Chapter 98 – Lord of the Sword Zheng Mu-Jin (Part 2)

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One week has passed since the meeting with  Nan Gong-ji.

During this time, Kang Yu focused on training to create clean energy.

He used the technique he had learned to eat, drink and even sleep.

I must say, during this time, he had advanced quite far in the right concentration of Magi inside his body.

All the time he invested in training was not wasted and paid off with visible results.

The size of the pure energy became larger day by day, and he gradually got used to the ways of controlling this power.

— But when will I be able to achieve the highest degree of demonic appearance?

He learned how to create pure energy the size of his fist, but he still has not fulfilled the last condition for obtaining the special power of the 6th rank.

— I wonder when it will happen.

he, who was putting all his efforts into it, was certainly in great anticipation.

Kang Yu opened the status window while practicing.

He still had 103 Magi units.

Even using the technique of concentration, there were no more forces.

— Apparently, I miss one Magi.

Unlike Maryok, Magi could not be obtained naturally.

Of course, being in Hell, where everything was shrouded in Magi, it seemed possible, but not here, not on Earth.

Now, the amount of pure force is increasing due to the concentration of Magi clots in Kang Yu’s abdomen.

— There is definitely a limit on creating pure energy, too.

When all the magi in it turns into pure energy, the power to create it will have nowhere to go.

What’s more, he still hasn’t been able to release all the sealed Man Ma Jung, and sucking Magi out of monsters after reaching 100 units hasn’t been of any use.


— I wonder what are the other ways to overcome the problem of level 59?

The higher the level becomes, the more Man Ma Jung is released, capable of naturally increasing the amount of Magi.

Who knows, but suddenly he should be able to overcome this problem thanks to randomly received bonus points.

— An effective way must be found.

He was able to learn the last condition of achieving the highest degree of demonic appearance, but never learned how to step over level 59.

All Players on level 59 try different ways but most of those ways don’t work.

Ah Young Ju even once asked if she got some kind of system curse.

— The curse…

Even though it was just a joke, but when you think about it, you start to worry.

After all, during the incident in the Isu Sihoon district, he received a system notification, as if sent on behalf of the system itself and expressing its request.

— If the Players and the Gaia System have a connection…”

It was clear why they are not able to overcome level 59.

After all, the fact that the System is weakening, may also affect the Players.

— First, I will focus on creating pure power.

So far he has not turned all his Magi into pure energy.

Now that he has no better idea, focusing on pure power is the right thing to do.

— Kang Yu, the break is over, said Si Hoon’s voice.

Kang Yu immersed himself, nodded and moved up from his seat.

They were at the S-level gate in Suwon.

As Kang Yu had promised, they came here so that Si Hoon’s party could quickly raise the level.

— is everyone ready?

-— Heh heh, of course!

— Yes, they’ve rested.

— I want to have some more rest…

Dae Su, Han Sol and Eun Bi answered and climbed off the ground, while Ehidna, who was nearby, clung to Kang Yu’s T-shirt.

— What are you thinking about?

— Nothing important.

Even though he really thought about it, the problem will not be solved by itself if he talks about it.
That’s why you shouldn’t load the others with your thoughts.

—If I can help you, please, contact me at any moment.

Kang Yu grinned and nodded his head.

— Let’s continue.

Kang Yu softened up and looked around.
It would be good to find the monster that had fought off the pack.

— There he is.

Kang Yu noticed one of the most common S-level gate monsters in Suvona, the giant orchestra.

When he approached the monster, he used the Force of Silence, because if others heard them, things would get complicated.

— Ehidna.

-— Yes, – she came forward.

The girl stretched her hand towards the orc.
The black haze created eight sickles that spun and headed for the orcs.

That clever movement evaded the attack, which could not be compared with its size.

However, after a moment returned boomerang sickles inflicted him a lot of wounds, from which he started bleeding, and his movements slowed down.

— Get ready.

— Yes, Kang Yu.

The face of Si Hoon, who delivered El Quero’s sword, seemed excited.


Dae Su, who had just been ready for everything, and Eun Bi, who was asking for a rest, also became more serious.

— Aaaah! The monster’s cry flew.

— A little more.

Kang Yu waited until the Orc’s strength was exhausted.

It’s important to wait until the monster weakens to such an extent that Si Hoon’s team can defeat it.

—It won’t do any good if they just get experience points.

In fact, the reason Kang Yu brought them to the S-level gate for hunting was not because they were awarded experience points.

Although Shi Hun’s Party is still weak to fight S-level monsters, Kang Yu wanted them to feel their power as soon as possible.

— This will help them.

A simple boost has its limit too.
After all, if two players with equally pumped characteristics collide in the battle, the one who was pumped will obviously lose to the Player who received all his points on his own.

