Chapter 96 – How to achieve the highest degree of demonic form (Part 4)

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[The highest degree of demonic form: the first stage of becoming Musin.]

[Condition 1: Reaching 60 units of Magi]

[Condition 2: Perfect mastery of simultaneous use of more than three Forces]

[Condition 3: Creating a pure power stone of a specific magnitude (Not achieved)]

‘I thought the last condition was to create pure power in my body.’

If he had not accepted Si Hoon’s suggestion, he would not have been able to find out the last condition.

‘I didn’t even know that it was possible to create pure power with the Heavenly Dragon Technique.
I wonder if the power I created is different from the one used by the Devil’s Teachers?’ Kang Yu tilted his head and focused on the pure power formed in his abdomen.

At first glance, the pure power that formed through concentrated Magi was no different from that used by the Teachers.

But taking into account that his pure power was created on the basis of Magi, then they are radically different.

‘They are of the same type, but they differ in strength.’

A perfect comparison was the difference between an Americano and Espresso.

The pure power created by the Masters was diluted with water, while Kang Yu’s was an extracted drink.

Of course, depending on the percentage of ‘water,’ the extracted force will also vary.

Kang Yu concentrated strength in his fist.

Although Kang Yu was not using any of the Powers, he felt a tremendous destructive energy in his fist.

To test the newfound strength, he struck a steel doll in the training room.

The solid steel shattered from the impact alone, crumbling and dissolving into thin air.

— Wow… wow, you’re amazing, Kang Yu! — Si Hoon said in a voice filled with envy.

He could cut the doll in half himself, but Kang Yu did something incredible – he didn’t just cut it apart, he made it evaporate.

— Have you learned how to use the technique?

— Yes, thanks to you, I learned something really important.

Since this was the first use of the power he created, he wanted to test its power, and spent all his energy in one blow.
However, he understood that if he possessed a larger number of Magi, he would spend only a third of his pure power.

‘Well, this is just the beginning.’

There’s no need to hurry.

Now that he’s mastered this technique, he simply had to build up Magi to strengthen the pure power.

For him, a man who was able to cope with Man Ma Jung, dealing with inner energy would not be a problem.

Kang Yu settled into a lotus pose again and concentrated, applying the Heavenly Dragon Technique.

‘I don’t think it’s necessary right now.’

The guy straightened his legs and got up from the floor.

As long as the situation wasn’t urgent, then he could calmly continue to use the technique even in everyday life.

— Ka… Kang Yu, that’s dangerous!

— Ah? What’s dangerous?

— If you rise from the lotus position in the process of performing the technique, you may experience deadly disturbances in your body!

Si Hoon’s eyes widened as he warned the guy of the danger.

However, Kang Yu didn’t even stagger when he got up

— Did you… suspend the technique?

— No, I didn’t.

— Then… you mean you can use it on the go…?

Si Hoon looked at the guy in disbelief.

He knew, of course, that there were techniques that could be used while moving around, but the ‘Heavenly Dragon’ was definitely not one of them.

This was a technique that requires concentration to get results.

However, Kang Yu was able to do something incredible and step over this requirement.

— How… — Si Hoon stared at the guy incomprehensibly.

Kang Yu was able to apply the Heavenly Dragon Technique without concentration, even though the great Musin spirit himself said that it was impossible.

— It’s not that hard.
Does it involve the life force of a person? You can simply differentiate them when the body is in motion.

— Won’t the forces move after the body?

The reason for using this technique in the lotus pose is simple: the energy accumulating in the body changes direction following the movements of a person.

Everything is complicated because the flow of energy moves in different directions, and if a person is moving, then it is difficult to make sure the forces do not collide.
No, it’s not just difficult.
More precisely, it is almost impossible.

— They can be calculated to make sure they don’t go astray.

Seeing how lightly Kang Yu spoke of it, Si Hoon bit his lip.

Although the guy talked about it as if it was a trivial thing, he perfectly understood how complex and incredible the processes taking place in him were.

Kang Yu’s actions were so crazy that it could be compared to a madman walking along a cliff with his eyes closed – just one wrong step could lead to death.

— As expected… nothing intimidates you.
— Si Hoon shook his head with a pale face.

Kang Yu laughed.

Controlling the energy flowing through his body was nothing compared to controlling Man Ma Jung.

‘If it can be called a talent, then I’m definitely gifted, but…’

Kang Yu thought this wasn’t the case at all.

This was simply the result of his desperate attempts to survive for a long ten thousand years, so as not to be completely absorbed by the Magi.

That’s why his skills could not simply be called talent.

— So, how about studying another technique?

— Let’s do it later.
For now, this will be enough.

As Kang Yu had discovered a way to create pure power, he wanted to focus on this technique.

‘If it all works out…’

Kang Yu thought about the final condition to get his 6th Special Ability.

So far, he did not know what it would be or what effects it would have, but it certainly couldn’t be negative.

‘On the contrary, there’s a high probability that it will be a great asset.’

There was little left to achieve the goal.

He had a clear purpose and a plan of action, so there was no reason to postpone it.

‘First, I will focus on the technique.’

