Chapter 91 – Now you’ll know who I am (Part 3)

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His fist, concentrated with Magi, headed for Kang Hyun.

His body was thrown back and fell on the asphalt, cracking on impact.

— Kh… as expected…

Even though Kang Hyun had merged with the demon and physically felt nothing, in his mind he was aware that he had been pushed back.

He did not understand where such a strong man could have been hiding before.

‘It’s time to find out.’ Baek Kang Hyun smiled.

The force that was tearing from within broke out.

He completely changed, ceasing to be like a man, but he did not care at all.

He’d become immortal and no longer needed food, but that was not important either.

The most important thing was the power he has gained.

— He’s damn strong.

Kang Yu frowned, feeling the pain in his fist.

Kang Hyun had no defensive elements, but the powerful strike that should have hit him did not cause any damage.

This means that Kang Hyun indeed acquired the body of a powerful demon.

‘Everything should be over in a minute.’

While Kraken’s Wrath is in effect, his Magi is doubled.

It should be enough time to defeat Kang Hyun.

— Hmm.
— Kang Yu exhaled thoughtfully.

He wasn’t exactly cornered.
He could easily think of one way to resolve this situation.


‘I’ll leave it for later.’

The method posed too high of a risk.
He couldn’t use it recklessly.

‘For now, my goal is to finish everything within a minute.’

Kang Yu crouched down.

In order to defeat Kang Hyun in a minute, it was necessary to act in a certain way.

— Fouh…

Kang Yu took a deep breath in and out.
Concentrating, he began to accumulate Magi in his body.


He combined two forces: the Power of Hellfire and Dark Spear.

But he did not stop there, continuing to build up even more strength.

The ends of the split spear began to wriggle like two snakes.

[Death Spear]

Kang Yu tightly gripped the spear made from three Powers.

The flowing Magi in his body began to leave him at a rapid speed.

He clutched the handle of the spear and took a pose.

— What is he up to? — Kang Hyun’s eyes filled with excitement.

He intuitively understood what kind of power lies in the spear created by Kang Yu.

— Not bad at all! — The guy laughed.

Kang Yu proved to be a worthy opponent to test the power he’d received.

— I like it! — His cry was filled with madness.

He stretched out both hands and concentrated Magi in them, creating even more powerful gloves than before.

Baek Kang Hyun and Oh Kang Yu.

The two monsters clashed again in duel.

— Ha!

Kang Yu, crouching low, pushed off the ground and swung the Death Spear.

Kang Hyun jumped up with a stomp of his foot and the spear immediately changed course and followed him.

— And you are persistent!

Kang Hyun clenched his fists and flew towards Kang Yu, the spear colliding with his glove.

From the incredibly powerful blow, Kang Yu’s body was thrown backwards.

— Kh…

Kang Yu felt a tremor go through his body, after which everything floated before his eyes, and he could hardly stand on his feet.

— Kef…

He coughed up the blood accumulated in his mouth, and his vision gradually began to return to normal.

‘I can’t take him out by force.’

Without the Power of a Thousand, Kang Yu would never have the strength to defeat him.

But if he decides to use it, he will not be able to support the other three Forces that the Death Spear consists of.
Meaning there was no way to finish him off in one shot.

The breathtaking battle continued.

They struck each other a dozen times in a second.

At first glance, it seemed that this was an ordinary hand-to-hand fight, in which neither could surpass the other.
But the more time passed, the less favorable the conditions became for Kang Yu.

‘Only five seconds left.’

There’s almost no time left.

Kang Yu narrowed his eyes.
It was time to take more drastic measures.

He pulled the Death Spear backwards and, turning it halfway around him, ducked.

Preparing himself, he threw the spear forward.

— Hah?! — Kang Hyun stretched his hand forward and the glove flew towards Kang Yu, while throwing the spear back with his other hand, not using any defensive technique.

A satisfied smile appeared on Kang Hyun’s face.

He kept his fist on Kang Yu with his sturdy gloves made from Magi.

At that moment, something unexpected happened.

— Ah? — Kang Yu gasped.

The forces within him began to fade away rapidly, and the Death Spear thrown back by Kang Hyun turned into black haze and dissipated in the air.

— Hahaha! Gotcha! I knew it would turn out like this, because you were in too much of a hurry!

— What… happened?

Kang Yu’s face was twisted in confusion.

The moment Kang Hyun’s glove touched Kang Yu’s hand, Magi stopped flowing in his body.

Not expecting this, Kang Yu was confused.

Kang Hyun laughed smugly.

— This is what they call the Devil’s Power.

— Power…?

— Yes.

Kang Hyun looked pleased as he gazed at the glove wrapped around the guy.

— First, thanks to the Blockade Power encased in the gloves, I can exhaust the enemy.

— So…

— Yes.
It means that you, as a Player, cannot use your powers.

Kang Yu concentrated and tried to feel for Magi in his body.
But his attempt was in vain.

