Chapter 95 – How to achieve the highest degree of demonic form (Part 3)

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The next day, Si Hoon and Kang Yu went to the Red Rose Guild’s training hall.

— Eeeek!

— That… is that the Dragon?!

— It’s him, isn’t it?

Popularity followed him on his heels, including in the guild’s base.

Guild members gathered at the information desk, watching the guy, periodically uttering exclamations.

— Why did you come to Red Rose?

— A-a-and are you going to join Red Rose?

— Ah… — Si Hoon smiled awkwardly and shook his head.
— No, I don’t think so.
Although I’m getting help from the guild, there’s another person I’ve sworn allegiance to.

— Sworn allegiance?

— Can you reveal his identity?

— I’m sorry, but no…

The people surrounding him exhaled with pity.

— Ah… Then at least an autograph?

— Mm… That’s a little bit… — He faltered, his cheeks turning red.

Kang Yu intervened in their dialogue:

— Finish this so we can go quickly.

— Oh, yes! Coming!

The guild members glared viciously at Kang Yu.

— What kind of scary jerk was that?

— He’s kind of rude!

The guy, hearing the whispers behind his back, made a sour look.

Objectively, Kang Yu wasn’t scary at all.
No, even if you call him beautiful, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

However, in comparison to Si Hoon, he looked ordinary.
Anyone in contrast to Si Hoon would look terrible.

— I’ll go tell them off and come back.
How dare they call you a scary…

— Forget them, let’s go.

If he starts defending someone else now, it would only cause discontent.

They took the elevator to the basement floor, heading for the training room.

— Ah, it’s you.
I heard from the Commander that you were coming.

Upon entering the hall, they met Park Hyun Woo.

— I’ve heard about what happened to Hwaran’s room.

(Reminder: You couldn’t have forgotten how they wrecked that training hall right?)

— Ah…

— They say you’ve got a lot of money.
Hahaha! — He smiled dryly as he shook Kang Yu’s hand.
— Please, let’s do without it this time.

— We’ll take that into account.

— Hahaha! I hope so.

There was weariness in his smile.

‘I heard he’s in the management department now.’

Given the frequent incidents lately, he must have a lot of work to do.

Kang Yu sympathetically watched the departing Hyun Woo and headed inside.

— Well, let’s start right away.

— Sure.

Si Hoon, entering the room, immediately turned his head towards the training equipment.

— Kang Yu, what kind of weapon do you prefer?

— I don’t know… I don’t have a favorite.

To get out of a predicament, he usually used everything that came to hand.

Si Hoon nodded.

— First, before you start learning techniques, you need to decide on the weapon you’ll use.
Hmm… let’s start with the sword, since I use it the most often.

— Sword, you say…

Thinking about it, the most familiar weapon for Kang Yu was a spear.

Of course, he uses the Power of the Blade quite often, but it is noticeably different from the sword that Si Hoon is now offering him.

Since his blade appears from the back of his hand, it resembles an assassin’s blade.

‘But if I’m going to learn from Si Hoon, it’s better to use a sword.’

The guy picked up a sword for training.

— Let’s start with the basics of the Rapid Dragon Strike.
I think you can master them in a day.

The Rapid Dragon Strike technique consists of eight positions.

Si Hoon’s sword moved smoothly, as if flowing along the river.
After demonstrating all eight positions, he turned to Kang Yu.

— Repeat after me.

— What…?

— Just do what I showed you.

— But how can I repeat what I’ve only seen once?

— It’s enough to repeat the movements.
— Si Hoon looked at Kang Yu blankly.

Kang Yu, in turn, raised his sword with a questioning glance and quickly sliced through the air with rough motions.

— Seeing it for the first time, can you repeat it? — he asked Si Hoon, trying to make a point.

— Of course.

Si Hoon, as if asking what kind of nonsense this was, raised his sword and perfectly repeated the movement he’d just seen.

‘What’s wrong with him?’

Kang Yu felt a little awkward.

— Kang Yu, don’t be like that.
Just repeat it.

— I’m telling you, I can’t.

— Hmm… There’s nothing we can do about it then.
In that case, let’s study the positions one by one.

Si Hoon stretched his neck and showed the first movement.

He swung the sword from the top of his head to the waist, thrust forward, then lifted it up again.

Kang Yu, following Si Hoon’s demonstration, swung the sword from the bottom up.

— No, not like this.

— What? It was the same thing.

— You’re using too much when you lower the sword.
This creates too much recoil when you lift it again.

