Chapter 94 – How to achieve the highest degree of demonic form (Part 2)

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Three days have passed since the rift formed in the center of Seoul.
Of course, what happened at Isu Station stirred up the whole of Korea.
No, this case shocked not only Korea, but the whole world.

The Devil’s Teachers – creatures, hiding in the shadows, who were now ready to reveal themselves to the world.

However, high-ranking officials were not surprised at all by this news.

After all, they have known the existence of Hell creatures for a while now, and they were well aware of the danger posed by them.

Governments of all countries tried to find and exterminate the Teachers, but with little effect, because they were strong and carefully hidden from the outside world.

In addition, due to the fact that many soldiers from large units had moved to the ranks of Players, forming their own small guilds, the search for the Teachers was difficult.

And since the Devil’s Teachers have lost the need to hide, and they can act more openly, the number of victims is bound to increase.

Korea, the very place it all began five years ago, has remained relatively calm, while unrest is taking place everywhere else around the world.

And the reason for this was Oh Kang Yu, who rooted out the leader of the Devil’s Teachers in their country.

That was how he attracted the attention of influential people to Korea.


At a house in Downtown Seoul.

— I think I’m all better.

Three days after the incident, Kang Yu finally got out of bed.

The aftereffects of awakening Man Ma Jung were not so easy to get rid of, so for the past few days he just continued to sleep, which helped him to fully recover and return to his original form.

— Kang Yu, why did you get up?

— I’m feeling better.
I think I can walk.

— Don’t strain yourself.
Nothing bad will happen even if you rest some more.
I’ll look after you.

Echidna pulled him by the hand and dragged him back to bed.

The guy smiled bitterly and shook his head.

— I’m really fine.
I’ve rested well and I feel better than ever.

The girl glanced at the lively Kang Yu and for a moment made a plaintive face.

After all, she could be around him at all times these last three days while caring for him.

— Kang Yu, just don’t overdo yourself.

— Sure.

— I feel like you say that all the time.
— Echidna snuggled up to him and tugged at the hem of his shirt.
— What are you going to do today? —

— I don’t know, I’ll probably see what and how first.

Although he’d heard what was going on, he didn’t know for sure.

The guy opened the door and went into the living room.

— Ah?

In the room sat Young-ju, sipping tea with Han Sol.

— Why did you get out of bed?

— I’m feeling better.
I’m more interested in what you’re doing here.

— This house was bought with my money, can’t I come to visit? Is there a problem?

Hearing this, Han Sol laughed lightly.

— Young-ju worries about you, so she visits everyday.

— Wha… what the hell?! I’m not worried at all! — Young-ju shouted with some hesitation, and the guy chuckled.
— Anyway, I was going to call you.

— Call? What for? Everyone around me calls me a patient, shouldn’t I act like a patient and lie down?

— You just said everything was fine.
— Young-ju sighed and finished her tea in one gulp.
— First of all, the Hanul Guild is officially disbanded.

— And the Disciples?

— They were caught… but just before the interrogation, they all turned into monsters.

— Hmm.
— Kang Yu swallowed.

He guessed it was done to prevent information leakage.

— What about the school?

— They began to be noticed all over the world… but so far only in Korea have they shown themselves so clearly.
The Government is still dealing with this.

Of course, the situation could not be resolved quickly, considering it affected more than a thousand people.

Kang Yu nodded his head and took out his phone, opening a news site.

‘A demonic pseudo-religion spreading all over the world.
What is their main goal?’

‘The appearance of a hero! Dragon Kim Si Hoon!’

‘According to surviving witnesses, the Dragon Kim Si Hoon was sent to us by the heavens themselves!’

‘Creation of a fan club for Kim Si Hoon.
Interest in Dragon Kim Si Hoon is growing all over the world.’

— All the news is about Si Hoon.

— Because he was the first in the Isu area before anyone else and started rescuing civilians by killing monsters.

He had the appearance of stars, and he behaved like a hero, saving ordinary people from death.
A Player that no one had heard of until now.

It would be strange if he didn’t get everyone’s attention.

— Don’t you regret that all the glory was taken from right under your nose?

— Not a bit.
— The guy shrugged.

In fact, there was nothing more annoying than attention.

Therefore, Kang Yu actually pitied Si Hoon for receiving so much attention from this incident.

— Ah, and another World Ranker Player came to Korea.

— World Ranker?

— Yes.
From Zheng Jin Mun… The Chinese guild.

— Did he come to bring Si Hoon to his group?

— I don’t know.
He hasn’t shown himself yet.

— Hmm.
— He nodded again.