Despite the fact that he possessed not only Player skills but also the Powers acquired in Hell, he could not use either of them.
Apparently, the blockage extended to all abilities at once.

Now he was no different from the man he was before the trip to Hell.

Kang Yu staggered and lightly fell to his knees.

The guy coughed up blood and his mind went blank.

— Hahaha! This is what you get for showing off without knowing the ways of the world!

Baek Kang Hyun burst out laughing.
Looking down at Kang Yu, he smiled contentedly.

— It suits you when you’re on your knees.

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The guy struggled to rise from the ground, but the glove grasping his left hand inexorably pulled him down.

Now that all Kang Yu’s Magi was locked, Kang Hyun’s grip was like an overwhelming burden for him.

‘It couldn’t be any worse.’

Now, after returning to Earth, Kang Yu found himself at a disadvantage for the first time.

Even at the time of his return, he’d felt quite weak, but at least there was still Magi.
The guy looked down at the glove holding his hand.

He needed to find a way to free himself from it.

He wanted to push it away with his right hand, but the glove clutched firmly on his left hand did not move.

He couldn’t push it away at all.

— Hehe.
You can’t free yourself.

Chuckling, he kicked Kang Yu once again.

With a booming sound, the guy fell to the ground again and coughed up a small clot of blood.

Moving even closer, he lifted Kang Yu up by the throat.

Due to the fact he’d turned into a monster three meters in height, Kang Yu, raised by his throat, hung high in the air.

— I know smug people like you very well.
You are mistaken in thinking that the whole world belongs only to you.
Insolent, rude and not knowing any decency.

Kang Hyun’s hateful gaze was not directed at Kang Yu at all.

— It’s time for revenge.
— A pleasant chill ran through his body.

The name of the person who had made him experience the taste of defeat surfaced in his mind.

Fujimoto Ryoma.

Kang Hyun’s life, which had previously been going uphill before, fell so low in an instant until there was no light to be seen.

He felt like dancing from the mere thought that he finally has the opportunity for revenge.

Kang Hyun, still holding Kang Yu by the throat, tossed him aside, where the bodies of the other Players were scattered on the ground.

— Where is your impudence now? Ah? — Kang Hyun asked him mockingly.

He felt pure joy watching the adamant Kang Yu now lying on the floor, exhausted of strength.

— It’s time to finish this.
You’ve entertained me well.

Kang Yu gripped his chin tightly and looked up at him.

Kang Hyun just laughed out loud, gazing at the silent guy.

— Kang Yu!

At that moment, Echidna appeared, making her way through the smoke.

Seeing the guy lying on the floor and the demon hanging over him, she immediately understood the situation.

— Get away from Kang Yu!

Echidna, with eyes full of rage, prepared to gather power to attack.

— A…h?

But she, like Kang Yu, could not feel any Magi inside herself.

The reason was simple – her abilities are closely related to the forces of Kang Yu.

The moment Kang Yu’s powers were blocked, the same thing happened to her.

— Ka… Kang Yu… — The girl’s face turned pale.

— Is that the kid you were with at the mall?

Kang Hyun’s gaze immediately shifted to Echidna and, laughing, he approached the little girl.

— A…ah!

Echidna was caught in Kang Hyun’s palm.

She desperately pounded his huge fist with her little hands.

— How cute! — The guy laughed at her attempts, not even feeling her fists.

Squeezing the girl even tighter in his grasp, he said:

— You seem to have a great relationship… I’m interested to see your reaction if she gets flattened in front of your eyes.

— Let go! Do you think you can just touch my body… — Echidna shouted, desperately trying to get out.

Kang Hyun laughed again.

Kang Yu looked up at him calmly.

Among the bodies of the Players, he was able to grope for something.
It was a long sword, broken in half.

— Hahaha! Do you think you can resist me without your powers? — Kang Hyun asked with a sneer.

The guy, ignoring his words, grabbed the hilt of his sword.

— Recently, you asked who I was.
— He swung the sword, the broken blade brushing past the demon standing over him.

Instead, he pointed the blade at his own hand, which was being tightly gripped by the glove of Magi.

But his blows were far from strong.
They corresponded to the abilities of an ordinary adult male.
So of course, he failed to cut off his hand in one go.
Still, it didn’t bother him much.

He continued to swing it like an axe, hitting his right hand and causing blood to trickle down like a river.

After the blood appeared flesh, followed by the sound of breaking bones.

The word ‘crushing’ was more appropriate for this situation than ‘cutting off.’

— What the… — Kang Hyun’s eyes widened.

Kang Yu did not stop there, shattering the bones, which fell to the ground, mixed in blood.

The terrible pain from his hand spread all over his body.

But he paid no attention to it.

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His skin was in tatters from the wreckage of the broken sword.

When the sword struck his arm again, his body jerked with all its might, and dark red blood gushed from the cut arteries.
He cut the flesh remaining on his hand and… the ground left hand fell off his body.

Along with the glove that held it.

— Now you’ll know who I am, — Kang Yu said, baring his snow-white teeth.


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