Si Hoon once again showed ‘the right thing to do,’ and Kang Yu repeated once more.

— That’s not it.
It’s too weak this time.

‘What is going on?’

Kang Yu thought that this was turning out much more complicated than he expected, and swun his sword again.

— Try doing it a bit weaker this time.

Another attempt.

— No.
Too weak this time.

— A little stronger.

And so three hours passed.

Repeating the same movement over and over, irritation began to show on his face.

— Si Hoon, did you also fail at first?

— R… right, — the guy replied, averting his eyes.

Kang Yu saw his expression and immediately guessed the guy was lying.

— It’s fine, you can tell me the truth.

— I mastered them after two or three tries… — Si Hoon answered carefully.

Kang Yu chuckled wearily.

‘You’re telling me it only took two or three times?’

Putting the right amount of force into the blow was as difficult as filling a glass to the rim with water with closed eyes.

Since the guy was more familiar with a completely different weapon, he couldn’t sense when he was doing it right and when he wasn’t.

— Phew.
Let’s leave the amount of force for later and move on to the movements themselves.

— Mmm.
Yes, let’s.

Si Hoon looked at the guy questioningly but still nodded.

There were eight positions in total.

Kang Yu repeated them one by one, slicing through the air with his sword.

‘It feels like something goes wrong in the end.’

Moving from position to position, Kang Yu did not like any of them.

There was a feeling like his body was rejecting an alien object inserted during an operation.

— Why can’t I smoothly link the fourth and fifth positions? — Kang Yu turned his head to the guy.

Aren’t mentors here for moments like this?

Si Hoon smiled cheerfully and replied:

— Don’t get too hung up on the flow.
Just let the sword continue your movements.

— What?

— You’re too focused on doing things perfectly.
Just trust your body.

— Erm…

Kang Yu bowed his head and swung his sword.
As Si Hoon suggested, he tried not to ponder every move.

Although it sounded simple in words, in fact, it did not work.


It seemed as if the awkwardness he’d previously felt overwhelmed his mind.

Kang Yu, trying to apply Si Hoon’s techniques to himself, once again was convinced that he was a true genius.

He immediately remembered an old interview of one of the pro-Players, with whom he now absolutely agreed.

What is a trifle for one is a real problem for another.

Since something for one person may be self-evident, they could not understand how difficult it is to another person.

— Hmm.

In less than a day, Kang Yu realized one very important detail.

‘Si Hoon has no talent for teaching.’

Because he was so talented, he couldn’t explain ‘how’ to do it.

Without the same talent, he could not learn anything from him.

— I think I should give up.
— Kang Yu clicked his tongue.

— Wh… what are you saying? Maybe my skills really aren’t good enough for you…

— That’s not it.
Quite the opposite, actually.

— The opposite?

— You’re too talented.

Si Hoon pressed his lips together as Kang Yu sighed and turned away from him.

— Let’s end this.
There will certainly be another chance later.

— Ah… — Si Hoon uttered briefly.

It seemed that Si Hoon was upset about missing out on his chance to repay Kang Yu even a little for his kindness.

— Kang Yu, don’t say that.
Let’s try another technique.

— Another one?

— Yes, it’s basic.
I can definitely explain it well.

— Hmm…

After a brief moment of hesitation, Kang Yu nodded his head.

Even if it doesn’t work out again, it’d be better than not trying at all.

— First, observe how I use force.

— Okay.

Kang Yu, using the Power of the Observer, began to watch the energy flowing through Si Hoon’s body, sourced from the center of the abdomen.

‘I think I can handle this.’

Kang Yu thought it would be easier for him to use his inner strength than his physical strength.

The guy, assuming a lotus pose, continued to observe the movement of energy in Si Hoon’s body.

[Initiating the Lord of Magi effect.
You have increased the ability to control Magi.]

[You have successfully learned the Heavenly Dragon Basic Technique.]


His attempt was suddenly successful.

Applying the learned technique, Magi immediately formed a circle in his body.


He immediately felt a clot of Magi concentrated under his belly button.

Not just concentrated, but as if it formed something solid.


It was a familiar feeling.

The image of a black stone surfaced in his mind.

[You have successfully created pure power.]

[You have successfully unlocked the last condition for achieving the highest degree of demonic form.]

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‘Si Hoon…’

A pleasant shiver ran through his body.

It was blind luck.

He was able to unlock the last condition of achieving the highest degree of demonic form at the most unpredictable time, in the most unpredictable place.

‘Boy, I adore you!’

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