into my phone for any new comments from Kendras followers.

I think I need to get my shit together. This is going to get out of hand if I keep daydreaming of Alexander doing that to me.

You have imagined him a lot of times in your head doing that, so why can you just stop? Are you crushing on him? You know Josh here loves you and would do anything for you. Don rush into someone you don know about.

I shake my head, listening to my head dictating to me what to think and what not to think about.m, I hate this. My mind would always sneak once in a while.

He knows the way I look at him and one day he intentionally just went on **ing Kendra even when I was at the door, he didn stop instead, he looked at me while doing that. I don know what he is driving at. I hope I will get over him.

The audience claps as they kiss each other. I lift my hand to clap and my eyes meet Alexanders. I quickly divert and look at Josh smiling at him.

Fuck you, Alexander! You are not even that handsome to drive a woman crazy. Maybe your charms worked on Kendra, if you think you are going to change my mind, shame on you.

I think this is enough. The wedding comes to an end and its time for the bride and the bridegroom to share a cake and a drink. That is another adjacent venue where we are heading too.

”Hey, I will catch up with you, I need to use the washroom. ” I nod at Josh as he rushes over. I walk to the catering venue but accidentally see this ginger-red hair in front of me trying to hold her dress. I know Kendra needs me to be near her and consider various pictures but I need to work on this ginger red-haired girl.

Bending down to her height, her hair is covering her face. I don know what she is doing but I hope she is okay.

”Hey, whats wrong? ” I ask as I hear her click. She quickly raises her head and looks at me. It seems we have met somewhere but I don quite know where.

She gives me her hands, I can see the zip in her hands and her heel is almost off. Looks like we have a closet malfunction here. I quickly hold her hands and off we head to the nearby washroom. I know I don have extra shoes but I got some sandals for Kendra in case her heels kill her. Looks like, we are going to give the sandals to someone else.

”I am Vanessa by the way, ” I say smiling at her. I know its not important but I won mind making friends at this place because out there, I don go to parties. Even when my sister goes to one, she doesn invite me.

”I am Sofie, my brother is the groom. ” that caught me off guard. I know I have seen her somewhere. Ooh, I saw her on Alexanders laptop. I didn sneak into his laptop to look at the bunch of stupid things, I was just holding the laptop and the wallpaper seem to have her there.

”The bride is my sister, guess we are.. ”

”Sisters too. ” she quickly says that and I am left smiling at how she can read my mind. She doesn seem the picky type of a person. She seems like a fun person. For a change, I am an introvert but not that much and she is the talkative one.

I get her dressed and help fix the zip back. Its hard but I quickly help. Kendra had asked me to carry her extra equipment which means I have almost everything in here. A glue to make sure that the place we tore is sealed, a razor to cut the zip entrance, and extra pins to hold the dress. Once I am done, Sofie is smiling at me.

”You are good with fashion. ” I look at her, hell I am not good with fashion. I just used glue to do her dress, that doesn mak

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