He thought that the World Rankers had little to do with him.

— So, can we consider the problem of the Devil’s Teachers in Korea almost solved?

— Yes.
But it seems that the Teachers in Korea were only the tip of the iceberg.
— Young-ju narrowed her eyes.

Glancing at her, Kang Yu asked:

— But you won’t end your revenge here, will you?

— Of course not.
I won’t rest until they’re all gone.

— Good choice.

Thanks to what happened three days ago, he realized for sure that the Teachers posed a great danger not only to him, but to the whole world.

And given that the Gaia System is continuing to weaken, no one knew what else they might throw out.

‘I had no idea that he would be able to summon a demon into his body.’

Merging with a demon was something truly incredible.

— So far, we still haven’t caught anyone’s tail?

— Yes.
Sometimes they give themselves up, but it’s not something easy to get hold of.

— I see.
— Kang Yu squinted.

As it was now, it would be difficult for him to travel the world to personally assess the situation.

‘It’s like banging your head against a wall.’

Even in Korea, it’d been difficult to find them.
It would be senseless to go to other countries without knowing their exact location.

‘We need to become even stronger.’

If you cannot attack the enemy fortress, you need to build a huge wall around your own.

So huge that the enemy could not even look behind it.

‘First of all, I need to deal with the Level 59 problem and the highest degree of demonic form.’

Having reached the limit in terms of level and not knowing the last condition for achieving the highest degree of demonic form, there could be no talk of development.

However, both problems were serious, and he did not know which one to tackle first.

‘In that case…’

He couldn’t waste time on something that could last forever.

Therefore, it was important to take on what he is more likely to accomplish.

‘And I’ll start with what I can do right now that can help me.’

The first thing that crossed his mind was raising his Magi through hunting.

However, given that it has already exceeded 100 units, increasing it could also take an indefinite amount of time.

Therefore, this method could not be considered effective.

Kang Yu calmly shut his eyes and pondered.

— Ah!

At that moment, he thought of a great idea.

Something he could do right now that would also help him.

‘I need to call Si Hoon.’ Kang Yu smiled, and took out his phone.


Yep it’s us, Ce~~ntinni.


— Kang Yu! Are you feeling better?

Less than 20 minutes after Kang Yu’s call, the guy ended up at their home.

Kang Yu nodded slightly.

— How are you? I flipped through the news, you’re in all the headlines.

— Ha! Don’t even mention it.
As soon as I’m on the street, I’m surrounded by people.
It’s impossible to hunt, — the guy said wearily, pulling off his mask and removing his cap.
— I think I need to get a bigger mask.

— Well, what can you do… Stay strong.

— Honestly, I’m not very happy about it.

— Why?

— Well, to be honest, the one who solved this problem wasn’t me, but you.
You’re the one they should be calling a hero, — the guy said with pity.

He seemed to believe he was taking the credit from Kang Yu.

— Don’t talk nonsense.

— Is it fine that people don’t know about any of your merits?

— I wouldn’t gain any benefits taking the spotlight, so it’s alright.
You said it yourself that it’s exhausting.

— Right… — Si Hoon confirmed.

But his face reflected pity that Kang Yu could not gain recognition for his hard work.

— I’d hate to deal with something so tiresome.

— Hmm… Well, if you say so.
Why did you call me?

— I have a request for you.

— I’ll do anything for you, — the guy answered instantly, devotion blazing in his eyes.

Hearing such an answer, Kang Yu chuckled.

— I want to learn martial arts.

— Martial arts? — Si Hoon tilted his head inquiringly.

— Yes.
Fusion with a sword, was it? You said you improved your skills.

(Reminder: He’s referring to the skill Si Hoon mastered recently.)

— Yes, but…

— It’s okay if I’m a little worse than you.
I just want some kind of base.

— Oh… — Si Hoon swallowed.

He doubted not in the abilities of Kang Yu.
He carefully continued:

— I’m not good at it enough to teach you.

Kang Yu was at a much higher level than himself.

If he teaches something to Kang Yu, it would look as if the student is explaining to the teacher how to teach correctly.

Kang Yu shook his head.

— No, I don’t think so.
I may have great powers, but in terms of weapon-related discipline, it’s exactly the opposite.

What he can learn from Si Hoon would ideally complement his collection of abilities and skills.

‘Let a great warrior not stand behind me…’

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It would be a pity if such a person nearby, especially the descendant of Musin, does not render any help.

Now that he has reached his limit, he had no choice but to start studying martial arts.

‘Even though I didn’t think I’d need it.’

— Okay.
— Si Hoon nodded.
— I will teach you martial arts.


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