Kang Yu, calmly using the Heavenly Dragon, felt the pleasant power form where the Magi was concentrated.

‘I should try to create a little more pure power.’

Kang Yu smiled, satisfied, and turned his eyes to Si Hoon.

— We’re done for the day.

— We’re leaving the rest of the techniques for later?

— Yes.
Is Heavenly Dragon the most powerful of all concentration techniques?

— Yeah.
I think the more I learn from Musin, the more techniques appear, but right now this is the most powerful.

— Oho~

This means that as Si Hoon develops, Kang Yu, too, will be able to learn something new.

‘Si Hoon, I hope for your rapid development!’ He looked at Si Hoon like a gardener looks at his fruit, wishing for it to ripen faster.

Of course, he wasn’t going to just watch from the sidelines.

— Si Hoon, how about we go to the Level S Gate together next time?

— Where? The… S Gate?

— Yes.

— I appreciate that you trust me so much, but our party is too weak to hunt in the Level S Gate right now.

— It’s fine.
I’ll take the driver’s seat.

— Huh?

— All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

A special bus ticket for a quick promotion called Oh Kang Yu.

— I’ll show you my driving skills.


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— Are you leaving? — Park Hyun Woo approached them on their way out of the training hall.

— Yes, thanks for lending us the hall.

— You won’t see the Commander before leaving?

— Tell her that I’m very busy today and will drop by next time.

— Haha.
The Commander will be upset.
— Hyun Woo smiled slightly and nodded his head.
— Well, you’re welcome to visit any time.

— I’m the one who should thank you for the warm welcome.

The three exchanged handshakes.

— By the way, did you hear that Zheng Jin Mun came to Korea?

— Yes, I heard.

Zheng Jin Mun.

A guild dominated by Sword Ruler Zheng Mu-jin, one of the Top 8 Players worldwide.

The Players of their guild, like Si Hoon, possess a unique aura.
And they did not resemble ordinary guilds, rather, they could be called a ‘legion.’

— People say… that they’ve started to act.

— Hmm… and why are they here?

— This is still not clear.

Kang Yu nodded.

— I’ll take that into account.

— Be careful.
If you mess with them, you may be in danger.

Their guild was on a completely different level than the Korean ones.

First, the number of Players in their guild was close to ten thousand.

Considering the number of Players in Red Rose hardly exceeds a thousand, the difference is massive.

— Hahaha, don’t worry.

— Well… I think you should understand and know to avoid them.

— No, there’s absolutely no need for that.

Hyun Woo looked at the guy questioningly.

— Even if we run into each other, I’m not in danger at all, — Kang Yu laughed.

There was silence.

— Well, we’ll be going now.

Zheng Jin Mun.

If they were poking their noses in his business, there was no need to run away from them, because the principle of survival is simple: ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth.’

If you give in easily, everything will be taken away from you.
Once you bow your head, you will be brought to your knees.

However, in the event that you realize you really cannot win, escape is a must.

It is unwise to go out on a battlefield only to await death.

‘But that’s not the case for me.’ Kang Yu knew the limits of his abilities.

Although he was unable to regain all the strength he’d accumulated in Hell, he was not so pathetic to walk on Earth with his head low.

— Si Hoon, let’s go.

— Let’s go!

Si Hoon glanced at Kang Yu, who was walking away, and quickly caught up with him.

Leaving the Red Rose building, Kang Yu entered his car.

— I’ll give you a lift home.

— Don’t worry, I can take the subway.

— Come on, you’ve spent so much time on me.
This is the least I could do.
Oh, and you should pick a car for yourself.

— N… no, Kang Yu.
It’s already enough that you help with mom’s hospital bills…

— It’ll make me feel better.
And if I call you, you’ll be able to come to me quickly without any problems.

— Kang Yu… — He choked as he uttered this, his eyes turning red.

Kang Yu broke into a smile.

‘Really, what would he do without me?’

Today, Si Hoon had given him a lot, and the car is nothing in comparison.

Even so, he reacts so naively.

Anyone could fool him.

‘I’ll be there to make sure that doesn’t happen.’

Thinking this, he drove off to Si Hoon’s house.

— Ah?

When they arrived at the house which Kang Yu had visited several times before, he saw men dressed in dobok*.

(Note: Dobok is a special uniform for taekwondo.
White uniform, light trousers and jacket with a belt over it.)

— Who are you? — Si Hoon asked, getting out of the car.

The men in uniforms looked at him.
One of them approached Si Hoon and began to speak in broken Korean:

— My name is Nan Gong-jin.
I am the Commander of the third division of Zheng Jin Mun Guild.
The Sword Ruler wants to see the Korean ‘Dragon.’ Follow us.

— What? Sword Ruler… Are you talking about Zheng Mu-jin?

Hearing the name of one of the strongest people in the world, Si Hoon shook.

Nan Gong-jin’s eyes gleamed.

— Don’t say his name as you please.
Follow me.
The plane is ready.

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— What… — Si Hoon hesitated.

Kang Yu put a hand on his shoulder and pushed Si Hoon aside, taking a look at Nan Gong-jin.

— You really don’t know Korean.

— What?

— You jerk, why are you being so impolite?

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