“In a real battle, numbers do not play a role,” this is what real Players say.

Simply put: a high level and characteristics is not a hundred percent guarantee of victory

Improving the basic characteristics is nothing more than working on yourself and your body.
That’s why, for example, the bodybuilder may not win in hand-to-hand combat, as it has only increased the weight.

Since Kang Yu had enough time to accumulate experience in real battles, now he just needs to improve the characteristics, which, in his case, directly interact with force.

But that was not the case with Si Hoon’s Party.

The body of a huge orc was shaken along with the growling.

Kang Yu commanded it:

— Here we go.

– Yes!

Together with a short answer, Si Hoon and Dae Su came forward.

Han Sol began to buffalo, and Eun Bi applied magi.

– Aaaah!

Even though the giant orc was one foot in the other world, the fight was fierce.

A giant orc is not the kind of creature that could be defeated by an average game consisting of Players of level 40.
However, even if he was dying, the Si Hoon Party showed excellent results, proving that they could cope with it.

– He is really strong!

The fight was over.

Unlike Dae Su, who was puffed up, Si Hoon looked as if he still had a power reserve.

— After all, Si Hong also has strength that does not match his level.

Probably, if he had used all his strength, he would have been able to resist the giant orc alone.

However, he, realizing that other teammates also need to train, did not put all his efforts into it.
And he is good.

Later, it will be necessary to prepare for him a single training session.

It was impossible to deny the fact that there was a huge difference between him and the other teammates.

That is why it is necessary to think of something else for his direct development.

– Let’s check our equipment and move on to the next monster.

– Phew, good!

– Dae Su, come here.

Han Seol called him in and healed his wounds.

At that moment, several giant orcs came into their sight and pointed their weapons in their direction.

“Did they smell blood?”

Even though he muffled the sounds coming from them, apparently, it was not enough.

Kang Yu began to form a pure force when he looked at the three monsters approaching.

If Kang Yu hadn’t been with them, the group couldn’t have handled so many monsters.

– Wait here.

Kang Yu turned around and there was a terrible scream coming from the Orcs.

He used the power of the Dark Spear and grabbed the spear formed from the black smoke.
He looked as if he had been enveloped in pure energy, not as usual.

– — А?

There was a pure clash of metal and a light beam appeared.

Orcs running to it stopped at one moment, and thin cuts appeared on the body.
Gradually they began to spread, forming fountains of blood.

All three giant orcs lost their lives in an instant.

Kang Yu turned his gaze to the side when he saw a lazy, skinny man walking towards him and two people following him.
One of them was a charming girl, and the other was a frightened young man with a pale face.

“With one stroke of three giant orcs…,” Kang Yu squinted.

Young Ju wasn’t able to do that for sure.

And that means that in front of him is a man who is above the Top of the country.

Only one person came to mind who had a reason to come personally.

Lord of the Sword, Jong Mu Jin.

The player under which was all of China, a man who was in the world top.

– Apparently, you decided to come in person.
I was beginning to doubt whether you will not send to the insolent squad of murderers.

– So you’re the same named brother… I apologize for what happened.
Ah… I think you don’t understand Chinese, – he slowly translated the look at the guy standing just behind.

The guy, clearly nervous, started talking:

– G… Jong Mu Jin-san said he was sorry about…

– Just speak Chinese.

– — О? So you know him? – Jong-Moo Jin asked after Kang Yu used the power of General Language to answer him in Chinese.

Kang Yu nodded his head.

The man continued with a certain relief:

– Then, the conversation will be quick.
Excuse me, my subordinates behaved rudely.

– In words, anyone can apologize.

– Ha-ha-ha! That’s right.

The man bowed low to Kang Yu.

When he saw something like that, everyone around him froze in shock.

Even Kang Yu, without expecting it to happen, clenched his lips tightly.

Lord of the Sword, Jung Moo-jin.

The strongest person who was reading worshipped a commoner.

It was unbelievable that a person with such powers could do such a thing.

– The Players who robbed you were expelled from the legion.
It was my fault for not being able to raise my subjects properly.

– Well, since you came in person, I will accept my apologies.

Anyway, because of Nan Gong Jin, no one was hurt.

And since he was also punished by his guild, there was no need for more.

– So why are you here?

– I came to meet with the Dragon.

– I have already heard that.
Why do you want to meet Si Hoon so much?

– I was watching the video.

Kang Yu looked at it.

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– I think it was called “Dragon on Isu”.
The video of the battle at that place.

– So what?

– So I wanted to check something.

The man sprayed in a smile and continued:

– How could the Dragon master Musin’s techniques?

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